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This mode is unique in Combat Arms for the fact that it pits a team of up to eight human players against a team of A.I. controlled bots. It is a five-stage mission that involves a hostage rescue. Players spawn with no extra lives, and are healed by reaching the next stage of the mission. Players can pick up ammo and health throughout the stage. The only known map that can be played on this mode is an enlarged version of Sand Hog called Desert Thunder.

Enemies in Fireteam Mode include regular scouts (which have very low amounts of health but come in large mobs and at some areas they may respawn for several waves), the Sand Hog Royal Guards (significantly more dangerous than the scouts), and other dangers such as grenades, Booby Traps, and armored tanks.

If one dies in Fireteam Mode, they will not respawn until the stage/checkpoint is cleared by at least one teammate. As soon as this happens, everybody respawns with full health and ammo for the next round. If everybody dies, the mission is failed and the game ends.

Fireteam Mode is significantly different from the other game modes. One will almost certainly do poorly until he or she gains knowledge of the scenario process.

The A.I. can be set at three difficulties: Normal, Hard, and Extreme. Rewards are given out for winning in Hard and Extreme modes.


Enemy respawn points can be stopped from respawning enemies by taking and holding ground ahead of their respective respawn points! This is critical to beat the time restrictions in Hard or Extreme mode!
Stage 1

All players are dropped into a corner with enemies around the bend. Sneak around and defeat the scouts. Do not rush immediately, although the scouts have low HP and can be killed easily, you will be surrounded and hopelessly outnumbered. Instead, stay back and use your scope if you have one, just tap shots if you don't. A set number of more scouts will spawn when some are killed.

Once you have killed most of the scouts, the music will stop, letting you know that there are few left.

Use the obstacles around the area for cover. When the scouts are gone, open the double doors to the temple.

Stage 2

Before rushing into the courtyard, kill all the enemies you can see from the anteroom. Locate the two gates on each side of the courtyard. One will be locked, and the other will be open (it is always the opposite door you open). Once the locked door is attempted, usually, the unlocked door will be opened by the A.I. Attempting to open the locked gate may spawn more enemies. Beyond the unlocked gate, there is a staircase to the second floor, flooded with enemies.

If you are running low on time, the best route is to destroy the left platform and have someone jump up there and open the gate that releases the black guards. A faster paced music will come on and just snipe them from there and wait for them to stop respawning. It is also good to have a few people on the ground in the entrance to the courtyard for back up. Don't waste your grenades what ever you do. Do not open the gates on the lower level or they will pour out of there and the gate at the same time as the Royal Guards. Also, stay out of sight of the Royal Scouts – they have an Infinite Ammo Rapid Fire Grenade Launcher.

Do not rush into the staircase, as most enemies will drop grenades when they die, and you could be meleed by newly spawned enemies. Stay on the bottom floor and kill the staircase enemies as they slowly pour out. Also, many scouts will attempt to snipe your from the second floor. Take these guys out as soon as possible, because they can do 50 damage to you, and unless you managed to escape getting damaged, you now have less than 50 HP. Which isn't good.

When all enemies are taken care of, go up the staircase to the second floor. There will be a set of lasers. Walking into the lasers will cause 4 bombs to explode, destroying that corner and anyone standing near it. Instead, shoot (from a safe distance) one of the bombs on wall that are projecting the laser to blow up the entire corner. Any players standing near the lasers as they explode, or standing in the courtyard beneath the laser area as the rubble falls, will be killed instantly. There is a glitch where if the destroyable crate isn't destroyed by the explosion, and someone walks into it, it causes a death glitch.

Approach the door on the opposide side of the rubble to trigger the attention of the Sand Hog Royal Guards. They will pour out of the doors. The player with the least health should attempt this, as one can go too close to the doors, and be overwhelmed by the mob that comes out. If you have a LAW or Grenade Launcher, now is the time to use it. Shoot one rocket/grenade at the ground where the door was once it opens. Shoot the next rocket in the same place, and use the last one to kill the stragglers inside the room. If you have a grenade launcher, you should still have 3 grenades left. Use these as you please. You can use the metal sheets as cover while sniping them, but be aware that they may and will shoot a LAW at you. When the enemies are dead, make your way into the room, kill the few remaining enemies inside, and open the door.

If this stage is not cleared in five minutes (four minutes for Hard and three for Extreme), the hostage will already be dead. Whatever happens, a wall in the room will be blown up. Jump through the hole to enter the next stage.

Stage 3

Ahead in the distance, there is a large open area guarded by a tank and scouts in a bus. If you have a sniper rifle or accurate gun, go ahead and snipe down all the enemies in the bus. Do not advance directly into the open area, you will be instantly blown up by the tank. There are two options on how to approach the tank.

