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As you gain EXP by playing games, you will rank up. Your rank is an indicator of how long you have been playing Combat Arms. You can unlock certain equipment only by attaining a certain rank. Nearly all guns are unlocked by the time a player reaches the Staff Sergeant 3 rank. Trainees have access to very few guns.

Although your rank denotes your experience with the game, it doesn't necessarily denote your skill level. Only a certain number of people are allowed to hold the four highest ranks. Otherwise, you will only rank up and never rank down. When you rank up, you also gain some GP.

Once you get to the Staff Sergeant Rank, there will be multiple classes within a rank. While "classing up" is still considered "ranking up" (you will get a GP promotion, maybe unlock something, etc), your insignia does not change for "classing up".

The following table lists the ranks in ascending order, along with their respective insignias, abbreviations, EXP needed to attain the rank, and anything that is unlocked at that rank.

Rank Abbr. EXP Needed
CA rank-TRN.jpg Trainee TRN 0
CA rank-RCT.jpg Recruit RCT 550
CA rank-PVT.jpg Private PVT 1200
CA rank-PFC.jpg Pvt. 1st Class PFC 2500
CA rank-CPL.jpg Corporal CPL 5000
CA rank-SGT.jpg Sergeant SGT 8700
CA rank-SSG.jpg Staff Sgt. I SSG1 15000
Staff Sgt. II SSG2 22000
Staff Sgt. III SSG3 30500
CA rank-SFC.jpg Sgt. 1st Class I SFC1 40500
Sgt. 1st Class II SFC2 52000
Sgt. 1st Class III SFC3 65000
CA rank-MSG.jpg Master Sgt. I MSG1 81000
Master Sgt. II MSG2 99000
Master Sgt. III MSG3 119000
Master Sgt. IV MSG4 141000
CA rank-CSM.jpg Command Sgt. Major I CSM1 166000
Command Sgt. Major II CSM2 194000
Command Sgt. Major III CSM3 225000
Command Sgt. Major IV CSM4 259000
Command Sgt. Major V CSM5 296000
CA rank-2LT.jpg 2nd Lieutenant I 2LT1 336000
2nd Lieutenant II 2LT2 379000
2nd Lieutenant III 2LT3 425000
2nd Lieutenant IV 2LT4 474000
2nd Lieutenant V 2LT5 526000
CA rank-1LT.jpg 1st Lieutenant I 1LT1 580000
1st Lieutenant II 1LT2 638000
1st Lieutenant III 1LT3 699000
1st Lieutenant IV 1LT4 763000
1st Lieutenant V 1LT5 830000
CA rank-CPT.jpg Captain I CPT1 900000
Captain II CPT2 983000
Captain III CPT3 1074000
Captain IV CPT4 1173000
Captain V CPT5 1280000
CA rank-MAJ.jpg Major I MAJ1 1400000
Major II MAJ2 1533000
Major III MAJ3 1679000
Major IV MAJ4 1838000
Major V MAJ5 2010000
CA rank-LTC.jpg Lt. Colonel I LTC1 2200000
Lt. Colonel II LTC2 2408000
Lt. Colonel III LTC3 2634000
Lt. Colonel IV LTC4 2878000
Lt. Colonel V LTC5 3140000
CA rank-COL.jpg Colonel I COL1 3420000
Colonel II COL2 3718000
Colonel III COL3 4034000
Colonel IV COL4 4308000
Colonel V COL5 4720000

The four highest ranks in Combat Arms can only be held by a certain number of people. Even if you reach the required EXP, you will not rank up beyond BG unless you meet the qualifications. If you hold a rank higher than BG, you can be demoted back to BG by failing to maintain the qualification. There are no unlocks for these ranks.

Ranks Abbr. EXP Needed Qualification
CA rank-BG.jpg Brigadier General BG 5100000 Reached BG EXP but not qualified for higher rank
CA rank-MG.jpg Major General MG 5500000 Reached MG EXP and is in the top 100 people not qualified for LTG
CA rank-LTG.jpg Lieutenant General LTG 6000000 Reached LTG EXP and is in the top 10 people not qualified for GEN
CA rank-GEN.jpg General GEN 6800000 Reached GEN EXP and is in the top 3 people not qualified for GOA
CA rank-GOA.jpg General of the Army GOA 8000000 The person who has reached GOA EXP and has the highest EXP out of all Combat Arms players holds this rank