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Character Evaluation[edit]

Peach is a unique strategy character with a variety of moves and techniques that make her popular amongst tournament players. One thing that distinguishes Peach from any other character in the game is her unique ability to float and move through the air for a number of seconds. This float move is utilized often to perform air attacks (some of which are powerful like her crown attack) while floating above ground so that the player can confuse the opponent and make a quick recovery when landing. The float ability can also be used to recover from being knocked off of platforms. Despite having this float advantage, Peach lacks in offense and is one of the lighter fighters in the game.

Special Attacks[edit]

Button(s) Attack Description/notes
B button Toad Peach pulls out her servant Toad to deflect attacks. When he deflects an attack, he shoots spores at the opponent.
Up control + B button Parasol Peach wields a parasol that damages foes when wielded, and gently floats down to Earth. While floating, Preach's parasol works just like the parasol item, so much so that if Peach has the parasol item, she'll do the parasol attack with that instead of her white one.
Down control + B button Turnip Peach pulls the move's namesake item from the ground and tosses it at the foe. There is a slight chance of her pulling out a Beam Sword, Bob-omb, or Mr. Saturn instead. (Even if those items are disabled for the current match) The damage the Turnip does is dependent on it's expression, the strongest Turnips have "O_O" stiched zombie faces. The way Turnips bounce off of an opponent makes them very easy to catch by either Peach or an opponent.
Left control (Right control) + B button Peach Bomber The princess attacks foes with a powerful explosion when she jumps at them. The explosion can also attack shielded opponents. Also, this move can be used on a wall many times to recover, each time gaining a little height. Beware: this is banned from tournaments.

Advanced Techniques[edit]

Float Canceling[edit]

While L-canceling is usually best to shorten the delay after performing an air attack, peach has the ability to Float Cancel her aerial’s. Float canceling is a pretty simple technique, basically do an attack while floating, when you hit the ground after the attack you will have NO recovery time. See, simple.

Quick Float[edit]

Hold down any time during a jump or double jump (holding X button orY button) to automatically start floating at that altitude, you can even hold down on the ground and press X button or Y button to float just above the ground.

Effective Kill[edit]

Using down and A at the beginning will most likely get you 8 extremely powerful hits and if opponent is in mid-air at that time use a charge up and A button attack repeatedly will give you the life advantage.