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Brushwood is a dark and jungle-like area where you can use any kind of range (long-range, mid-range, CQC) or tactic (camp or rush). The only downside is that it's usually too hard to see anyone since it's dark and jungle-like, so use Brushwood carefully and think about where your enemy will be.


The Alpha side spawns in a cave-like area with a cliff on the left and a pretty small area outside with two exits. The cliff on the left and the log area on the right of the Alpha side outside are two good sniping places, but are commonly used too much, so most people expect someone to be there. To Alpha's advantage though, there are so many camping areas, that when someone on the Bravo side rushes to Alpha's base, he gets killed 80-90% of the time (if they camp).


The Bravo team has a nice number of camping and sniping spots, so Bravo may have an advantage over the Alpha team. Some of the most common camping areas are the plane, the area with the log near the tree branch, and inside the plane. The top of the plane and the inside of the plane are the best places for snipers, and the log area is a great place for CQC or mid-range combat. The area outside between the plane and the second outside of Alpha's side is usually a place for rushers.