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XP Table
  • 4500 XP - Exterminate the deathclaws
  • 2000 XP - Get weapons for the Blades
  • 500 XP - Free Adytum from the Regulators
  • 200 XP - Recruit Katja


        Blades - - - Deathclaw - - - Gun Runners
        /  |         Warehouse
       /   |
      /  Adytum (start point)


  1. Adytum, main city
  2. Blades
  3. Followers Library
  4. Deathclaw Warehouse
  5. Gun Runners


  1. Regulators at Adytum
  2. Blades in the downtown area
  3. Followers at the library
  4. Deathclaws at the warehouse
  5. Gun Runners at the fortress
  6. Jon Zimmerman, mayor of Adytum
  7. Smitty, blacksmith
  8. Miles, chemist
  9. Razor, leader of the Blades
  10. Nicole, leader of the Followers
  11. Gabriel, leader of the Gun Runners
  12. Zack, sells you weapons (at Gun Runners)
  13. Caleb, organizer of the Regulators
  14. Chuck, fortune-telling gypsy
  15. Katja, Boneyard scavenger who'll join you
  16. Talius, the Vault 13 citizen who is now a ghoul.
  17. MacRae, the guard at the Blades
  18. Christine, Blades member
  19. Michael, Blades member


  1. Junk from the Deathclaw
  2. Plasma Rifle from the Gun Runners if you feel brave enough to kill all of the mutants at the Cathedral/Military Base. It is a good idea to have decent energy weapons skill for this one.


  1. Go to Chuck's tent on the southeast. You can get your fortune told and can get a chance to raise your Luck by two points.
  2. Offer to help Miles fix the hydroponic farms. The equipment is at the Deathclaw warehouse, on the body of a dead merchant.
  3. Go to the Blades, speak with Razor, and offer to get weapons from the Gun Runners to kill the Regulators.
  4. Kill all of the Deathclaws in the warehouse. Go inside the deserted building, and go down the stairs. Kill the Deathclaw mother and destroy all of the eggs.
  5. Go to the Gun Runners and ask to speak with Gabriel. Tell Gabriel that the Deathclaws are dead and that you want to give weapons to your friends (i.e., the Blades)
  6. After the weapon deal is complete, assault Adytum with the Blades.
  7. Give the parts to Miles, who will turn you over to Smitty. Give the parts to Smitty, who will repair them, and then give the parts back to Miles.
  8. Go to the Followers and speak with Nicole. Ask for help in killing the Master...this is optional. You can pick Katja from there as well.
If you ever talked to Talius and got the bugged Spy quest, there's no way of completing the quest (it was removed). It's not really a bug but isn't included in the game. It's not discussed in the paragraph(s) about the Followers.

When you come into the Boneyard, you'll start out in Adytum. Two of the Regulators (take control of Adytum) will ask you to holster your weapons. Go south, and there should be a tent next to a building. Save the game, and enter the building. Talk to Chuck, choose the last option in the conversation, and ask for advice, and thank him. Continue to ask for his advice until Chuck gets the 'Fool' tarot card. Talk to him again, ask him about his profession, and ask for more advice. He will pull out the 'Fool' tarot card again, and your Luck skill will increase by two.

The Tarot readings tell you that the Military Base is to the north and that the Cathedral is to the south.

To your left (or your character's right) should be a building with a whitish wall with a man in a smock close by. (This guy's name is Miles.) Tell him that you will get the parts to fix the hydroponic farms. Head north, to the Blades.

In the Blades area, go to the north and enter the building. Speak with the lady in the leather jacket. Get the background story about the Regulators from her (how they killed Zimmerman's son) and offer to get the Blades better equipment so they can take on the Regulators. Save the game. If your fighting skills aren't up to par (not as high as 91%), you can ask MacRae, the Blade at the entrance, to teach you some fighting skills.

Head east to the deathclaw warehouse. There are two to three deathclaws, and the basement on the bottom contains the mother deathclaw and all of her eggs. You must kill all of the deathclaws and the eggs in order for the Gun Runners to give weapons to the Blades. (For more information on killing the deathclaws, please see the tactics section below.) The dead merchant should be on the northeast side of the warehouse.

After you have disposed of the deathclaws, make your way further east to the Gun Runners. Ask the guard about seeing Gabriel, the boss. He'll let you through.

When you enter the main Gun Runners building, speak with Gabriel. (He's the guy in the combat armor). Tell him that the deathclaws and the eggs are dead, and ask him to give weapons to the Blades. He'll do so. Alternatively, you can ask for lots of weapons and ammo from the Gun Runners. See below for how to kill the Regulators with this option. Either way, you'll get a big discount on their weapons if you decide to buy them.

Go back to the Blades, talk to Razor, and tell her that you are ready to take on the Regulators. Seven Blades, all clad in Combat Armor, will arrive (two are in the back). The fight will be easy, but you will have to watch out for the Regulator who has the ripper and for civilian casualties. To end the fight, (obviously) kill all of the Regulators and finally, Jon Zimmerman. Note that the civilians will be on your side. After the fight has ended, Razor will appear at the entrance to Adytum, and she'll thank you for your efforts.

If you get the weapons, go to Adytum and talk to Zimmerman and give him the holodisc that Razor gave you earlier. One of the Regulators should kill him; you'll have to kill all of the Regulators yourself. Civilian casualties will be quite high.

There is no way to save Jon Zimmerman. He'll fight on your side initially. After all of the Regulators have been killed, he'll start to attack you. You have to kill him in order for the Blades to gain control of Adytum.

Go south and talk to Miles, who will send you to Smitty (the man with Leather Armor). Smitty will repair the parts and give them to you, and then you have to go back to Miles. Miles and Smitty now can upgrade Power Armor and Plasma Rifles. To upgrade the Power Armor, talk to Miles while wearing the armor. He'll send you to the Hub to buy some science journals so he can learn how to harden the armor. You can get the journals from Mrs. Stapleton for about $750. For Smitty to upgrade the Plasma Rifle, get one and give it to him to upgrade the original to the Turbo Plasma Rifle.

Afterward, you should go to the Blades area and talk to MacRae. Ask him to teach you some things, and you'll receive an increase in your fighting skills. Go inside the Blades building, and talk to Michael. (He's in the western area of the first room; his description reads "an intense young man.") He'll give you five stimpacks and some money for killing the Regulators.

You can go to the Followers' library which is due west of the Blades. You can recruit another NPC whose name is Katja. She's pretty good at combat and can pick locks as well. You should also speak with Nicole (she is the woman who does not move; a bit north of Katja.) She can give you some help in destroying the Cathedral.

Downstairs, there is a ghoul who was a former citizen of Vault 13. He went to go look for the water chip, but was taken captive by the super mutants at Necropolis. Talk to him and offer to kill the Master for him. The ghoul will give you a flamethrower and 20 flamethrower cartridges. If you have killed the mutants at the watershed, he'll just give you the flamethrower.

Leave the Boneyard and go south to the Cathedral. However, the next section covered is the Glow.