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They're pretty self explanatory, but on the descriptions it tells what each skill modifies. All skills are important, but try to keep Luck, Strength, and Perception at least at 4. Characters with Intelligence values of three or less face a totally different game... the only options that you'll receive in dialogue are "Ruk" and "Eeg," as well as the occasional "Yah," "Uh-Huh," and "want more."

  • Strength modifies carry weight, hit points, weapon handling, and some weapon skills.
  • Perception modifies some skills and increases accuracy at range.
  • Endurance - Toughness. It modifies some skills, hit points, and resistance to poison and radiation.
  • Charisma - Looks. It modifies speech and barter, as well as NPC reactions.
  • Intelligence modifies dialogue options (gives you more), skill points given per level, and 'science' skills. High intelligence is important, seven or eight as a minimum is recommended.
  • Agility - Speed. It modifies many skills, armor class, and action points. An Agility of 10 is recommended for snipers.
  • Luck modifies critical chance, some skills, and the outcome of the game.