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After your character reaches the third level, you can choose a perk. A perk is something that gives you a clear-cut benefit without a drawback. You can pick a perk after your character's level is a multiple of three (or four, those with skilled).

Note: "Per level" means the rank of the perk.

Perk Description Requirements Ranks
Action Boy It gives you one extra action point per level. 5 Agility, Level 12 3
Animal Friend Animals won't attack you unless they are threatened or are attacked first. 5 Intelligence, 25% Outdoorsman, Level 9 1
Awareness You get to see a critter's hit points and what weapon they are carrying. Really good. 5 Perception, Level 3 1
Better Criticals It enables instant death and increases damage done by all criticals by 20%. 6 Perception and Luck, 4 Agility, Level 9 1
Bonus HtH Attacks All hand-to-hand attacks cost one less action point to perform. 6 Agility, Level 6 1
Bonus HtH Damage All hand-to-hand attacks deal two extra hit points of damage per level. 6 Agility, 6 Strength, Level 3 3
Bonus Move It gives you two free action points to move around per level. 5 Agility, Level 6 3
Bonus Ranged Damage All ranged attacks deal two extra hit points of damage per level. 6 Agility and Luck, Level 6 2
Bonus Rate of Fire All attacks (except unarmed) cost one less action point. 7 Agility, 6 Intelligence, 4 Perception, Level 9 1
Cult of Personality Your reputation is always positive. Great for evil characters. 10 Charisma, Level 12 1
Dodger A 5% increase in armor class in addition to armor class bonus when armor is worn per level. 4 Agility, Level 9 2
Earlier Sequence It adds two to your sequence per level. 6 Perception, Level 3 3
Educated Adds two extra skill points whenever you level up per level. 6 Intelligence, Level 6 3
Empathy highlights in red for bad dialogue choices. 7 Perception, 5 Intelligence, Level 6 1
Explorer You'll get more random encounters with this perk. Level 9 1
Faster Healing Healing rate is increased by one per level. 6 Endurance, Level 3 3
Flower Child You're 50% less likely to get addicted to drugs, and your withdrawal time drops by half. 5 Endurance, Level 9 1
Fortune Finder You'll find more money in random encounters. 8 Luck, Level 6 1
Friendly Foe Your allies will be highlighted in green instead of red. 4 Perception, Level 6 1
Ghost It's a one-time bonus of 20% to the Sneak skill. 60% Sneak, Level 6 1
Healer You heal two to five more hit points when using First Aid or the Doctor skills per level. 7 Perception, 6 Agility, 5 Intelligence, 40% First Aid, Level 3 3
Heave Ho! This perk will increase your strength by two for determining range with thrown weapons per level. It won't affect carry weight, skills, etc. Level 6 3
Lifegiver You will gain four hit points when you gain a level per level. 4 Endurance, Level 12 3
Master Thief It's a one-time bonus of 10% to the Lockpick, Steal, Traps, and Sneak skills. Level 12 1
Master Trader You have a 25% discount whenever you purchase or barter goods from a store or another person. 7 Charisma, 60% Barter, Level 9 1
Medic It's a one-time bonus of 20% to the First Aid and Doctor skills. Level 12 1
Mental Block It tunes out any outside mental interference, such as the Master attempting to psychically attack you. Level 15 1
More Criticals Increases critical chance by 5% per level. 6 Luck, Level 6 3
Mr. Fixit It's a one-time bonus of 20% to the Repair and Science skills. Level 12 1
Mutate! It changes one of your traits into something else. Level 9 1
Mysterious Stranger A stranger comes from time to time to help you out. 7 Luck, Level 6 1
Night Vision It reduces the overall darkness by 10% per level. 6 Perception, Level 3 3
Pathfinder It reduces your travel time by 25% per level. 6 Endurance, 40% Outdoorsman, Level 6 2
Pickpocket This perk lets you ignore size and facing modifiers when you are stealing. 8 Agility, 80% Steal, Level 9 1
Presence It improves the NPCs' reactions by 10% per level. 6 Charisma, Level 3 3
Quick Pockets With this perk, one less action point to access the inventory than normal per level. 5 Agility, Level 3 3
Rad Resistance It increases your radiation resistance by 10% per level.
Ranger Your chances of getting a bad random encounter are lowered for each level of the perk. 6 Perception, Level 6 3
Scout It increases the size of explorations on the world map by one square for each direction. 8 Perception, Level 3 1
Scrounger In a random encounter, it doubles the amount of ammunition that you find. 8 Luck, Level 9 1
Sharpshooter It increases your perception for range modifiers only by +2 per level. 7 Perception, 6 Intelligence, Level 6 2
Silent Death With this perk, you can use the Sneak skill and attack a critter using a hand-to-hand attack from the back for double damage. 10 Agility, 80% Sneak, Level 18 1
Silent Running You can run and sneak at the same time with this perk. 6 Agility, 50% Sneak, Level 6 1
Slayer A 10-sided dice is rolled. If the number is equal to or below your luck, you'll get a critical hit with unarmed or melee weapons. It's really nice and works extremely well with the Super Sledgehammer, Power Fist, or the Ripper. 8 Strength, 8 Perception, 80% Unarmed, Level 18 1
Smooth Talker Increases your intelligence by one for dialogue purposes only per level. 4 Intelligence, Level 3 3
Snakeater It gives you a 25% increase to your poison resistance. 3 Endurance, Level 6 1
Sniper Same as Slayer, except it works with ranged weapons. It is great with aimed shots (using Small Guns) and is really really nice with burst weapons. (It actually makes the SMG a source of total devastation...) 8 Perception, 8 Agility, 80% Small Guns, Level 18 1
Speaker It's a one time bonus of 20% to your Speech and Barter skills. Level 12 1
Strong Back This perk gives you an increase in carry weight by 50 pounds per level. 6 Strength, 6 Endurance, Level 3 3
Survivalist This perk gives you a 20% increase in Outdoorsman for survival purposes only per level. 6 Endurance, 6 Intelligence, 40% Outdoorsman, Level 3 3
Swift Learner Whenever you gain experience, you'll receive 5% more experience per level of the perk. 4 Intelligence, Level 3 3
Tag With this perk, you can pick a new tag skill in addition to the ones you already have. Level 12 1
Toughness It adds 10% to your general damage resistance per level. 6 Endurance, 6 Luck, Level 3 3