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There is a total of fifty one event matches. Some unlockables are required to be able to play most of the event matches, and completion of many of the event matches can unlock many different things. Completion of the Event 51: The Showdown unlocks the unlockable stage Final Destination.

A majority of these events allow the player to select any character, although several of them require the use of an assigned character. Of note is that, with the exception of Pikachu, all characters from the Original 12 in Smash 64 have their own dedicated event match. Also of note is that no recovery items (like Food, Maxim Tomatoes or Heart Containers) appear in any of the event matches. However, Mr. Game & Watch's Judgment 7 can still drop a Food item to recover damage, while Ness (to recover damage) can still use his PSI Shield.

Trouble King

  • Character: Mario
  • Opponent: Bowser
  • Stage: Battlefield

Very easy event match. You fight against a Level 2 CPU Bowser with a handicap of 5. It's quite possible to beat this without Bowser even getting in one punch. You have two lives, and so does Bowser, but it wouldn't make a bit of difference if you only had one life. Just use a lot of smash attacks and Bowser should be KO'ed in no time. It is also fun to try to do it without taking damage. If you're skilled, then a laughably easy way to win is to lure him to the ledge and back throw, which due to the heavy handicap, will send him far enough so that he'll be unable to recover if you grab the ledge even at zero.

A side note is, the music used in this event match, Multi-Man Melee 2, is not used again until the final event match (Event 51: The Showdown). In this regard, those two events serve as bookends to mark both the 1st event and the 51st and final event in the game.

Lord of the Jungle

  • Character: Giant Donkey Kong
  • Opponent: Tiny Donkey Kong
  • Stage: Kongo Jungle

Another very easy event match, you're Giant DK, and you're pitted against a Level 3 CPU Mini DK with the red alternate costume and a handicap of 7 (but it seems even more of a handicap because you're so big and he's so small). Sounds easy, right? Well, that's because it is. It's a bit tougher than Event 1 because you have less room to move around, but Mini DK shouldn't be a problem at all, in fact, like Event Match 1, you should have no problem taking out Mini DK twice without losing a single life. Like Event 1, even someone who's never played Melee before should beat this with ease. Just keep punching him and try to smash or giant punch him. Don't worry about the little pest hitting you, it won't make a difference unless you're over 400% damage. Because you're bigger than he is, you should mostly use your down smash and Down control + B button.

Also, this is the only event match to take place on Kongo Jungle.


  • Character: Select
  • Opponent: Link and Samus
  • Stage: Peach's Castle
  • Notes: Only explosive items appear. Plus, this is the only time in the game the CPU modes SPLWLINK and SPLWSAMUS are used.

This can actually be somewhat challenging if you're not careful. You start out on the left side of the castle. Both Link and Samus only use their down special for the entire match (AKA their bomb moves). Just avoid Link and Samus and watch them blow each other to bits, then deliver the fatal blow whenever their damage climbs up. Still, nothing compared to the event matches that lie ahead. If they come near you, just start attacking them and get away fast before you end up blown up. You shouldn't have much trouble with this one.

As Kirby, suck Samus up and run off the edge and then drop her. She will fall out and give you the chance to puff back up. Link will jump down to attack you. Repeat the same thing.

The items that appear are Bob-ombs, motion sensor bombs, and Poke Balls. (Since this event only has explosive items, it only counts when Poke Balls release Electrode. As a result, Electrode is the only Poke Ball Pokemon that appears in this event.)


  • Character: Select
  • Opponent: Giant Yoshi
  • Stage: Yoshi's Story

You have three stocks and Giant Yoshi (who is even bigger than Yoshi normally under the effects of a Super Mushroom) has one. However, fighting a Giant Level 4 CPU Yoshi shouldn't be that tough, in fact you should be racking up his damage faster than he does yours, you probably KO him without losing a single life. Plus, Giant Yoshi is clumsy enough to suicide sometimes as soon as the match begins or any time during. Pretty easy match. It is possible to finish this event in 0.50 seconds!

