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Acronym for Interuptible As Soon As. This is the first frame during your character's attack animation from which your character can perform another action, such as attacking or jumping.


Value for how fast an attack will pitch Mario when hit from a standing position at 0% damage. This value can be found by starting a Vs. Match with a human player as Mario and you controlling the test character. Perform the attack that you want to check the knockback value of and then quit to the No Contest screen. The value in fastest pitch is the knockback value. The attack must hit Mario's front, hitting the back adds strength to the attack.

Technique Terminology[edit]


A technique used to shorten lag time upon landing after an aerial A button attack. (B button attacks cannot be L-canceled) When landing after an aerial attack, press L button, R button, or Z button.


Acronym for Short Hop, Fast Fall, L-cancel. This is a type of aerial attack - do a short hop, attack, fast fall, and L-cancel.