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In order for you to start this quest you need to hear a rumor about a prophet in Anvil. This rumor can be heard in all of the cities. You should also make an effort to keep your infamy at 0, because if it gets too high you will not be able to work on the quest.

"I've heard rumors of an attack on the Chapel of Dibella in Anvil. No-one seems to know what happened, but all the priests and priestesses were killed and the altars desecrated. It might be worth going to Anvil to see for myself."

Outside of the Chapel of Dibella in Anvil there will be a guard, question him and he will tell you that the chapel is a mess, and then he will direct you to the prophet.

"I've heard of a mysterious Prophet who preaches outside the desecrated Chapel of Dibella in Anvil. I should find out if he knows anything about who attacked the Chapel and why."

The Prophet[edit]

The Prophet is standing directly across from the chapel, and you can hear him from quite a distance. Talk to him and he will tell you a tale of an ancient Ayleid mage coming back from the grave to destroy the church.

"I've spoken to the Prophet outside Anvil Chapel. He claims that an ancient Ayleid sorcerer-king has returned from beyond the grave to destroy the church, and that only a true knight wearing the legendary Crusader's Relics can possibly defeat him. I should speak to him further to find out how to find these lost relics.

He will then ask you if you are worthy, always choose the third option or he won't give you a map to the wayshrines.

"I've spoken to a mysterious Prophet who told me that in order to seek the Relics of the Crusader, I must first do a pilgrimage to the Wayshrines of the Divines. He gave me a map of the Pilgrim's Way to help me locate the shrines. Once I have visited a Wayshrine for each of the Nine Divines, I may receive a vision if I am judged a worthy knight."

He should give you a map that will lead you to all of the wayshrines, you need to visit and pray at all nine before you can continue.

Warning There are more wayshrines for each god than are listed on the map, and it can be very confusing.

The Wayshrines[edit]

Now you will have to seek out and find each wayshrine, it shouldn't be too hard. Each time you pray at one you will get a message like this:

"I have prayed at the Wayshrine of Arkay."

Once you have prayed at all of the Wayshrines you will get a message:

"I have completed my pilgrimage to the Wayshrines of the Divines. I should pray and wait for a vision to guide me on my quest for the Crusader's Relics."

After you get this message, a cut scene begins where the Divine Crusader will emerge and tell you to find his lost shrine:

"Upon completion of my pilgrimage to the Wayshrines, I received a vision from the Divine Crusader, Pelinal Whitestrake. He revealed the location of his lost shrine, which is where I should begin my quest for the Relics of the Crusader."

The Shrine of the Crusader[edit]

The Shrine of the Crusader is just south of the Imperial City, next to the long bridge. It is underwater, and without potions, a spell, or an Argonian, there is no way to make it in without drowning. Once you do make it inside, it is pretty much your standard Cave. The first part will be Ayleid, and the second part Imperial. In one room you will find the dead body of a Knight of the Nine. Make sure to take his ring, Key, and the diary. Once you do this you will get a message.

2-Shrine of the Crusader

"I've found the body of Sir Amiel, who appears to have perished centuries ago while questing for the shrine of the Crusader. Perhaps I can find some clues on his body that will help my own quest for the Crusader's Relics turn out better than his."

Read his diary, it will tell you a lot of background information on the Knights of the Nine, although it is not vitally important.

"Sir Amiel was a member of the Knights of the Nine, a holy order devoted to recovering the Relics of the Crusader. Through reading his journal, I've learned the location of their former headquarters, the Priory of the Nine in the West Weald. Once I've recovered the Helm from the Shrine of the Crusader, I should proceed to the old Priory."

"According to Sir Amiel's journal, the Helm of the Crusader is located in Pelinal's shrine."

1-Dead Body, 2-Door to shrine, 3-Crack in the wall, 4-lost catacombs, 5-Helm, 6-Exit to Vauna

Above you you can see blue flames, this is Pelinal's shrine, you need to continue through and find the helm of the crusader. Go through door number 2 and continue until you reach the crack in the wall at number 3, then go through the door into the lost catacombs (number 4). Once you get the helm (number 4) go out door number 6 to exit the shrine.

"I've recovered the Helm of the Crusader, the first of the Crusader's Relics."

"Now that I've recovered the Helm, I should proceed to the Priory of the Nine to see if it still holds the Cuirass of the Crusader."