Spare Change

  • Character: Ness
  • Opponent: Captain Falcon
  • Stage: Onett

If you're not familiar with Grab The Coin mode, what you have to do is hit your opponent to cause coins to appear, if you're hit and recover fast enough, you can get the coins that came from you as well. Shouldn't be too tough as long as you know the basics of Ness. Just collect 200 coins to clear.

Kirbys on Parade

  • Character: Select
  • Opponent: Three Tiny Kirbys
  • Stage: Fountain of Dreams
  • Notes: This is the only time the CPU mode FREAK is used.

Like events 1 and 2, the only challenge these offer is trying to beat your best time. Each Tiny Kirby has two lives, while you have one. Still these Tiny Kirbys are set to Level 1 CPU with a handicap of 5. The Tiny Kirbys are actually afraid of you, and only the pink ones will use weak defensive attacks, attacking erractically. Otherwise, they mostly just spam Final Cutter at a distance. You should have no problem beating this. However, actually KOing the Tiny Kirbys can be an exercise in frustration.

Pokémon Battle

  • Character: Select
  • Opponent: Pikachu
  • Stage: Pokémon Stadium
  • Notes: Only Poké Balls appear.

Can be very easy or very hard, use a fast character like C. Falcon. You and Pikachu don't attack each other, instead you use Poké Balls. This level is more an exercise in frustration than anything. Grab more Poké Balls than Pikachu and you're gold.

Hot Date on Brinstar

  • Character: Select
  • Opponent: Samus
  • Stage: Brinstar

You have 102% damage at the start, Samus has 130%. Everyone has three lives. Use a heavy character (like Bowser) and attack Samus with everything you have. You can also use Mr. Game and Watch, and if you feel lucky, you can hope for three Judgment 9's or use Oil Panic. As Jigglypuff use your Down dpad + B button rest on Samus and it will automatically hit her out. Make sure you know how to do the smash with Jigglypuff's Down dpad + B button. Should be pretty easy.

Hide 'n' Sheik

  • Character: Select
  • Opponent: Two Zeldas/Sheiks
  • Stage: Great Bay

Only Sheik KOs count. Just beat the snot out of the Level 2 CPU Zeldas, wait for the change, and KO them as Sheik. Not too hard. As Mr. Game and Watch go down to the bottom left platform, and use your grab to bounce them off the ceiling. It will kill even at 0 damage.

All-Star Match 1

  • Character: Select
  • Opponent: Mario/Donkey Kong/Yoshi/Peach/Bowser
  • Stage: Yoshi's Island/Jungle Japes/Yoshi's Story/Peach's Castle/Rainbow Cruise

You have two stocks to beat five Level 2 CPU opponents (Mario, DK, Yoshi, Peach, and Bowser). All of these characters are a starter character from the Mario universe (if including Yoshi from the Yoshi universe and Donkey Kong from the Donkey Kong universe). However, like in All-Star, your damage is always carried over to the next round. But there's a good chance you'll complete this without losing a life. With Captain Falcon use the Raptor Boost a lot and the Falcon Punch to finish the job.

King of the Mountain

  • Character: Select
  • Opponent: Two Ice Climber Pairs
  • Stage: Icicle Mountain

Survive being stuck with two sets of Level 4 CPU Ice Climbers with infinite lives for 1 minute. Use a heavy, but agile character like DK, Ganondorf, or Captain Falcon.

Seconds, Anyone?

  • Character: Select
  • Opponent: Captain Falcon
  • Stage: Mute City

Both you and Captain Falcon start out at 100% damage. You have 7 seconds to KO C. Falcon. Sounds tough? Not really if you use a large character like Donkey Kong or use Captain Falcon or Ganondorf. Then with those three characters (Donkey Kong, Captain Falcon, or Ganondorf), deliver a special attack (press B button) to get past Captain Falcon. Jigglypuff gets you the best time if you use Rest. You also can use Mr. Game and Watch and HOPE for a Judgement 9 (or Oil Panic). Kind of fun once you get the hang of it.

A perfect strategy that works nearly everytime is to use Captain Falcon and right when the match begins use his falcon punch and the enemy Captain Falcon will walk right into it.

