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Basic Techniques[edit | edit source]

Standard Attacks[edit | edit source]

Button(s) Description/notes
A button A quick punch.
Forward + A button Kick out in front of him.
Dash + A button Rams into you with his shoulder
Down control + A button Kneels down and "trips" you with a ground kick.
Up control + A button Brings his foot above his head and slams it down onto the ground. It is the slowest move in the game (88 frames) but very strong! In fact, it's stronger than his Warlock Punch. It can OHKO near the edge.
Smash Forward + A button Thrusts his elbow forward, sending the opponent away in flames. Almost no horiziontal knockback, making it hard to DI.
Smash Down control + A button He brings his foot behind him, then strongly kicks fowrard, then behind him.
Smash Up control + A button He ducks then kicks twice above his head. Usually the first kick is weak putting the enemy in perfect position for the second kick. If the opponent is far from him and gets hit with just the foot, it'll send him flying.
A button (Lying down) Does a handstand, then does the splits while upside down attacking both in front of him and behind him at the same time, then flips back onto his feet.
A button (Hanging of Edge) Ganondorf jumps back onto the edge, then does a quick kick.

Aerial Attacks[edit | edit source]

Button(s) Description/notes
A button He kicks while doing a kick. If the second hit connects, it is the second most powerful neutral aerial in the game.
Forward + A button He performs a rather devastating punch. If your timing is of, it'll be very weak. If you connect just as he executes it, it'll be very strong and the enemy will get sent flying at a low trajectory.
Backwards + A button He twists his body around and punches behind him.
Down control + A button He rams his feet downward sending opponents downward, unless they're on the ground. Then they go up.
Up control + A button He does a backflip in the air, attacking with his feet.

Special Attacks[edit | edit source]

Button(s) Attack Description/notes
B button Warlock Punch He charges up this punch for a little less than a second then unleashes a fiery attack that sends opponents flying quite far, even with the slightest damage.
Up control + B button Dark Dive He jumps into the air, attempting to grab an enemy. If he does then he attacks then causes an explosion, sending you away, in flames, might I add. If you've double jumped and you get hit, you can double jump again. If you connect with this move you can repeat it.
Down control + B button Wizard's Foot On the ground, he slides across the ground with a "magic forcefield" in front of him. In the air, he dives downward in the same fashion, and can spike in this fashion.
Left control (Right control) + B button Gerudo Dragon On the ground, he charges forward for a short distance, and when he connects, he sends the opponent upward, in flames again. An aerial Gerudo Dragon is a good Meteor Smash because it will send the opponent down, but be careful, because you'll become vulnerable to attacks.

Throws[edit | edit source]

Button(s) Description/notes
Down control He throws the opponent on the ground. Follow up with a Gerudo Smash.
Forward He Punches you up into the air. Many moves can follow this.
Up control After grabbing you, he will smash you upward with an open palm, sending you sky high.
Back He kicks you from behind himself. On the edge, you can follow with a Meteor Smash.

Advanced Techniques[edit | edit source]

Double Double Jump[edit | edit source]

Double jump, then do a Wizard's Foot. Afterwards you can Double jump again. Since he loses a lot of height after the kick, only use it if you are hit away from the stage on a high trajectory.