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Basic Techniques[edit]

Standard Attacks[edit]

Button(s) Description/notes
A button A simple scratch. Has a small wind up.
A button, then A button Two simple scratches. Sends the opponent flying a bit.
Right control (Left control) + A button Winds up a bit and punches. Pretty quick move.
Dash + A button Bowser lunges his head forward. Bowser will fall to the ground with the momentum.
Down control + A button Kneels down swings at your feet twice.
Up control + A button Swings his fist above his head 180 degrees. Very strong and fast move.
Smash Forward + A button Turns around then unleashes a brutal headbutt. Extremely strong but very slow.
Smash Down + A button He spins around, hitting enemies with his spikes. Good for 7-10% hits.
Smash Up + A button He ducks then jumps up into the air, destroying any enemies near or above him. Computers almost always air-dodge near the beginning of the move.
A button (When lying face up) Bowser gets up and punches in a very wide arc that starts and can hit enemies behind him
A button (When lying face down) Bowser throws his body forwards and backwards.
A button (When hanging off a ledge <100%) Bowser very quickly climbs back up and just as quickly retracts into his shell and dashes forward and back, placing him in front of the ledge he just climbed back from.
A button (When hanging off a ledge >100%) Bowser heaves himself onto the edge and takes a swipe at nearby enemies.

Aerial Attacks[edit]

Button(s) Description/notes
A button He spins around in his shell. Semi-strong
Forwards + A button He swings his fist in front of himself. Very quick move.
Backwards + A button He hits you with his shell, sending you at a low trajectory.
Down control + A button Bowser turns up-side down and attacks enemies with his spikes. When he lands, he executes a stronger attack.
Up control + A button He charges up and unleashes a brutal attack, swinging violently up into the air, lifting opponents high into the sky.

Special Attacks[edit]

Button(s) Attack Description/notes
B button Fire Breath He breathes fire much like using a Fire Flower item, however if you use it too long, the range of the attack will degrade until Bowser is left just breathing smoke.
Up control + B button Whirling Fortress On the ground, he spins around, damaging enemies. In the air, the initial attack will lift the opponent into the air, but if connected just right, the enemy will get sucked in for around 12-15% hits.
Down control + B button Bowser Bomb He jumps forward into the air and slams down crushing enemies underneath. In the air he'll just drop down where he is.
Left control(Right control)+B button Koopa Klaw He Swings forward attacking further enemies, but grabbing closer ones. To bite them press B button. To throw them, press forward or backward. Forward throws will send them up a bit. Backwards throws will send the opponent flying quite a bit.


Button(s) Description/notes
Down control He throws the opponent on the ground and just basically rams his stomach into you.
Forward He tosses you into the air with his head. Try to Up Smash afterwards.
Up control This look just like his Down Smash, but it connects for a few less hits and it's weaker.
Back Just tosses you away like you're a rag doll.

Advanced Techniques[edit]

Flame Cancelling: In v.1.0, jumping, starting Bowser's flame breath, and then landing cancels the startup animation for the flame breath: Bowser will immediately starts breathing fire when he lands. This was fixed in later versions (Player's Choice, PAL/European), making v.1.0 more popular amongst Bowser players.

Frozen Bowser: This glitch was not changed in Player's choice or PAL/European. In Mushroom Kingdom Adventure mode as Bowser, go to the end of the wooden bridge. Jump under and across it and there should be patch of ground there. Make sure you are against the wall and do his down b attack. He will be stuck there until time runs out or you match reset.