Yoshi's Egg

  • Character: Yoshi
  • Opponent: Pikachu, Fox, and Donkey Kong
  • Stage: Rainbow Cruise
  • Notes: Yoshi's Egg Item is exclusive to this match.

Protect a Yoshi egg for 55 seconds. There is one remaining Yoshi egg still standing (much to the event's description "Protect the single remaining Yoshi egg from being broken!"). The other eggs may have been broken and there is one still being whole (one egg left in the nest). Your assigned character is Yoshi and you have infinite stocks to keep the Yoshi egg "alive" (and so do your opponents). But if the egg breaks, you lose. So the egg must "survive" for 55 seconds. Just evade and don't focus too much on fighting. It is possible to protect the egg by grabbing it and then evading enemies by running and jumping away. If the egg "survives" (remains "alive") for 55 seconds, the event is a success.

Trophy Tussle 1

  • Character: Select
  • Opponent: Three Random Characters
  • Stage: Goomba
  • Notes: Goomba stage is exclusive to this match. Unlocks Goomba Trophy.

You're pitted against 3 random Level 3 CPU characters on top of a Goomba. You can actually climb all the way to the bottom of the Goomba without falling off.

Girl Power

  • Character: Select (tiny)
  • Opponent: Samus, Zelda, and Peach
  • Stage: Fountain of Dreams

Even though your character is a tiny character of themselves (permanently equipped with a Poison Mushroom effect) while the girl characters are slightly above normal sized, this should be another easy event match. Samus is set to Level 4 CPU while Zelda and Peach are set to Level 3. Everyone has two lives. Use a swordsman or a heavyweight that dishes out a lot of damage (Captain Falcon, Ganondorf, Donkey Kong, or Bowser).

Kirby's Air-raid

  • Character: Kirby
  • Opponent: Kirby Team (10 Kirbys)
  • Stage: Corneria

You have 38 seconds to KO the Kirby Team (10 Kirbys), none of which possess a copy ability, with warp stars. Not as easy as it sounds, but hardly maddening.

Bounty Hunters

  • Character: Samus
  • Ally: Captain Falcon
  • Opponent: Bowser
  • Stage: Jungle Japes
  • Notes: The player must KO Bowser before Captain Falcon does. Bowser self-destructing and Captain Falcon defeating Bowser both result in a failure.

It's like in Very Easy difficulty of Classic where your team-mate is set to a very competent level while your enemy is set to moron level. The challenge here isn't KO'ing Bowser, but getting Falcon to suicide to make it easier. You can just smash at Bowser and hope that Falcon or a bomb doesn't intervene. Or you can let Captain Falcon damage Bowser and try to leave enough damage for yourself to damage Bowser and KO him. Then Bowser is a high damage and you can use the Charge Shot from Samus's arm cannon and it can KO Bowser easily.

Link's Adventure

  • Character: Link
  • Opponent: Dark Link
  • Stage: Temple

You're Link up against a Level 6 CPU Dark Link. Level 6 CPU opponents are more aggressive than the ones you've faced thus far, but you should have no problem bullying them into a KO. They mostly do swift attacks with an occasional grab or smash. No need for evasive dodge techniques yet. Just dodge, shield, attack, grab, like you would a lower level opponent, however, you may end up losing a life to Dark Link, but if you're skilled with Link, you should survive with both lives intact. Dark Link's moves are identical to your own.

Peach's Peril

  • Character: Mario
  • Ally: Peach
  • Opponent: Bowser
  • Stage: Final Destination

It's tough to keep yourself AND Peach from getting KO'd by a Level 7 CPU Bowser. Bowser is bigger than normal in this event. Mostly he goes after Peach. Peach, she is set to walk mode like in training mode (she just walks back and forth and does not attack other than just her up special to recover back on to the stage). So if you work up his damage, it should be easier to keep him away from Peach without getting yourself (Mario) or Peach KO'd. Try getting a combo to protect Peach and keep Bowser busy.

The player is able to KO Bowser, but he has infinite stocks and respawns until the timer runs out. To successfully complete the event, both you (Mario) and Peach must survive the whole minute. The high score for the event is based with the number of times the player is able to KO Bowser.

