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Character FF FF2 FFS FF3
Andy Bogard Yes Yes Yes Yes
Axel Hawk No Yes Yes No
Big Bear/Raiden Yes Yes Yes No
Billy Kane Yes Yes Yes No
Blue Mary No No No Yes
Bob Wilson No No No Yes
Cheng Sinzan No Yes Yes No
Duck King Yes No Yes No
Franco Bash No No No Yes
Geese Howard Yes No Yes Yes
Hon-Fu No No No Yes
Hwa Jai Yes No No No
Jin Chonrei No No No Yes
Jin Chonshu No No No Yes
Character FF FF2 FFS FF3
Joe Higashi Yes Yes Yes Yes
Jubei Yamada No Yes Yes No
Kim Kaphwann No Yes Yes No
Laurence Blood No Yes Yes No
Mai Shiranui No Yes Yes Yes
Michael Max Yes No No No
Richard Meyer Yes No No No
Ryo Sakazaki No No Yes No
Ryuji Yamazaki No No No Yes
Sokaku Mochizuki No No No Yes
Terry Bogard Yes Yes Yes Yes
Tung Fu Rue Yes No Yes No
Wolfgang Krauser No Yes Yes No

Main Heroes[edit]

  • Terry Bogard - The main character of the Fatal Fury series. Son of Jeff Bogard and brother of Andy Bogard. Tries to revenge his fathers death and improve his fighting skills. Known as the 'Hungry Wolf'.
  • Andy Bogard - The other son of Jeff Bogard. Practices Shiranui-ryuu Ninjutsu and is even more driven by revenge than his brother.
  • Joe Higashi - A good friend of Andy Bogard. Helps the Bogard brothers to defeat Geese Howard in the King of Fighters Tournament. Is a master of Muay Thai.

Characters introduced in Fatal Fury[edit]

  • Total number of Characters: 3 + 8 unplayable (they become playable in the SNES and Genesis versions, though Billy and Jai aren't in the latter).
  • New Characters: 11
    • Billy Kane - Hencheman of Geese Howard.
    • Duck King - A DJ who fights using dance moves. Also the king of ducks.
    • Geese Howard - A former police commissioner and the current crime lord of South Town. Main antagonist of the Fatal Fury series.
    • Hwa Jai - Hwa Jai is a Muay Thai fighter who is always defeated by Joe Higashi.
    • Michael Max - A boxer from South Town.
    • Raiden/Big Bear - A wrestler who goes by the name Raiden when he wears his mask.
    • Richard Meyer - A Capoeira master and the owner of the Pao Pao Cafe nightclub in Southtown.
    • Tung Fu Rue - The former sensei of Andy, Terry, Geese, Cheng Sinzan, and Jeff Bogard

Characters introduced in Fatal Fury 2[edit]

  • Total number of Characters: 8 + 4 unplayable
  • Characters reappearing from previous game: 5

(Andy, Billy, Joe, Raiden/Big Bear, Terry)

  • Characters not reappearing from previous game: 6

(Duck King, Geese, Hwa, Micheal, Richard, Tung)

  • New Characters: 7
    • Axel Hawk - A former champion boxer and Micheal Max's ex-trainer.
    • Cheng Sinzan - An out of shape, middle aged and extremely wealthy business man.
    • Jubei Yamada - An old Judo Master.
    • Kim Kaphwan - A highly disciplined Korean practitioner of Tae Kwon Do with a strong sense of justice.
    • Laurence Blood - An arrogant Spanish bullfighter and bodyguard for Wolfgang Krauser.
    • Mai Shiranui - A female ninja with flame based attacks and a barely-there wardrobe.
    • Wolfgang Krauser - Germany based half-brother of Geese Howard and the boss of Fatal Fury 2.

Characters introduced in Fatal Fury Special[edit]

  • Total number of Characters: 16
  • Characters reappearing from previous game: 12

(Andy, Axel, Billy, Cheng, Joe, Jubei, Kim, Laurence, Mai, Raiden/Big Bear, Terry, Krauser)

  • Characters reappearing from older games in the series: 3

(Duck King, Geese, Tung)

  • Characters reappearing from other Games: 1
    • Ryo Sakazaki - The main protagonist of SNK's Art of Fighting series. He appears in Fatal Fury Special as a secret boss.

Characters introduced in Fatal Fury 3[edit]

  • Total number of Characters: 10 + 3 unplayable
  • Characters reappearing from previous game: 5

(Andy, Geese, Joe, Mai, Terry)

  • Characters not reappearing from previous game: 11

(Axel, Billy, Cheng, Duck King, Jubei, Kim, Laurence, Raiden/Big Bear, Ryo, Tung, Wolfgang)

  • New Characters: 8
    • Bob Wilson - A Capoeria fighter and student of Richard Meyer.
    • Jin Chonrei - Twin brother of Jin Chonshu. Seeks to gain immortality through the use of the Jin Scrolls.
    • Jin Chonshu - Twin brother of Jin Chonrei. Seeks to gain immortality through the use of the Jin Scrolls.
    • Franco Bash - A huge Kickboxer working with the police.
    • Hon-Fu - A police officer from Hong Kong looking for Ryuji Yamazaki.
    • Blue Mary - A secret agent who practices Sambo, a form of wrestling.
    • Sokaku Mochizuki - Sokaku Mochizuki descends from a lineage of exorcists and can conjure spirits during several of his attacks.
    • Ryuji Yamazaki - An insane brawler who uses many unfair and dishonest moves.