Now that you have the helm, make sure you have Sir Amiel's ring and then leave for the Priory of the Nine.

The Priory of the Nine[edit]

After retrieving the Helm of the Crusader then your quest log will tell you to make your way to the Priory of the Nine. It is marked on your map and located in the West Weald.

When you reach the Priory of the Nine enter the main building. Once inside, activate the symbol directly left of the door. The symbol will turn into a staircase revealing a secret door. Enter that door and you will find the training room and armory. In the corner there is a chest which contains some armor, and in the next room you have to fight a bunch of ghosts, so now would be a good time to suit up, repair your armor, and save.

"The ghosts of the former Knights of the Nine have appeared and blocked my path to the Cuirass of the Crusader. They will not let me pass until I best each one of them in single combat."

Upon entering the next room you will see the Cuirass of the Crusader, at the end of a long passageway, with nothing guarding it. As usual, it is not as easy as you think. The ghosts of the Knights of the Nine will appear, saying you have to prove yourself worthy if you want the armor. You will have to fight the ghosts one by one. You can use your bow and retreat for all of them if you are weak as they are fairly strong. Once you have defeated all of the ghosts you will get a message:

"I've defeated the ghostly guardians of the Cuirass of the Crusader. I can now claim it as my own."

Walk to the end of the room and pick up the Cuirass of the Crusader

The Crusader's Equipment[edit]

Now you need to talk to the rest of the ghosts. They will give you information about the Knights of the Nine and the locations of the crusaders equipment. Although you could do it in any order, this method is the best.

Note: Throughout the quest, people will ask you if they can join the knights of the nine, there is no reason why they can't, so just let everyone, it means more soldiers.

"I've spoken with the ghosts of the Knights of the Nine and learned where several parts of the Armor of the Crusader are hidden. I should return when I have collected them all."

Nature's Fury (Boots of the Crusader)[edit]

"I have been instructed to find the Shrine to Kynareth in Cyrodiil's Great Forest and speak with the Priests there about the Boots of the Crusader."

Simply follow the arrow on your map until you reach the shrine. Talk to the priestess about the boots. She will give you some important information, but here is the rundown: 1) Don't bring any companions 2) Don't Attack the bear

"In order to be granted the Boots of the Crusader, I must travel to a sacred grove in the Great Forest and be tested by Kynareth."

Walk to the shrine, it is only a short distance away. When you get there you will receive a message:

"I've reached the Grove of Trials. I shall have to wait and see what Kynareth has in store for me."

A large bear will then emerge from the trees. Don't attack it and don't leave the grove. Just cast heal spells. You don't have to let it hit you, but don't leave the grove by accident. After a short time you will receive another message:

"A bear attacked me in the sacred grove, but I made no attempts to fight back. A cave has been revealed, and it would seem the Boots of the Crusader are waiting inside."

There are no hazards in the cave, simply go inside and grab the boots.

"I have acquired the Boots of the Crusader."

The Path of the Righteous (Mace of the Crusader)[edit]

Sir Ralvas will tell you about a Mace in the Chapel of Zenithar in Leyawiin, go there when you have toe boots of the crusader and go to the undercroft, pray to the tomb at the end of the undercroft then walk across the path that appears if the boots of the crusader are equipped. Now get out of the undercroft and the chapel will be attacked, if it is Sundas then wait 24 hours as many NPCs will be in the chapel, afterwards, go in and slaughter the Aurorans, after you kill each one, take its heart and axe then drop them otherwise they will disappear, after you have killed them, you will have done the quest. It is possible to save all the NPCs.

Wisdom of the Ages (Shield of the Crusader)[edit]

Stendarr's Mercy (Gauntlets of the Crusader)[edit]

This is a fairly easy quest, first talk to Sir Casimir about the gauntlets, they are in the Church of Stendarr in Chorrol, go there and talk to Areldur, he will tell you that they are to heavy to lift because of a curse and that curse is also hurting Kellen. Talk to Kellen, he will be in a room in the chapel hall and you will find Areldur is not telling him about something. Asking Areldur will make him come clean and the only way to lift the curse is to pray to Stendarr for the curse to be bought upon yourself, go to the altar and do this. Now use the Spell (Lay Hands) on Kellen and the curse will be put on you, it will be permanently drain your fatigue by 5 points but it will be removed when you get the Blessing of Talos later on. Now you can pick up the Gauntlets of the Crusader.