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Basic Techniques[edit]

Special Attacks[edit]

Button(s) Attack Description/notes
B button Rollout Jigglypuff’s general strategy which spinning at high speeds and then ramming the enemy. Use by pressing and holding B button. works best on stages with long flat areas. first go to one end of stage charge up rollout and wait for opponent to come in range, release B button, go away from opponent and repeat. Note that this should not be used regularly, because competent players can dodge it and make you pay dearly for it.
Up control + B button Sing Up control+B button will cause Jigglypuff to sing, all enemies within a very short range will then fall asleep. However while jigglypuff is signing she cannot do anything else and the move cannot be canceled. For best results use as foe is approaching as this means he/she will still be asleep when you stop signing giving you time to attack.
Down control + B button Rest Down control + B button executes Jigglypuff's rest attack (sometimes called "screamer attack"). To perform this move successfully, Jigglypuff must be directly touching the opponent. This is a dangerous move, because after it is used, whether or not its successful, Jigglypuff falls asleep for a few seconds, or until she is attacked.
Left control (Right control) + B button Pound Cock's her arm and releases a small but strong punch. Jiggypuff’s pound can give horizontal distance with almost no loss in vertical height. To perform it, do the pound (Side + B button), then slide the control stick upward, the effects are quite obvious if it is performed correctly. It can also be influenced down in the same manner.

Advanced Techniques[edit]


Along with Kirby, Jigglypuff is the only character to possess multiple jumps. Use this to your advantage when using the rollout technique when you are getting away from them. Combined with pound, Jigglypuff can recover from almost anything.

Against Fox, Falco and Captain Falcon, when they are at between 20% and 40%, grab them and upthrow them, and, assuming they do not die properly, you can jump up and nap their faces before they can do anything.

Grab release[edit]

If grabbed

Jigglypuff has 30 frames of immobility if grabbed and a ground release occurs, like almost every other character. Jigglypuff has 49 frames of immobility after an air release, so you will have a 1 frame advantage over other players.

As with all characters, a ground release occurs if no buttons are pressed. An air release occurs if you jump at the right time (or spam Y button).

When grabbing

Jigglypuff will suffer 30 frames of immobility if performing a ground release. If an air release occurs, Jigglypuff will also suffer 30 frames of immobility, giving 20 frames of advantage over most characters.

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Alternate names and voices[edit]

Change the game language to German and Jigglypuff will now be Pummeluff and have a different voice. this also works in Italian except Jigglypuff is called Unoduoduo.

Anti rollout trick[edit]

For anyone annoyed with Jigglypuff's rollout try this, just as Jigglypuff hits you, shield, Jigglypuff will go right through you and hopefully off the stage. Jigglypuff users beware.

Also, if one Jigglypuff uses rollout, a second can use Sing. When the attacking Jigglypuff reaches the singing one, it will fall asleep, but keep going in the direction of the rollout, while losing speed.