Also, a thing to note is that this event a homage to most of the games in the mainline Mario series games (like Super Mario Bros.). That is, wherein Bowser frequently kidnaps Peach. And Mario has to rescue her by defeating Bowser. In keeping with this, a song from the Mario universe, Princess Peach's Castle, is played during the match, despite the event taking place on Final Destination.

All-Star Match 2

  • Character: Select
  • Opponent: Samus/Link/Zelda/Captain Falcon/Fox
  • Stage: Brinstar/Great Bay/Temple/Mute City/Corneria

You're up against five Level 4 CPU opponents from the "realistic" Nintendo universes. Those are Samus, Captain Falcon, Link, Zelda, and Fox. Use Captain Falcon and do the Falcon Punch until they fall.

Ice Breaker

  • Character: Select
  • Opponent: Two Ice Climber Pairs
  • Stage: Peach's Castle

Both sets of Ice Climbers are set to jump. You must KO both Nanas, if one Popo is KO'd, the event is a failure. Jigglypuff is recommended for this, just toss Nana into the air, and rest her. Using any other character makes this insanely difficult. KO one Nana and hope for a bullet bill to blow Nana away. Beware that it can also KO Popo.

Super Mario 128

  • Character: Select
  • Opponent: 128 Tiny Marios
  • Stage: Mushroom Kingdom

KO 128 tiny Level 1 CPU Marios with a Handicap of 1 that couldn't KO you if their life depended on it. It's like a very easy version of the 100-man melee. You might want to use Bowser's sideways smash attack continuously to kill them all at once, Link's Up control + B button (Spin Attack) to KO every Tiny Mario which gets close, or DK's Down control + B button (Ground Slap).

Slippy's Invention

  • Character: Select
  • Opponent: Invisible Fox and Invisible Falco
  • Stage: Venom
  • Notes: Slippy Toad receives a cameo. At the start of the event, he says to Fox and Falco, who are invisible, "How's the cloaking device I invented?".

Fight a Level 7 Fox and Falco on top of the Great Fox in the Venom arena, who both have a permanent cloaking device. You all have two lives. Because you can't see them easily, it's tough to doge them and easy for them to dodge you. If you get good at seeing cloaked opponents, this shouldn't be too tough. Use someone with a powerful attack. Upon completion of this event, this event does not unlock Falco if the player does not have him already (even though it is possible to unlock and play this event without unlocking Falco).

The Yoshi Herd

  • Character: Select
  • Opponent: Yoshi Team (29 Yoshis and 1 Giant Yoshi)
  • Stage: Yoshi's Island

Defeat the Yoshi Team (30 Yoshis) with the final one being a giant Yoshi. All Yoshis are set to Level 1 CPU with a Handicap of 2. Shouldn't be too hard.


  • Character: Giant Bowser
  • Opponent: Giant Donkey Kong, Tiny Mario and Tiny Peach
  • Stage: Fourside

You (as Giant Bowser) have one stock. Tiny Mario and Tiny Peach both also have one stock. But Giant DK has two stocks. Both of you (Giant Bowser and Giant DK) have a permanent Super Mushroom. You're heavier, Giant DK is clumsy, and as long as you're not clumsy yourself you should have an easy time with this match. You can be at over 400%-999% damage (due to your giant size) and still Giant DK is not able to send you being KO'd and flying very far. Tiny Mario and Tiny Peach do not pose a threat. Because they probably get KO'd by Giant DK's first attack (from the start of the event) anyway. This is a reference to King Kong vs. Godzilla (1962) with Giant DK (being King Kong) and Giant Bowser (being Godzilla).

Trophy Tussle 2

  • Character: Select
  • Opponent: Three Random Characters
  • Stage: Entei
  • Notes: Unlocks Entei Trophy. The Entei stage is unique to this Match.

Fight 3 random Level 5 CPU opponents on top of an Entei. The difficulty heavily depends on your competence with the character you select. Usually one will stay by himself up at the top, and then becomes easy prey for you once you defeat the other two.

