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If you're running low on cash, there are a number of Jobs available, which fall into two categories.

Lawn Mowing[edit | edit source]

Mowing lawns is, in principle, exactly the same as the detention punishment - except this time you get paid for it. You have a minimum percentage of the grass to cut, but you'll get a bonus if you cut all of the grass within the allotted time.

Lawn Mowing 1[edit | edit source]

This job takes place in the north-east corner of the park near Old Bullworth Vale, and can be accessed starting in Chapter 2.

Stage Target (%) Reward
1 70 $15 for 70%+, $20 for 100%
2 80 $15 for 80%+, $20 for 100%
3 90 $15 for 90%+, $20 for 100%

Lawn Mowing 2[edit | edit source]

Completing all of the Lawn Mowing 1 stages will unlock Lawn Mowing 2, at a house directly behind the Happy Endings Retirement Home in Old Bullworth Vale. This is only available starting in Chapter 4 onwards.

This lawn has four bird baths on it that will result in a penalty if you happen to break them with your mower. Fortunately, you can smash them up before you start the job to get them out of the way for the job.

Stage Target (%) Reward
1 70 $20 for 70%+, $40 for 100%
2 80 $20 for 80%+, $40 for 100%
3 90 $20 for 90%+, $40 for 100%

Paper Rounds[edit | edit source]

Control selector Select controller:
PlayStation 2, Wii, Xbox 360

The paper route starts at the news stand in Old Bullworth Vale. You've got to ride your bike along the route and throw newspapers into customers' mailboxes. Hold L1 button to lock onto the mailbox as you get close, and R1 button to throw the newspaper.

Stage Customers Reward
1 7 $14
2 10 $20
3 14 $28
4 19 $40
5 24 $48

Some obstacles will present themselves along the route - first you'll be chased by a dog, then the preppies will start throwing eggs at you, and then the mailman will try to beat you up - but they're not all that much of a threat, and shouldn't prevent you from completing the rounds in plenty of time.