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Getting Started and Getting the Amulet[edit]

Escaped the Imperial Sewers
50 Gamerscore points
Escaped the Imperial Sewers

The game basically starts with you in jail. The emperor and his guards have to go through a passageway that leads right through your cell allowing you to escape. This level is very linear, so just press on and take out the various rats and goblins inside the tunnels. Once you reunite with the king, you'llhave to fight off a few assassins. The king will then go into a dead end and the guards will tell you to stay with him. Talk to the king and you'll start a cut scene where he tells you to find his friend Jauffre and show him the Amulet of Kings. After saying that he is promptly killed by an assassin.

Now that you've got the Amulet and you are out of the sewers your next destination is Weynon Priory to bring the amulet to Jauffre.

Deliver the Amulet[edit]

On your map Weynon Priory is located just south-west of Chorrol and you can fast travel there from the beginning. Inside of the main building on the second floor, Jauffre is sitting at his desk. Talk to him and he'll take the Amulet of Kings from you for safekeeping and tell you there is a long lost heir to the throne in Kvatch. He sends you there to get him and bring him back so that he's safe from assassins.

  • Note: If you ask Jauffre about Assistance he will unlock a chest that holds some nice weapons, potions, and armor. Some of the other monks will give you assistance as well, including skill books.

Find the Heir pt.I[edit]

When Jauffre sends you to find Martin in Kvatch it sounds like a simple errand. When looking at the map though you'll notice the nearest fast travel point is a bit south of Kvatch. How odd. On arriving at this point you'll be approached by a panicking elf who explains to you that gates to Oblivion opened up last night and Daedra burned the city to the ground and slaughtered most of the guard and citizens. Ask around and you'll find out a few soldiers are trying to keep the Daedra back. Get up there to lend them your sword.

Talking to the captain, he'll tell you that Martin is a priest and hurried people into the chapel to try and wait it out. He also tells you no one can get in unless the gate to Oblivion closes. When you agree to help fight, you and the soldiers will rush a few weak scamps outside the portal. After they're dead, the guard captain will tell you that he sent some men into the gate and they never came out, so naturally you'll have to go in and fetch him.

Breaking the Siege of Kvatch[edit]

Inside Oblivion it's the generic hell with fire and brimstone. You'll immediately see one soldier running around fighting scamps. Help the guy out and he'll talk to you. Now you can choose whether for him to stay and help you or go outside and help the captain. Make your choice and proceed onward.

The good news is that this place is fairly linear and easy to navigate. The bad news is that this is the first time in Oblivion (assuming you went straight to the main quest) that the enemies pose a threat. These are armored Daedra not goblins in the sewers. So follow the path and make your way to the tower. Now the odd thing about this tower is it seems to be completely parallel. If you go left it will be a curving pathway into a room if you go to the right it's a mirror image of the pathway and goes to the same room. It is impossible to get lost in this place as long as you keep moving upwards and killing demons.

Eventually you'll reach a floor with a few doors, one of which is locked. Go into the other and you'll find yourself on a thin bridge going to another tower, head across to the next room. You'll hear cries for help and climb up to see an old guy (presumably one of the guards sent in) in his underwear locked in a cage. The Daedra guarding him promptly threatens you and attacks you. You can talk to the guy in the cage or you can do the reasonable thing and kill the demon. The guard then tells you that the Sigil Keep is home to the Sigil Stone, an artifact that is the heart of this plane of Oblivion. Grab the Sigil key and head back to that door.

Closed an Oblivion Gate
50 Gamerscore points
Closed an Oblivion Gate

From here on out you'll run into daedric spellcasters. Now it's enough trouble with one scamp running around but they are capable of summoning more so don't hesitate to kill the guys in black robes as soon as you see them the scamps he summoned will disappear and continue on your fairly straight path. When you reach the top you'll see a giant flaming stone suspended by chains. Reach over and activate it and the entire plane will collapse. You'll be thrust out and watch as the gate implodes.

The Battle for Castle Kvatch[edit]

Savlian Matius has asked you to help with the next phase of the current battle for Kvatch, talk with Savlian and he'll ask you to ask Berich Inian for a key to the Guard House. He'll insist on coming, so follow him, the Captain and his men to the gates of Castle Kvatch. Defeat any monsters that come your way and help defend the guards. Once the area is cleared out go with Berich to the guard house so you can gain access to the Castle Gatehouse.

Follow the tunnel to the gatehouse and inside, raise the gates and let the guards into the courtyard. Head back outside and kill any monsters that stand in your way. once you gain access to the Castle, you'll need to fight off more monsters in your struggle to rescue the Count of Kvatch, Ormellius Goldwine. After you've secured the room, the Captain will tell you that he will wait for you there, and that you must push on and find the Count. The next room is also filled with plenty of monsters, but you're likely to be low on guards, so you'll have to be cautious, and if need be, retreat to the room you just came from.

The count can be found at the back of this area, in his chambers, dead. Grab his signet ring and bring it back to Captain Savlian Matius'. He'll thank you and give you a set of enchanted body armor.

Find the Heir pt.II[edit]

Tell the captain you're ready and you can all rush into Kvatch and kill a small group of Daedra (they vary with your level). Then head into the Chapel and talk to Martin. He'll agree to come with you and says we should hurry back to Weynon Priory. At this point you can choose to leave with Martin.