Cold Armor

  • Character: Samus
  • Opponent: Three Metal Samuses
  • Stage: Brinstar Depths

You (with one stock) must fight three Level 5 Metal Samuses (who have two stocks each) on the Brinstar Depths arena. Your best bet is to try to get them to suicide or meteor smash them into oblivion, since metal opponents have a tough time recovering from a meteor attack.

Puffballs Unite!

  • Character: Select
  • Opponent: Kirby Team (14 Kirbys)
  • Stage: Green Greens

Defeat the Kirby Team (14 Kirbys, all set to Level 3) with copied abilities. This is not a difficult fight. This is a reprise of the Kirby Team fight on Stage 5 of Adventure. However, unlike the normal version of the Kirby Team fight from Adventure, you have one stock as opposed to up to five and there are 2 minutes instead of 4. Using Roy or DK can make the match quicker. When using Roy, use his B button smash attack, one Kirby at a time. When using DK, use his Down control + B button to send the Kirbys flying.

Triforce Gathering

  • Character: Link
  • Ally: Zelda
  • Opponent: Ganondorf
  • Stage: Temple
  • Notes: Unlocks Ganondorf

You (with the assigned character Link) must defeat Level 7 Ganondorf with Zelda as an ally. Ganondorf has 2 stocks and you must defeat him without yourself (Link) or Zelda getting KO'd once. After you defeat Ganondorf, he challenges you to become a playable character. The death of you (Link) or Zelda fail the event match, so don't make Zelda do all the work.

All-Star Match 3

  • Character: Select
  • Opponent: Kirby/Pikachu/Ness/Ice Climbers
  • Stage: Fountain of Dreams/Pokémon Stadium/Onett/Icicle Mountain

Fight against a Level 5 CPU Kirby, Pikachu, Ness, and Ice Climbers, all are lightweight so they should be sent flying fairly easy.

Mario Bros. Madness

  • Character: Select
  • Opponent: Mario and Luigi
  • Stage: Mushroom Kingdom

Score more KO's than the Level 6 CPU Mario Bros. You have an advantage in that if both suicide they lose 2 points, and if you do you lose 1, plus Luigi tends to suicide because he never uses his third jump, and only uses his green missile to get back on stage.

Target Acquired

  • Character: Falco
  • Opponent: Jigglypuff
  • Stage: Corneria
  • Notes: Falco is competing with the Arwings.

KO Jigglypuff more than the arwings do. Not a very easy match, but not insanely difficult either. More a humorous themed match than anything.

Lethal Marathon

  • Character: Captain Falcon
  • Stage: Grand Prix

You must run through the Grand Prix stage (similar to Stage 8 of Adventure). This is a reprise of the F-Zero race stage on Stage 8 in Adventure. Unlike in the normal version from Adventure, the time limit is shorter (45 seconds), you have one stock as opposed to up to five, and you get no temporary invincibility if the F-Zero machines come thundering down on you. Plus, the cars are stronger than usual. It's very easy to mess up here and get KO'd or suicide. Timing is everything, because sometimes when you run backwards, the cars may do 743%-999% damage at the most. Any touch from the F-Zero machines guarantees with being hit by several more in succession for massive damage (743%-999%) and a one-hit KO.

Seven Years

  • Character: Young Link
  • Opponent: Link
  • Stage: Great Bay

You must defeat Level 8 CPU Link as Young Link. Each have 3 lives. Your best bet is to be a defensive player with Young Link. Attack from a distance, beat the snot out of Link if he comes close (or at least try) then run away and repeat before he knows what hit him. Eventually Link should be racking up the damage and you'll score a KO.

Time For a Checkup

  • Character: Luigi
  • Opponent: Dr. Mario and Peach
  • Stage: Yoshi's Story

As Luigi you must fight Dr. Mario and Nurse Peach (Peach in the white dress costume), who are both set to Level 7 CPU. You probably forgot to pay your bill, so they're after you. The humorous theme of the match will distract you from completing this actually somewhat difficult match. Focus on KOing Dr. Mario then Peach should be a snap.

