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As with every other map made by Nexon, this is one of those that you can do practically anything. The thing about Two Towers is that it gives every player a chance to get a kill with what they have such as explosives, snipers, assault rifles, shotguns, or even machine guns.


If you bring mines, you must place them onto the stairs in a well concealed manner. Don't just let the mine bulge out because I guarantee some of those kills you should've gotten from your mines won't happen. You can plant them on the stairs, at the entrance of your door, where people tend to jump around on, etc.


Snipers are usually the most common thing that almost every person will bring in a game. Whether it is Elimination or Elimination Pro, they are a must. Depending on your situation, you can snipe from wherever. There are places such as halfway up the ladder, from the roof towards enemy spawn, or even for close quarters if you know how to quickscope. They are part of a defensive strategy that most tend to favor because of the fast kill.


These guns are the most maneuverable guns one can use. They are difficult depending on whether they are burst or auto so don't expect to always get that kill in Two Towers. They can be for camping near the stairs or even for the windows. Now, sometimes, you can stand near the spawn or even camp near the spawn and kill the person. Be sure to bring an alternate gun with you in case of reloads happening. An extended magazine 1 would be a good idea. An extended magazine 2 would be okay, but the reload would take a while. That's where your other weapon would come in handy.

Machine Guns[edit]

With these guns, you don't want to necessarily run towards the other spawn area and shoot people. You have to wait by the stairs or camp. Machine guns aren't for close quarters. They are more used for spray so be sure to camp in a safe spot and spray at the opponent. This would be good on the spawn with the bridge gap to the building. Not necessarily a good thing for someone with the spawn where you enter through the window.

Sub-Machine Guns[edit]

Whenever you play on Two Towers, these are very good for close quarters because of the quick fire rate and portability so speed will be easier for you. Be careful though because if you're going to use these guns in two towers, you've gotta aim well. They're not good for far range unless you have somewhat of an okay scope which I don't suggest in this map. You can also camp near the stairs with these guns or use them as an alternate for your shotgun or machine gun depending on the situation and whether or not you use one of the two.

Assault Rifles[edit]

The G36E would be very recommended because of the sniper scope that it has. The AK series would also be a good idea because of the immense power they bring. Any other series is good only if you can handle the recoil and be sure to either go tapfiring, auto, or burst. Some modes are better than others depending on if your gun can handle one of the three.


You should always try to plant mines, rush the other's base, and keep on going back to the place where you spawn camp them even if you die. If that doesn't work, take to the roof and have two teams separate to annihilate them. If you're a shotgun person, you should just jump on into their base and kill them or you can just camp near their spawn and back stab them. For a machine gun, you can be the offensive part of your team so you can keep them at bay. Now gear up and take to the battlefield.Spray like you've never done before and survive.