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To start the battles in Episode III, Laharl will need to have a level 10 weapon equipped. This means that, if you haven't already, you'll need to go through at least 10 levels in the Item World of some weapon, which Laharl will have to equip before talking to Ligia. For more information on the Item World, see the appendix appropriately titled Item World.

If you visit Ligia before equipping a level 10 weapon, she will tell you this and give you one Mr. Gency's Exit. Once you have opened the portal, you can exit out of the location selection screen and equip another weapon, if you wish, before starting the first battle.

3-1: Gaudy Entrance[edit]

Disgaea Episode 3-1.jpg

The Brawlers here start far away, and can be engaged separately from the others by keeping your characters far enough away. Killing them individually will make this a very easy battle.

3-2: Golden Courtyard[edit]

Disgaea Episode 3-2.jpg

Near the base panel are several Brawlers. These can be killed fairly quickly. Do not worry about the rest of the map for now, since it is divided by a line of No Entry panels.

After the brawlers are dead, move your ranged attackers up next to the No Entry panels. There are two Brawlers with bows that can damage your characters, so focus on taking them out first. The priest will advance and try to heal his friend; take him out. When everyone else is dead, destroy the No Entry Geo Symbols and finish off the Manticore.

3-3: Flashy Passage[edit]

Disgaea Episode 3-3.jpg

There are even more Brawlers on this stage. Keep your melee characters in front of your ranged attackers. The brawlers will advance on your party, so you won’t have to break up your formation. After the brawlers are dead, you will need to deal with the archers.

  • Send your characters down the hall and around the corner to defeat the archers. Make sure to keep to the near side of the hall to stay out of the archers' range. This way is slower, but safer.
  • Move your ranged attackers close to the gap between platforms and attack the archers. This way is faster but puts your ranged attackers in more danger.

3-4: Lavish Hall[edit]

Disgaea Episode 3-4.jpg

The six Brawlers here will not move from their spots. By simply keeping away from them, you can avoid taking any damage. The 2 spear carrying Pugilists and the Rich Demon will move to engage your forces, so focus on them when they attack. After the Pugilists and Rich Demon are dead, mop up the remaining Brawlers with ranged attacks.

Note: If you have killed 50 allies before this battle, at the end of the battle you have the option of accessing an alternate ending.