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The sample characters include a general-purpose character who functions as a good diplomat and a shooter, three special characters, a diplomat, and two specialized "Sniper" characters.

ST 6 PE 6 EN 6 CH 6 IN 8 AG 10 LK 5 OR
ST 6 PE 7 EN 5 CH 6 IN 9 AG 10 LK 5 OR
ST 6 PE 8 EN 5 CH 6 IN 8 AG 10 LK 5 (Rounded sniper)
Tag Small Guns, Speech, and something else. This is an all around average character. You can mess with other skills to increase Luck and Agility. The Rounded Sniper variant can, as its name suggests, get the "Sniper" perk later on in the game.
ST 4 PE 5 EN 9 CH 6 IN 8 AG 10 LK 5
Take Gifted and Good Natured, and tag Lockpick, Science, and Speech. This character can get you through the game without killing people. To see how to do this, look in the 'Pacifist' section below. For some strange reason, the female sex is more fitting for this character (although it won't make a difference).
ST 5 PE 6 EN 6 CH 7 IN 3 AG 8 LK 5
Take Chem Resistant, and tag Small Guns, Unarmed, and something else. You start out with two Mentats. You can use them if dialogue is needed. If you feel that the game is too difficult, take the Smooth Talker perk.
Late-Game Badass
ST 7 PE 8 EN 6 CH 5 IN 7 AG 8 LK 6 OR
ST 6 PE 7 EN 5 CH 5 IN 7 AG 9 LK 8
Take Gifted, Fast Shot, and for the perks, make sure you take Bonus Rate of Fire, Better Criticals, and Sniper as perks. To get the Sniper perk, you have to kill the Deathclaws at the Boneyards and not kill the Mother Deathclaw and her eggs. The deathclaws will respawn and will give you better killing opportunities.
Also, for the second character, you'll need to take Mentats to get the Sniper perk.
ST 5 PE 6 EN 4 CH 8 IN 10 AG 10 LK 4
Take Gifted, and tag Small Guns, Speech, and one of these: Unarmed or Lockpick. This character will have low hit points and should stay at a low level; he/she is not eligible for the Sniper perk later on. Be sure to take Bonus Rate of Fire. This character is not good for endgame killings (Master, Deathclaws, etc). If you are going to go after the three, then get the powered armor later on.
ST 6 PE 8 EN 5 CH 6 IN 7 AG 10 LK 6
Take Gifted, Small Frame, tag Small Guns, Energy Weapons, and preferably Speech. Build tag skills to 130% or so and you'll have an easy time at the end. Be sure to get the Plasma Rifle sooner or later, and increase other skills with books.
Assault Sniper
ST 6 PE 8 EN 5 CH 6 IN 7 AG 10 LK 6
Same as above, except exchange Speech for Melee. Be sure to build Speech to 90% or so, and take the Speech perks if necessary. Build small guns, energy weapons, and melee to over 110%, and ask the Brotherhood for the Super Sledgehammer.