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Stats are a numerical representation of how powerful your characters are. Stats are increased by leveling up, equipping items, or by stat stealing.

Definitions[edit | edit source]

  • Hit Points (HP): The amount of damage a character can take before dying. When a character's HP drops to zero, he is considered dead and can only be resurrected by the healer in the castle.
  • Special Points (SP): Each spell or special technique requires a certain number of SP to use. When used, the SP is subtracted from the characters total. When the number of current SP is less than the number required by the special technique, it cannot be used.
  • Attack (ATK): The physical strength of a character. Higher values mean higher damage with attacks and physical damage based special techniques.
  • Defense (DEF): The resistance to physical attacks and special techniques. The higher this value is, the less damage a character takes when attacked.
  • Intelligence (INT): The mental strength of a character. Higher values of this stat mean more damage with offensive magic spells and more HP healed by healing magic.
  • Speed (SPD): The ability to dodge an enemy's physical attacks. Higher numbers of this stat reduce the likelihood of an attack hitting your character. Higher numbers also reduce the likelihood of a "Bull's Eye" attack against your character and increase the likelihood of a "Nick"
  • Hit (HIT): The ability to hit with weapons. Increasing this stat decreases the chance of an enemy dodging your attacks, as well as increases the likelihood of "Bull's Eye" attacks. Guns and bows deal increased damage with increased HIT.
  • Resistance (RES): The characters ability to resist magical attacks. Higher values decrease the damage dealt to you by magic attacks. Also, RES determines how effective healing spells are.
  • Move (MV): The number of panels a character can move in battle. The only way to increase this stat is by petitioning the dark council and wearing items.
  • Jump (JM): The number of DM a character can travel vertically while moving. Can only be increased by wearing items.
  • Counter: The number of times a character can counter attack an enemy when attacked by physical attacks. Only one counter attack per physical attack is allowed. Can only be increased by petitioning the Dark Council.
  • Level (LV): A representation of how powerful a character is. Characters with a high level yield more experience when killed in combat. The maximum level a character can reach is 9999, and can only be increased by gaining experience. Every time a character increases his experience level, many of the stats listed above will increase (with the exception of MV, JM, and Counter).