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These can be good or bad. Generally, good encounters can be identified with a cross, while bad encounters can be identified with a lightning icon. Good encounters can be found with high luck and perception.

Good Encounters (most in Desert)[edit]

Name Description
Talking Cows I don't know what this means. Ignore the message about something going wrong. I think it is a possible reference to Mad Cow disease or something.
UK Police Box Go to it, and the box disappears, and a motion sensor appears. Desert only. Reference to the popular TV show Dr. Who.
Bob's Used Cars Inside his shack, there are two guns. In a crate to the left is the Red Ryder LE BB gun and in the footlocker there is a standard Red Ryder BB gun as well as 100 BB pellets.
Footprint Has a Stealth Boy on the corpse on the footprint. Occurs in the desert. Possible reference to Godzilla.
Overturned truck Contains a box with loads of money.
Bob's Used Cars If you pick the locked door and open it, you'll find both the Red Ryder BB and LE BB guns.
Aliens You can find the alien blaster along with a portrait of Elvis in the ship. Reference to the 1947 Roswell incident.
Patrick the Celt You don't need high luck for this one. He'll give you directions to places. You can ask him to sing a song to you in Gaelic, and your Charisma will increase by one. Identified with the lightning icon and he is found in the mountains.

Bad Encounters (can occur anywhere)[edit]

Name Decsription
Enemy Random critters, from rats to deathclaws.
Raiders and Thugs They will be either attacking you, some peasants, or each other.
Dehydration Don't worry if it says you lost health points. There isn't a health point statistic in the game.
Rough terrain Only in mountains.
Nausea Happens when radiation is in your system.
Town guards If travelling close to city.
Dead traveler (sometimes accompanied with critters). Usually, the corpse has some items in it.
Caravan guard A deathclaw ate his caravan. At least he'll give you his equipment, so it isn't too bad.
Fisherman and his son Only at coastal areas.