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XP Table
  • 800 XP - Bust the Skulz Gang
  • 600 XP - Stop Gizmo
  • 600 XP - Kill Killian
  • 500 XP - Get Gizmo's confession
  • 400 XP - Rescue Sinthia
  • 400 XP - Save Killian
  • 400 XP - Steal Neal's Urn
  • 300 XP - Recruit Tycho
  • 300 XP - Kill Neal
  • 250 XP - Help Saul
  • 100 XP - Solve Phil's Canine Conundrum


 Crash house / Killian's store


  1. Entrance
  2. Crash House and Killian's store
  3. Casino and Skum Pitt Bar


  1. Junktown Guards
  2. Lars, the leader of the guards
  3. Killan, mayor of Junktown
  4. Doc Morbid, doctor of Junktown
  5. Tycho, another NPC that you can pick up
  6. Gizmo, crook and casino owner; wants Killian dead
  7. Neal, Skum Pitt owner
  8. Marcelles, Crash House owner
  9. Sinthia, Crash House customer who gets held hostage by a raider
  10. Vinnie, leader of the Skulz, wears a leather jacket
  11. Phil, Junktown dweller who has a dog problem
  12. Dogmeat, dog who is annoying Phil; joins you
  13. Ismarc, singer at the Skum Pitt
  14. Saul, a Junktown boxer
  15. Trish, the waitress at the Skum Pitt


  1. Hunting Rifle
  2. Mauser 9mm
  3. Rewards - Choose either:
  4. Shotgun with shells (if you haven't gotten it yet)
  5. Stimpacks (preferred option)


  1. Meet up with Killian, and kill Kenji, the assassin that the casino owner has sent.
  2. Meet Gizmo (the casino owner) instead and kill Killian. If you do decide to kill him, you'll end up killing the innocents and guards who inhabit Junktown.
  3. Lockpick Killian's safe.
  4. Help Lars bust the Skulz gang. Alternatively, you can do this yourself, but the latter option takes a long time.
  5. Save Sinthia from the crazed raider.
  6. Recruit Tycho and Dogmeat in your ranks.
  7. Straighten the deal out with Saul and his girlfriend.
  8. Optionally kill Doc Morbid and his guards.


When you enter the town, be at all costs unarmed and enter during the daytime. Junktown takes the law very seriously.

There is a guard whose name is Kalnor who is guarding the entrance to Junktown. If you have high charisma and speech skill, try to bullshit him around, saying that you have to enter the city now. Otherwise, you have to enter at 6:00 A.M. (It really doesn't matter; all the businesses are closed at 6:00 A.M. anyway. You can go in, and rest until 8:00 A.M.) Also, speak with Lars, the sergeant of the Junktown guards.

Go to the Crash House area, and enter Killian's store. Talk to him, say that you're new, and be on the friendly side. After the conversation, an assassin pops out and tries to kill Killian. Help kill the assassin. After the assassin is dead, Killian will speak to you and agree to help him bust Gizmo (specifically why Gizmo wants Killian dead). Talk to Killian again and engage in a conversation about Junktown, and then ask about other towns. Be sure to ask about Necropolis.

Equip the tape recorder in your active item slot. Go to the Casino area, and talk to Gizmo. He's the gigantic fat guy sitting in the chair, way up north in the building. Talk to him. Tell him his assassination failed, and that you'll do the job. But ask him why he wants him dead, and then say that he will be dead before sundown. After that ordeal, go talk to Killian. Tell him that you have the confession, and he will offer you three things: A shotgun and 100 shells, a suit of Leather Armor, or a Doctor's Bag. Take the shotgun, and say you want to help kill Gizmo.

Go back to the Junktown entrance, speak with Lars, and tell him that you are ready to kill Gizmo. You will be instantly transported to his office. Gizmo will fire at Killian, Lars will fire at Gizmo's assistant Izo, Izo will attack you, and you should attack Gizmo. You'll get XP for the fight.

Rest until the evening, and enter the Skum Pitt, a bar on the northeast side of the casino area. Speak with Tycho (the description says he has a gas mask) and tell him to join your group. After you get Tycho, speak with Neal, the bar owner. Moments later, a Skulz ganger will attack the Skum Pitt's bartender. Neal, the owner of the bartender, will blow the Skulz ganger who attacked the bartender away. You can pick up a leather armor from the dead ganger to trade later.

