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XP Table
  • 3500 XP - Fix the Necropolis water pump
  • 500 XP - Free Ghoul prisoner


  1. Hotel
  2. Sewer System
  3. Town Hall
  4. Watershed
  5. Vault 12


  1. Ghouls
  2. Glowing Ghouls
  3. Super Mutant guards at watershed
  4. Children of the Cathedral healers at the watershed
  5. Rats
  6. The Ghoul Leader (underground), gives you quest to fix water pump
  7. Set, the leader of Necropolis
  8. Harry, super mutant who is guarding the Water Shed
  9. The Ghoul prisoner, tells you location of Vault 12


  1. Junk (to fix the water pump)
  2. The Water Chip
  3. There are several dead bodies in the sewers; one has a Plasma Pistol. Yours to take, I didn't myself.


  1. Kill any ghoul/rat that wants to attack you.
  2. Get quest from Set to kill the mutants at the watershed.
  3. Find the junk parts to the water pump.
  4. Return to the underground Ghoul leader, tell him that you have the parts, and he will give you some repair books if your skill isn't high enough.
  5. Fix the water pump by using the junk parts on it.
  6. Free the ghoul prisoner (his cell is close to the water pump)
  7. Get the water chip from the command center in Vault 12.
  8. Kill the mutants guarding the water shed.
If you enter Necropolis and there aren't any ghouls in the city, you have come there too late. The mutants have invaded Necropolis. The water chip can still be found there. You should reach Necropolis in mid to late January. The mutants take over Necropolis in the middle of February.

Necropolis is a fairly linear area (usually there is only one way to complete things). When you enter, there will be some ghouls attacking you...they have 12, 36, or 42 hit points and are easy fights if you have power or combat armor. I had no trouble attacking them unarmed.

There are some sewer holes in the hotel area; open one up and go down. Kill any rats that are in the sewer, and head northward. Be sure to examine the ghoul corpses; one has a Plasma Pistol while another one has a Cattle Prod.

The dead guard with the plasma pistol is in the sewer section to the north, under the Hall of the Dead.

When you enter the north area, talk to the ghoul leader and tell him that you will fix the water pump. Go to the southeast area, and climb the ladder there.

When you climb up the stairs, leave the shack in which you have entered and enter the large building (the one with a ghoul guard who has a spear). Enter, and at the far end, you should see three ghouls with shotguns and rifles. Talk to the one in the middle, tell him that he is intelligent, and offer to kill Harry and the fellow mutants at the watershed. Go leave the area; descend down the ladder from which you came.

Back at the sewers, go to the north area until you find the exit. There are some rats there; they are all easy fights.

At the north of the sewers, kill any rats, and climb the stairs. Again, you should be at a shack; leave the shack, and go north. You should see a super mutant next to a manhole; open the manhole, and go down. Kill all of the rats there, and in the northeast part of the sewers here, you should find some junk parts. (These are the parts needed to fix the water pump.) Climb the ladder, and there should be a large building with four mutants in it. Save the game, and then enter the building.

There is a stupid mutant guarding the building, and his name is Harry. If you are female, Harry thinks you are pretty. Tell him that you need a big man, and he'll realize that you are human, and plead with him to let you go. He'll let you go.

If you are male, tell him that you're a ghoul with snazzy-looking clothes and afterward ask him what is he doing. Harry will tell you that he is looking for normals (humans), and then assure Harry that you aren't a human. Then tell him that you are a robot. Harry will let you go. Another option is to just tell him that you are a ghoul. The same procedure also works with the female character.

Of course, the alternate method is killing all of the mutants. It shouldn't be that bad with Combat Armor.

Use the parts on the water pump, and you'll receive 1500 experience. Go south and speak to the ghoul prisoner. Offer to free him. Once you have freed him, he'll tell you where the entrance to Vault 12 is (directly to the prisoner's right or your character's left).

Open the door, descend down the ladder, and go down the drainage pipe. You'll be at Vault 12. There isn't much at Vault 12; kill every ghoul that attacks you, and on the third floor, the water chip is located on the only working computer. Take it and leave. (Yes! Now you have 12 and something years to finish the game....) Optionally kill the mutants guarding the watershed; you'll get quite some experience but the reward is slim: four flares and four nuke-a-colas. You'll also get 2500 xp for the water chip. (At the Boneyard, there is a ghoul at the Followers' Library. Tell him that you killed the mutants, and he'll give you a flamethrower.)

After you kill the mutants and ask Set for information, he'll attempt to kill you. If you have combat armor and a combat shotgun, this fight will be pretty easy. You'll get loads of experience plus a boost to your karma.

Be sure to return the water chip to Vault 13. You'll get 7500 experience. You'll get two quests: destroy the mutant laboratory and kill the mutant leader (the Master).