Fallout/The Glow

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XP Table
  • 1000 XP - Turn on the power for the Glow


  1. Crater
  2. Levels 1-6 (especially 5)


  1. Robots
  2. Zax, supercomputer on Level 4.


  1. Raid every locker and every dead creature you can find. This includes:
    • Rocket Launcher (Level 4)
    • Minigun (Level 5)
    • Plasma Rifle (Level 5)
    • Combat Armor (Level 5)
    • Stealth Boy (Level 5)
    • And LOTS of other stuff. Several sniper rifles, assault rifles, etc. can be found on the dead robots.
  2. The yellow, red, and blue key cards.
    • The yellow keycard is found on the dead guy in Power Armor on Level One.
    • The red keycard is found on the dead body in the northeast area, with the radioactive rat on Level Two.
    • The blue keycard is found on the only dead body in Level Four.
  3. The four holodiscs. Read them for experience and for the fun of it.
    • The disc that the Brotherhood wants you to retrieve is on Level 1, on the dead Brotherhood knight.
    • The other three discs are on Level 5.


  1. Take two Rad-X before you enter the crater and take any RadAway that you need to zero your radiation.
  2. Use a rope and descend down the crater.
  3. Kill all of the robots that you see before you turn on the power.
  4. Fix the power generator on Level 6. This lets you go to Level 5.
  5. Raid everything - lockers, dead bodies, etc.

Right before you enter the glow, swallow two Rad-X. Enter the Glow, and use the rope on the metal bar that extends out into the crater.

Go to the south; take a right, and head north to get to the Brotherhood soldier. Take the yellow key and their holodisc. Use the key on the elevator and descend down. On Level 2, your primary focus is to find the red key, which is on the lone body in the room on the northeast. Go back to the elevator, use the yellow key, and go to Level 3. Be sure to kill all of the deactivated robots for experience.

There isn't anything much on Level 3. Kill all of the robots and go to the northwest. Use the red keycard on this elevator. Go to Level 4.

On Level 4, in the central-west room, there is a dead body with a blue keycard. Take the blue keycard and go to Zax, the supercomputer. Ask for mainframe mode and download all of the files that you can, you can also chat with the computer and play chess with it to make it like you more.

On Level 6, kill the robots, and fix the power generator. There are some repair books scattered around the Glow; use them to increase your skill. Repair the generator on Level 6. Once the main power is restored you can return to Zax and access the mainframe to disable the security robots. Go to the northwest corner, and use the blue keycard on the elevator, then go to Level 5.

On Level 5, kill all of the robots. After they are destroyed, explore the east wall lockers. They are full of goodies, and be sure to check out the rusted lockers nearby. Save, and leave the Glow. Be sure to use the keycards on the elevators. Here is a list:

  • Yellow: Elevator for Levels 1-3
  • Red: Elevator for Levels 3, 4, and 6.
  • Blue: Elevator for Levels 4-6. Power must be enabled for this one.

After you leave the Glow, go back to the Brotherhood. Give Cabbot the disk that you found on Level 1. You will also receive 1000 experience.