Space Travelers

  • Character: Ness
  • Opponent: Samus, Kirby, Fox/ Captain Falcon, Falco
  • Stage: Fourside/Battlefield

Fight Samus, Kirby, and Fox on Fourside and Captain Falcon and Falco in Battlefield. It's actually quite tough because Falco is set to Level 8 and your damage will be quite high by then. And what's even worse is that you only have 1 life! Try to take out the first 4 without acquiring much damage who are Level 2, Level 2, Level 5, and Level 6 respectively. This Event Match becomes challenging after KOing Fox.

  • While using Ness in the first stages while facing Samus and Kirby, stay at the highest point on the map and low kick them off. This saves you health while damaging them quickly.

Legendary Pokémon

  • Character: Select
  • Opponent: Jigglypuff, Four Wire Frames
  • Stage: Battlefield
  • Notes: Only Poké Balls containing Legendary Pokémon (and Wobbuffet) appear.

Defeat Jigglypuff and 4 wireframes using Poké Balls. Only Poké Balls will appear and every time one does, Jigglypuff will move to grab it. Only Wobbuffet and legendary Pokémon (Entei, Suicune, Raikou, Lugia, Ho-oh, Zapdos, Moltres and Articuno) will appear. But every time a Poké Ball is opened, there is a 50% chance that Wobbuffet will appear. Leave the first Poké Ball, as it is usually a Wobbuffet. Also, only the wireframes will attack you, not Jigglypuff. Use someone fast like Captain Falcon or Fox. Completing this event match unlocks Pichu. Defeating Pichu gets it unlocked as a playable character. Also KO Jigglypuff to make it easier. Watch out for Entei's ray attack – it's very strong.

Super Mario Bros. 2

  • Character: Select
  • Opponent: Mario, Luigi, and Peach
  • Stage: Mushroom Kingdom II
  • Notes: Fight Mario, Luigi, and Peach (the three main characters of the NES game Super Mario Bros. 2).

You're up against Mario, Luigi, and Peach on Mushroom Kingdom II. All are set to Level 7 CPU, making this a difficult 3 on 1 match. Focus on getting them to suicide. Luigi has a high chance of using his green missile to send himself into oblivion at some point.

Jigglypuff Live!

  • Character: Jigglypuff
  • Opponent: Three Jigglypuffs
  • Stage: Pokémon Stadium
  • Notes: If Jigglypuff uses Sing while on the screen in the background, every opponent falls asleep instantly.

Looks challenging until you realize that you just need to use rest on the other Jigglypuffs to win this match. They'll fly so high they're star KO'ed. You may complete this without losing a single life.

All-Star Match 4

  • Character: Select
  • Opponent: Jigglypuff, Luigi, Marth, Mewtwo, and Mr. Game and Watch
  • Stage: Temple/Mushroom Kingdom 2/Poké Floats/Final Destination/Flat Zone

Fight a Level 7 Jigglypuff, Luigi, Marth, Mewtwo, and a Level 8 Mr. Game and Watch with 2 lives. This is actually quite tough, especially at the end, but easier than Event 36. Use Jigglypuff then use Rest to kill them all.

En Garde!

  • Character: Marth
  • Opponent: Link
  • Stage: Temple

You must defeat a Level 9 CPU Link as Marth. Your best bet is to go near the bottom platform and try to edge hog him by knocking him off and then holding your shield on the edge to taunt him into attacking you rather than recovering safely.

Trouble King 2

  • Character: Luigi
  • Opponent: Giant Bowser
  • Stage: Poké Floats

As normal sized Luigi, you must defeat a Level 8 CPU Giant Bowser with a permanent super mushroom in Poké Floats. This is a sequel to the first Trouble King event. However, this is not easy as the first Trouble King. Instead of Mario (from Event 1: Trouble King), your assigned character is Luigi. You use Luigi instead of Mario to fight Giant Bowser. Plus it seems that you're set to a handicap of 5. Both you and Giant Bowser have two stocks. If Giant Bowser taps you, it's a one-hit KO.

Stall in the air using combinations of Luigi Cyclone, Green Missile, Air Dodge, and Super Jump Punch. To take out Giant Bowser's first stock, Giant Bowser will use Bowser Bomb and suicide. Do that again to take out his second stock. You have to airdodge on Giant Bowser's last stock if you are also on your last stock.

