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Standard Attacks[edit]

Button(s) Description/notes
A button A quick jab.
A buttonA button A one-two punch.
A buttonA buttonA button Kicks the enemy. Moderate knockback.
Forward + A button Doc does a straight kick. Pushes the enemy back. It has more power than Mario's.
Dash + A button Doc slides forward. Knocks enemies randomly, frequently leads into his up-A button. Has a bit more range than Mario's.
Down control + A button Doc sweeps the enemy. Knocks enemies behind Doc, but doesn't send them to the ground at low percentages, and it has more hitstun than Mario's, giving it good combo power.
Up control + A button Doc uppercuts the opponent. Hits primarily above him; poor forward range. A bit stronger than Mario's. Depending on where it connects, the move's tragectory changes; if it connects in front of Dr. Mario, they're sent flying in front of him. If hit above Dr. Mario, the foe is knocked sky-high. If hit on the former, it's a great edgeguard, while the latter, it's a great aerial combo setup.
Smash Forward + A button An open-hand punch in a very similar manner as his clone. Low range, but has no sourspot and is much stronger than Mario's, capable of kills at around 100%. Unlike Mario, this move has electric effects rather than fire ones.
Smash Down control + A button Swings his legs forward and back. Slightly more range and faster than his forward smash, slightly less powerful. It's considered his best KO move.
Smash Up control + A button Swings his head forward, hitting enemies primarily above him. Low range, but powerful. Contrary to popular belif, it's actually faster than Mario's, but at the same time, weaker (unless it connects with an aerial foe). The attack also spikes grounded foes.

Aerial Attacks[edit]

Button(s) Description/notes
A button Doc sticks his leg out in front of him. Unlike most, it gets more powerful the longer it stays out, but not by much. Low knockback, but due to it's status as an "inverted" sex kick, it's a decent SHFFL choice.
Forward + A button Doc swings his fist forward and down. Unlike Mario's it does not meteor smash, rather, it sends enemies up; easily as powerful as a smash, capable of Star KOing foes under 120%. On the Doc's hand, there's a slightly weaker (but not by much) sourspot. It's very powerful, but is very slow, and is a hard move to connect with on it's own. However, he has setups for the attack in his throws.
Backwards + A button He swings his feet behind him. Somewhat fast, decent range, sends enemies sideways. An invaluable edgeguard move due to it's high base knockback (43), and it's very strong semi-spike (28 degrees).
Down control + A button Doc spins around, hitting enemies multiple times. Mediocre.
Up control + A button Doc does a backflip, swinging his leg primarily in front of and above him. Sends enemies up and forward some. Fast, low knockback, perfect for juggling fast fallers.

Special Attacks[edit]

Button(s) Attack Description/notes
B button Megavitamins Doc throws a pill out in front of him. The pill bounces on the ground, slowly advancing forward. One of the best projectiles, it's typical to throw this out and follow behind it. Like most projectiles it does have some lag associated with it, so use at a distance only. They are stronger than Mario's Fireballs, in damage and knockback. They have very high hitstun as well; combined with the high damage, the Megavitamins are great combo moves.
Up control + B button Super Jump Punch Doc uppercuts an enemy, hitting multiple times. Good for recovery and clearing out wireframes, bad for any real use. It's stronger and deals more damage than Mario's, and has less hits.
Down control + B button Dr. Tornado Doc spins around rapidly, sending enemies every which way. It is slightly stronger than the Mario Tornado. Plus, you can tap B button rapidly for height when recovering.
Forward + B button Super Sheet Doc swings a white sheet in front of him. During the majority of the move, projectiles that hit him will instead be reflected. If an enemy is hit with the sheet, they will reverse direction; Good for ledge-guarding against many different Up control + B button moves. However, it only moves Dr. Mario up once, making it inferior to the cape for recovering.


Button(s) Description/notes
Down control He throws the opponent on the ground, who then bounces up. Can lead into a short-hopped n-air.
Forward Doc swings around once and throws the enemy forward. Good for setting up edgeguard situations, and can act as a potential KO move at very high damages.
Up control Doc simply throws the enemy up. Can start many aerial combos, most notably, it can lead right into an f-air for a kill.
Back Doc swings around several times, throwing the enemy behind him. Absolutely devestating, and has very high KO power. As a matter of fact, it's stronger than Mewtwo's back throw and the second-strongest back throw in the game.

Advanced Techniques[edit]

Doc’s Up-B button Cancel[edit]

Doctor Mario can actually cancel his Up-B button. After you press Up B button (Up and to the Right preferably), to cancel it, quickly tap in the opposite control stick direction. If you succeed it will be very noticeable, just keep practicing because this is one of those things that will take time to master.

The initial control stick direction is BARELY above where it would be for the cape. Then you have 4 frames to move straight across the analog. Much easier to do against a target because of the hitlag. Try in slow motion in practice mode until you get the movements down.