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Jin Chonrei (秦崇雷) is the older brother of Jin Chonshu and together they form the Jin Brothers.

Story (in the Fatal Fury Saga)[edit]

In Fatal Fury 3 the Jin brothers have come to Southtown searching for an item stolen from them, the Jin Scrolls or Scrolls of Immortality. They know the scrolls are in Southtown, and send Ryuji Yamazaki to search the city. However several other characters are also searching the scrolls for different reasons.

The scrolls possess enormous powers and are supposed to grant immortality to those who obtain them.

Depending on the performance of the player throughout the game, Jin Chonrei can be fought at the end of Fatal Fury 3, although he is the hardest to reach boss character.

Chonrei's story continues in his Real Bout profile.


Fatal Fury 3[edit]

Name Input
Hakkeiryuu +
Ryu Kaitou +
Teio Jin Soku Ken +
Teio Tenji Ken +
Teio Tengan Ken +
Fake Teio Tengan Ken +
Teio Rojin Ken +
Teio Tashin Ken +
Teio Syu Myu Ken
Hidden Desperation
Teio Ryu Sei Ken
Far away + +