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SNK Portrait Mary.png

Blue Mary (ブルー・マリー), whose real name is Mary Ryan (マリー・ライアン) was born in the city of Southtown. She grew up with only her father in her life. With his time consistently taken by his occupation, however, Mary turned to learning the arts of Commando Sambo strongly influenced by her father who was a police officer of the city. Seeing the society that her father worked in made her also realize the reality of crime and injustice in the world.

Story (in the Fatal Fury Series)[edit]

FF Mary.png

After her training as a police officer was completed, Mary used her skills to become a secret agent, and was immediately placed to work on a number of missions with a young man named Butch. The two became a competent team, completing many cases, and bringing many criminals to the eyes of the agency. However, one day Butch was assigned to a case, and after a long time duration, he never returned.

Mary was devastated, not only by the loss of a person important in her life, but how she failed to uphold her duty. Determined to avenge him, Mary continued taking missions, becoming more and more famous. She began to travel the world, and in one case, met none other than the legendary "Hungry Wolf" Terry Bogard, to whom she took a liking, developing a strong bond. Blue Mary's story continues in her Real Bout profile.


Fatal Fury 3[edit]

Portrait FF3 Mary.png
Name Input
Head Throw close, Arcade-Stick-DR.png+ Arcade-Button-DKick.png
__Axle Hold Arcade-Stick-Right.png+ Arcade-Button-DKick.png
Step Rolling Arcade-Stick-Right.png+ Arcade-Button-DKick.png
Backdrop Arcade-Stick-Right.pngArcade-Stick-Right.png close, Arcade-Stick-360.png+ Arcade-Button-CPunch.png
__Face Lock Arcade-Button-CPunch.png
Spin Fall Arcade-Stick-Qcf.pngArcade-Stick-UR.png+ Arcade-Button-APunch.png
Mary Slider Arcade-Stick-Qcf.pngArcade-Stick-UR.png+ Arcade-Button-CPunch.png
Vertical Arrow Arcade-Stick-Dp.png+ Arcade-Button-BKick.png
Fake Vertical Arrow Arcade-Stick-Dp.png+ Arcade-Button-BKick.png+Arcade-Button-DKick.png
Mary Snatcher
Only works against airborne opponents
Arcade-Stick-Dp.png+ Arcade-Button-DKick.png
Straight Slider Arcade-Stick-CBF.png+ Arcade-Button-BKick.png
Mary Crab Clutch Arcade-Stick-CBF.png+ Arcade-Button-DKick.png
Mary Typhoon
Arcade-Stick-CDb.pngArcade-Stick-Qcf.pngArcade-Stick-UR.png+ Arcade-Button-BKick.png+Arcade-Button-DKick.png
Hidden Desperation
Mary Cyclone
Arcade-Stick-Left.pngArcade-Stick-Hcb.png+Arcade-Button-CPunch.png or Arcade-Stick-RDp.png+Arcade-Button-CPunch.png