Birds of Prey

  • Character: Fox
  • Opponent: Falco, Captain Falcon
  • Stage: Big Blue

You're pitted against a Level 8 Falco and Captain Falcon in the ever-moving Big Blue arena. Your best bet is hoping for them to suicide since they outclass you in all areas except speed. Go to the edge of the red car then Shine when they're near.

Mewtwo Strikes!

  • Character: Select
  • Opponent: Zelda, Mewtwo
  • Stage: Battlefield

At first, it looks like you're battling Zelda, but then after 15 seconds, Mewtwo will appear. Your goal for this match is to KO Mewtwo before Zelda can, but if you KO Zelda, you'll lose. Sometimes Mewtwo will stupidly walk off of the left side of the arena and suicide, in which case, consider yourself lucky.

Chose any character. Stall Zelda until 13 sec then run to the left where Mewtwo will spawn and use the homerun bat to kill him (if no bat spawns just retry).

Game and Watch Forever!

  • Character: Mr. Game and Watch
  • Opponent: 25 Mr. Game & Watches
  • Stage: Flat Zone

With 3 stocks, you must defeat a team of 25 Level 7 CPU Mr. Game and Watches (similar to Stage 13 of All Star). Like in the final stage of All Star, this is a 1 vs. 25 battle (the player against the Mr. Game and Watch team). But a single smash attack from either side will KO you or your opponent. Use this to your advantage and smash them into oblivion as soon as they appear. Clearing this event unlocks the Game & Watch trophy.

Jump forward then use Fire to kill all three Mr. Game and Watches. Go a bit to the right and use the Up tilt to kill the incoming Mr. Game and Watch just as they appears.

Fire Emblem Pride

  • Character: Select
  • Opponent: Marth and Roy
  • Stage: Temple

Defeat both Marth and Roy who are set to Level 8 CPU.

  1. Choose Link (or a strong character like Ganondorf or Mewtwo).
  2. As Link, go to the bottom most platform (Use the fall through platform to your near left then run towards the platform).
  3. Roll the right edge.
  4. Hold L or R to shield and watch them suicide.

Alternatively, air dodge between the bottom right platform and the main section of land to the left as Marth and/or Roy jump over. Watch them fall to their deaths.

Trophy Tussle 3

  • Character: Select
  • Opponent: Three Random Characters
  • Stage: Majora's Mask
  • Notes: Unlocks Majora's Mask Trophy. The Majora's Mask stage is exclusive to this event.

Fight 3 random Level 9 CPU characters on top of Majora's Mask. Unlike previous matches, friendly fire is turned OFF here, meaning it's a true 3 on 1 match. Choose Fox. Go to the left side of the stage and use a combination of D-throws and Up Smashes to kill them. You may also use Jigglypuff and use the Rest move on the opponents.

Pikachu and Pichu

  • Character: Select
  • Opponent: Pikachu and Two Pichus
  • Stage: Dream Land

Defeat two Level 8 Pichus with a Pikachu protecting them. Ignore the Pikachu, since it has infinite lives. Just KO both Pichus. Use a heavy, but fast character or your best character. Kirby's shock wave is an effective way to hit a Pichu.

Choose Jigglypuff. At the start of the match, immediately short hop and Pound to the right. Jump backwards to hit both Pichus. Then do F-smash to rest finish. The two Pichus then fall into Jigglypuff's rest attack easily. You can also use Donkey Kong and use his Sacrifical KO throw (Z button) on both Pichus. Another character you can use is Kirby. Swallow (or inhale) a Pichu (by pressing B button) and get it down by pressing A button to spit it out. Do the same with the second Pichu.

All-Star Match Deluxe

  • Character: Select
  • Opponent: Dr. Mario, Roy, Falco, Ganondorf, Young Link, and Pichu
  • Stage: Mushroom Kingdom/Venom/Pokémon Stadium/Great Bay/Temple/Final Destination

In this event, there are six characters who have not been fought yet. Fight a Level 8 Roy, Dr. Mario, Falco, Ganondorf, Young Link, and Pichu using two lives. All six characters are clones of Marth, Mario, Fox, Captain Falcon, Link, and Pikachu respectively. Not exactly easy since not only is it the toughest match but also the longest All-Star match. Roy is probably the best Choice for this battle, he has a long range attack, so the enemies won't get very near, and they'll walk straight into your right/left smash attack all the time (if you time it right). You can also use Jigglypuff and use the Rest move. Try also using a Bowser or Mewtwo for high damage.