You can take the side alley, which contains a large number of enemies that you'll have to take out first. Then go up the steps on the right, kill some more enemies, and enter the house. Be very careful in the house, there is a swarm of scouts that drop grenades. You can then exit the house on the other side and end up behind the tank.

Another option that uses less ammo is to rush through the open area while hugging the wall. There is a pretty good chance that the tank won't blow you up, but it's not 100% safe. Also, some enemies will try to snipe you from high towers, who can be taken out by going the other route.

Usually, a combination of both tactics work best; most players go through the alley, and take out the snipers on top of the buildings they encounter, and once the rushing route is sufficiently safe, the rusher should run out and disable the tank.

If you did not kill the enemies in the bus at the beginning, you will have to do so now. Then, jump on top of the bus and start shooting at the tank's engine cover. The tank will go up in flames when it is defeated. Then trigger the barbed wire ahead to explode, and a horde of Sand Hog Royal Guards will come. You can use the bus as cover while killing them. If you do, stay near the front of the bus, as there will be LAW troopers shooting at you, and their rockets will usually detonate harmlessly on the engine, not harmfully on you if you were in the back. Proceed through the area where the barbed wire was to secure the stage.

Stage 4

Stage 4 has three possible missions, called Mission A, B, and C. All involve the same process, but at different locations. One of the locations will contain a laptop on which a player must upload information (process shown by bars, like planting or defusing a bomb). Along the way to the laptop there will be many enemies.

Two of the mission sites will not have a laptop. If the hostage in stage 2 survived, or if stage 3 was completed in 6 minutes, the correct mission target will be shown on the minimap, so that you don't have to try each one. Once the information is uploaded, the exit stage is initiated.

Final Stage

This stage is the escape stage. Players who have died in stage 4 do not respawn upon reaching stage 5. Find your way to the back street of the town, and you will encounter 3 scouts sitting next to some storage doors. Take these guys out quickly, as they will respawn. The alley next to them is the final stand. You will see a mob of Royal Guards. Do not attempt a rush; you will be blocked and meleed. Stay at a safe angle and shoot them until they stop respawning. Headshots are absolutely preferred over spraying here, as they take a while to be completely eliminated. Sometimes there will be a LAW trooper mixed in, so you will have to deal with him too.

Once the Royal Guards are eliminated, continue down the alley, and be wary of any leftover Royal Guards that you may have not killed. A large wooden door blocks your progress shortly after turning left. Plant a bomb on the door and the mission will be complete.


There are four power-ups throughout the mission.

  • Yellow Ammo Crates: Resupplies ammo for the AR, SMG or pistol you are currently holding only. Will not resupply other weapon types. These are the most common power-ups.
  • Red Ammo Crates: Refill ammo for all of your guns (including grenades, LAWs, sniper rifles, and machine guns). It is highly recommended that if you have a teammate with a LAW, that you spare these for him/her when possible/needed. These are moderately rare.
  • Green Health Packs: Refill all of your health and armor points. These are the rarest power-ups.
  • Recover Points: These are scored when a teammate clears a stage (not including transition from stage 4 to 5). They recover all ammo, health, and armor for living teammates. They also provide dead teammates with a spawn.


  • Scouts: These are the most common enemies, and are seen throughout the mission. They have low health, and can be taken out in two shots by weapons with 30+ damage. Scouts are equipped with, in order of most common to least common: AK-47, M60, UZI, and M24 sniper rifles (50 damage).
  • Royal Guards: These are significantly stronger than the Scouts, have nearly the same health as human players, but can be taken out in three shots by four shot kill weapons. These also include RPG soldiers. Royal Guards only spawn in three locations: Stage 2b, Stage 3b, and the end of Stage 5. They are equipped with AK47s, UZIs, M60 (only one, very end of stage 2b), UZIs, and LAWs.
  • Tank: Only one in the whole mission is at Stage 3a. Its cannon can take players out in one hit if they are standing still, or against a wall. It can only be destroyed by shooting its open engine.

Nexon has recently released the second map, called Cabin Fever, set after Overdose, as an abandoned house not far off. This map features poison outside of house, and zombie enemies.

Zombies types
  1. Infected: Lowest health, is easiest to defeat.
  2. Suicide bomber: Has some TNT strapped on him. Do not let him in the house!
  3. Cleopatra: This one semi-resembles Cleopatra. Will explode when killed.
  4. Big Bad Officer: This one is a NEMEXIS officer. He's big, blue, and looks like hes made of a bluish gel! He explodes in a shower of poison.