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Basic Techniques[edit]

Standard Attacks[edit]

Button(s) Description/notes
A button Quick shock dealing 2-6%

Aerial Attacks[edit]

Button(s) Description/notes
A button Spins, like Peach, in mid-air but uses magic to attack instead of her hands.
Up control + A button Zelda produces a blast of fire above her.
Forward + A button Zelda's signature lightning kick. If it skims enemy, less than meager damage will be done. If it hits dead-on, it is insanely powerful and has amazing knockback. Quite good and has more range than a good sex kick.
Back + A button Identical to Forward + A button
Down control + A button ?

Special Attacks[edit]

Button(s) Attack Description/notes
B button Nayru's Love Zelda surrounds herself with a blue crystal shield. The shield deflects most projectiles, and can hurt opponents when near Zelda.
Up control + B button Farore's Wind Zelda uses a whirlwind to teleport to another spot on the stage. Can also harm close opponents with minimal damage. Be careful, however, as teleporting off the stage is a real danger, and you cannot use an additional recovery move after using this.
Down control + B button Transform Transform into Sheik. Even players who use Zelda exclusively will sometimes switch to Sheik if the battle calls for it.
Left control (Right control) + B button Din's Fire Zelda sends out a small target-lightball which moves quickly in the direction Zelda is facing. The longer B button is held, the farther the lightball will travel and once B button is released, a small delayed explosion will occur where the lightball ended. The lightball's travel can be controlled with the control stick, though control is limited. It is good for hurting distant slow opponents, or setting off Motion-Sensor Bombs without Zelda taking damage.

Switching between Zelda and Sheik[edit]

An effective Zelda/Sheik game revolves around knowing when to transform. As a general rule of thumb, Sheik is better at racking up damage while Zelda provides the finishing attacks.

Advantages of Zelda[edit]

  1. More powerful moves, especially Smash attacks.
  2. Great aerial attacks (particularly the lightning kick).
  3. Greater distance covered with Up control + B button and less lag.
  4. Reflective ability B button.
  5. Long distance projectile Forward + B button.

Advantages of Sheik[edit]

  1. Quicker moves and movement
  2. Equally great aerial attacks (including a better-than-average sex kick).
  3. Better skill with melee weapons (two hits).
  4. Great juggling and edge guard techniques.
  5. More powerful Up control + B button.
  6. Great attack range, particularly that of smash attacks.

It is also worth noting Sheik is lighter than Zelda!