In most cases, the toughest opponent will be Roy. It's because he has the same long range with his sword, so try to evade his attacks and attack him while he's off guard. However, because of his powerful attacks and the pressure to complete it in time, in some ways is Bowser or Mewtwo.

Final Destination Match

You must unlock all the unlockable characters and complete all the other 49 events to unlock this one.

  • Character: Select
  • Opponent: Master Hand and Crazy Hand
  • Stage: Final Destination

Fight Master Hand and Crazy Hand at 300 HP who have the same number of HP on Normal difficulty in Classic with one stock. You have one stock as opposed to up to five. However, Crazy Hand is in the event match right away instead of reducing Master Hand's HP by half (unlike in the real Classic Mode version).

It's the easiest to play with Captain Falcon: he's quick, so you can evade a lot of the hand's attacks. You just have to try a few times, so you can "predict" the attack a hand is going to do.

You must use the same tactics as you did in Classic.

Captain Falcon also has a lot of attack power, so no matter how you hit the hand it always does a lot of damage, just try to hit is as much and fast as possible. First, focus on Master Hand (the right one), once he's down it should be a piece of cake. Alternatively, use Yoshi's aerial Down control + A button or Pikachu's thunder to rack up damage with little effort. Link has also been known to be effective here because of his sword moves and effective evasiveness.

Using Roy can also be extremely effective, through the use of his counter attack (Down control + B button). Timed correctly, Roy can deflect a strike by either one of the Hands to do up to 50% in damage.

Alternate Strategy (With Ganondorf)
Start with Crazy Hand. Spam Uncharged Up Smashes and don't forget to shield when necessary. Do the same with Master Hand.
World Record Strat (Requires Luck)
Select Peach then use down b to pull a stitchface (requires luck). Go to either hand and throw it upwards then catch it again, repeat.

The Showdown

You must unlock all the unlockable characters, and complete Classic, Adventure, and All Star at least once each with any character and on any difficulty (aside from Giga Bowser), and complete all the other 50 events to unlock this one.

  • Character: Select
  • Opponent: Giga Bowser, Ganondorf, and Mewtwo
  • Stage: Final Destination
  • Notes: These three characters (in this event) are the main villains of highly represented Nintendo universes. Giga Bowser is the main antagonist of the Super Smash Bros. universe (the gargantuan and powered up version of Bowser from the Mario universe), Ganondorf is the main antagonist of the Legend of Zelda universe, and Mewtwo is the main antagonist of the Pokemon universe in the movie Pokemon The First Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back.

Fight a downright ruthless Level 9 Giga Bowser, a Level 9 Ganondorf, and a Level 9 Mewtwo. A good character for this would be Jigglypuff. Using Rest, take out Giga Bowser first, and then work on Ganondorf and Mewtwo. Keep in mind Jigglypuff's aerially focused game leaves her open to Ganondorf's Up control + B button, which he uses frequently. But you can use Ganondorf's Up control-B button to your advantage: go to the edge and he will likely execute Up control-B button and will suicide. You can use Rollout to attack. Use Pound if they get to close and dodge-roll out of the way to get to the other side.


  1. Use Fox (not Falco).
  2. Jump then use Up control+B button in diagonal always aiming to Giga Bowser.
  3. After killing Giga Bowser, go to the other side from where Ganondorf and Mewtwo are and shoot your gun many times against them.
  4. Eventually they will use the shield to protect themselves but it will be broken, so this is the perfect time to charge an attack and smash them away.
  5. Repeat step 4 until you beat the event.

If you survive with your 3 lives you will see a hidden message: You beat Event 51, The Showdown, with no falls! It is easy to beat Event 51 with no falls if you use the Master Hand Glitch.