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Roy, the son of lord Eliwood, joins the battle in Melee, wielding his trusty Binding Blade aka the Sword of Seals.

In Melee, Roy is a lightweight

Roy has several flaws that counter his strengths.

Basic Techniques[edit]

Standard Attacks[edit]

Button(s) Attack Description/notes
A button Slash Roy swings his blade forward. Average range and quick speed, but minimal damage.
Forward + A button Sharp Edge Like the Slash before it, a forward slashing motion. Slower than the Slash, but more powerful.
Dash + A button Raid Chop Pretty much the exact same thing as Sharp Edge, but you execute it while running.
Down control + A button Low Stab A low jab of the sword. Same as Sharp Edge, but lower range.
Up control + A button Anti-Air Slash Roy swings his blade above him. Moderate to low damage, an average range, and moderately quick.
Smash Forward + A button Dragon Killer Same as Sharp Edge, but slightly slower.
Smash Down control + A button Whirlwind Blade Roy swings his blade low, first in front of him and then behind him. Moderate range, speed, and damage.
Smash Up control + A button Flame Sword Roy will stab his sword straight up, sending opponents up in the air on fire (Hence the name).
A button (When lying face up) Roy gets up and stabs left and right.
A button (When lying face down) Roy gets up swings his sword on either side of him. Faster than attacking while lying face up.
A button (When hanging off a ledge <100%) Roy jumps onto the ledge with a little air time, and on landing swings his sword in front of him.
A button (When hanging off a ledge >100%) Roy pulls himself up onto the ledge and swings his sword in a 180° direction.

Aerial Attacks[edit]

Button(s) Attack Description/notes
A button Double Slash Roy quickly swings his sword left, then right. Very fast and moderately damaging.
Forward + A button Aerial Swipe Roy swipes his sword quickly in front of him. Very fast, but low damage.
Backwards + A button About Face Roy quickly turns around and swings his sword. Less range, but more damage than Aerial Swipe.
Down control + A button Half Moon Roy sweeps in a 180° angle below him. Moderate damage, but a slight delay when Roy lands.
Up control + A button Luna Slash Roy swings in a 180° angle above him, then backflips. Low damage, but high speed.

Special Attacks[edit]

Button(s) Attack Description/notes
B button Flare Blade Identical to the Shield Breaker used by Roy's partner Marth, Roy charges his blade up for a bit before releasing with a flaring slash (which Marth can't use). The difference between Shield Breaker and this attack is that Flare Blade can instantly KO any foe when fully charged. Roy will take 10% damage when a fully charged attack is released. An excellent edge-guard.
Up control + B button Blazer A rising slash that sends Roy upward a good distance. An opponent hit just when Roy jumps will be sent forward in a blaze of flames (hence Blazer).
Down control + B button Counter Roy protects himself with his sword for a short while. If he is attacked in this time, he will block the attack and counter attack.
Left control (Right control) + B button Double-Edge Dance By pressing B button three more times, Roy will launch a four hit combo. The attacks can be modified by holding up or down while pressing B button, allowing for many different attack combinations.


Button(s) Attack Description/notes
A button Knee Roy slams his knee into his opponent's face. Very quick, but low damage.
Forward Bounce Roy puts his opponent into the floor, who proceeds to bounce off the floor backwards. Low damage.
Back Throw Away Roy simply tosses his opponent away behind him. Low damage.
Up control Emblem Toss Roy tosses his opponent straight upward. Only useful when opponent has a high damage level. Low damage. It is the second most powerful up throw in the game.

Advanced Techniques[edit]

Melee Items[edit]

It is worth noting that, when smashing with a melee item (i.e. beam sword), Marth and Roy swing their sword first, followed by an item swing. Against low-percentage enemies, the first strike is a great check and provides excellent positioning.