It is possible for Tycho to teach you survival skills. Ask about his trip from Nevada to California and how he survived the dangers. Also, Tycho will only join you if you've accepted the quest to kill Gizmo for Killian.
If you want to kill the two Skulz punkers, talk to the Skulz whose description reads "a man with filed teeth." He'll probably attack you.

There is a guy wearing a cap a bit to the north of Tycho. His name is Ismarc; tell him that you like his singing, and ask if he has been to other places. Ask for directions to the Boneyards (or Adytum) as well as the Brotherhood of Steel and the Hub if you haven't done so. Save, and go to the Crash House.

Go to the Crash House and rent a room for one night. Say that you want to sleep until the morning, and enter the room in the southeast corner. After you wake up, a raider is holding a hotel customer hostage. Save the game, enter the room, and attempt to talk to the Raider. Keep assuring him that you have his trust, and he'll let Sinthia go. You'll get 1000 xp. If the raider won't gain your trust, then you'll have to give him $100 or so, which generally works for all characters.

It isn't a good idea to save between the conversation. Once, I gained his trust, saved the game, and after I talked to him, he blew Sinthia away.

Now, go back to the casino area, and back to the Skum Pitt. There is a door on the right side that is unlocked; enter the bar from there, and steal the item that looks like a trophy. It is an urn that holds the ashes of Neal's late wife. It is on the large desk where Neal usually is during the evening hours.

After you steal Neal's urn, go back to Gizmo's casino and go to the room where he normally is. Take the iguana-on-a-stick from his desk and head to the southeast corner of Junktown in the casino area. You should see a man (Phil) being terrorized by a dog (through dialogue; Phil also has a woman in leather armor to his left). You can talk to the man and he'll ask you to take the dog away. Use the iguana-on-a-stick on the dog and he'll join you. Another way is walking towards him with the leather jacket on and he'll come and join you.

Go back to the Crash House, and enter through the doorway at the back. Speak with the Skulz in the leather jacket, tell him you have the urn, and then say that you'll wait to kill Neal later.

Head back to the entrance, speak with Lars, and tell him about the Skulz, and offer to kill them. You'll be transported to the bar, and you'll have to kill the Skulz with the help of a few Junktown guards. (There is this one female Skulz that sometimes runs away, and killing her might be the hardest thing.) After the fight, save the game, enter the Crash House area, and rest until morning. Go to Killian's store and open the door that is normally locked. Use the lockpicks on his safe, and after you pick the lock, you'll get 500 XP. Killian won't care even if he is standing next to you.

Go to Lars you'll get 500 XP for killing the rest of the Skulz. After you've killed them, return Neal's urn. If you want, you can go to the Casino area and go to the boxing ring. Speak with Saul, the boxer wearing the leather armor. Keep on talking about Junktown, and if you get the option, ask about Trish. You can straighten some things out between them. Be sure to tell Saul about Trish's views on his boxing; this helps their relationship and you'll receive 250 experience.

There is a nonviolent way to disband the Skulz (albeit much longer). You will need extremely high intelligence in order to complete the quest.
You probably have noticed a female Skulz member standing outside of the entrance of their hideout. Her name is Sherry. Talk to her twice, and when you talk to her for the second time, ask her about her hobbies and interests, and then convince her to leave the Skulz. Wait a week later and then get her to accuse the Skulz for the various crimes that they have committed. Tell Lars to break up the gang. However, you won't get the chance to fight them.

Before your way out, you can go and kill Doc Morbid and his guards without agitating the cops. You'll get some experience, and you can get lots of stuff from his dead guards and his lockers. You might need to lockpick the lockers to open them. Unfortunately, these killings lower karma. Now that you have finished with Junktown, head for the Hub.

You can engage in a money extortion scheme between Doc Morbid and an entrepreneur in the Hub. To do this, head to Doc Morbid's office, and then, go to the basement. Talk to the midget standing beside the ice chest. Tell him that his boss sent you, and then tell him that you're here to get the body parts. Tell him that you're leaving afterward. Leave Junktown for the Hub.
At the Hub, go to the downtown area, and talk to Iguana Bob. Tell him that you know that he buys human parts from Doc Morbid, and afterward ask him about his secret ingredients (alternatively you can scream out that his prime choice cuts are made out of people). He'll tell you to quiet down, but counter that by threatening to turn him in to the cops or by directly blackmailing him (the former choice also leads to blackmail). You can get up to $200 / 5 days initially, but you can increase your payment to a much higher amount (this is dependent on your speech skill; in addition, each time you demand a raise, your karma will drop down by two points).