Back to Weynon Priory[edit]

With Martin in tow fast travel back to Weynon Priory. On arrival at the Priory the farmhand will run up to you and warn you that assassins are here and then run far away. You'll then have to fight several assassins and rescue Jauffre. He'll tell you he hid it behind a cupboard and you'll rush off to find it. You'll discover the Amulet is gone, to Jauffre's dismay.

He'll tell you that you can have Prior Mabel's Horse and that you should take Martin to Cloud Ruler Temple. Fast travel there and walk up. There will be a short speech by Martin and Jauffre to the Blades and then you'll be thanked by everyone and join the Blades. Now that you've joined, you have access to the whole temple. A full set of heavy Blades armor is now available, which is useful as it's one of the better sets of armor in the game. Talk to Jauffre to make a plan for getting the Amulet back

Reunion with Baurus[edit]

Jauffre will tell you that you can meet with Baurus in Luther Broad's Boarding House in the Imperial City. When you enter the place and talk to him he'll tell you to sit down and don't talk too loud. Sit down and he'll explain that the guy in the corner is watching him and that he's going to walk into the basement. He'll stand up and walk downstairs and the man in the corner will follow. Follow the two of them and you'll see that the man is an assassin who attacks Baurus. Help him out and kill the attacker. Baurus will tell you that he's happy to see you and that he's been collecting information. He informs you that the Emperor was killed by assassins from the Mythic Dawn, a daedric cult that worships Mehrunes Dagon. After looting the body, you'll find a strange book called Mankar Camoran's Commentaries on the Mysterium Xarxes, Book 1.

Search for the Commentaries[edit]

He tells you to take Commentary 1 to Tar-Meena, a mage at the Arcane University. If you're in high standing with the Mages Guild she'll move around the University, if not she'll just wait for you in the lobby. Bring her the book and she'll give you some basic information about the Mythic Dawn. According to her the Commentaries come in 4 books and collecting the four books is a rite of passage to find the Mythic Dawn headquarters and join. She'll give you the second book and tell you that she'll work on decoding it. She'll also point you to the First Edition book store as a place to find Commentary 4.

When you arrive at the First Edition the owner will tell you that he has the book on reserve for a very eager customer and can't sell it to you. Take a seat in the corner and wait for a Wood Elf to arrive and buy the book. Let him buy it then have a conversation with him. When you tell him that the Mythic Dawn killed the Emperor he'll be horrified and immediately give you the book. He'll also explain that Commentary 4 can only be received by a current member. He gives you a note that he received that outlines where to meet a Mythic Dawn member. It is at a table in the sewers so head to Baurus to get assistance.

Follow Baurus through the sewers and fight off the rats, mudcrabs, and goblins until you reach the room where Baurus stops and turns to you. Now there are several options you can take to approach this next room.

  • You can kill Baurus and keep your cover when dealing with the Mythic Dawn. This would result in the cultist actually giving you the book.
  • You can tell Baurus to take the meeting. This gives you an opportunity to test your stealth. It may be possible to stand by and watch the whole meeting if you find a perfect spot (not on the walkway above.)
  • You can take the meeting and let Baurus watch your back. Two cultists will find Baurus after a few seconds and you'll be thrust into a battle with the three cultists. You'll have to kill them all and loot the book.

No matter which way you choose you have the book and Baurus may or may not be dead. He'll let you navigate your way out of the sewers. Give Tar-meena the last 2 books and give her a day. She'll tell you to go to the Emperor's Way in Imperial City at noon, where something will happen. Head over there and you'll see a glowing map on one of the crypts that points you to a Mythic Dawn hideout.

Infiltrating the Dagon Shrine[edit]

Located the Shrine of Dagon
50 Gamerscore points
Located the Shrine of Dagon

There are two ways to approach this quest, but they ultimately lead to the same conclusion.

Stealth Method[edit]

Enter the Dagon Shrine and talk to the first guy. He will unlock the door and you will be met by Harrow. Harrow will ask for all your items, which you can give him to blend in, and will be able to recover off him later. He'll also mention that you might get initiated into the guild by Mankar Camoran. Follow Harrow through the caverns and into the main chamber. Mankar Camoran will be preaching to a large group of cultists. He'll then turn around and walk into a portal, leaving the Xarxes behind. Your new objective is to get the book and get out. Camoran's assistant will ask you to take a silver dagger and kill an unconscious hostage. Taking the silver dagger will grant you a weapon either way. If you kill the hostage you will be welcomed into the cult and the guards will dissipate.

Wait until it's a handful of people and kill Harrow. Loot him and get all your stuff back. Now grab the book and fight your way through the whole dungeon. Some cultists will transform and melee you, fight them to the death. Others will be spellcasters, whp with enough damage will turn and run away. Fight through and loot everything you see and you're done with the Dagon Shrine.

Another thing is enter the door after speaking with the doorkeeper and before harrow gets over to you drop a set of armor and weapon.He will then speak to you and ask you for your stuff.once you give it to him turn around and pick up your stuff and equip it it makes fighting you way through once you take the book much easier and once you equip it no one will notice it.

Brute Force Method[edit]

As soon as the first cultist turns to unlock the door kill him and loot his body. You'll get a key to essentially the whole place. In the next room Harrow will attack you, defeat him as you see fit. From here on you'll just be clashing with guards and fighting your way to the inner sanctum. Mankar Camoran will still flee into his portal and you'll still have to steal his book and fight your way out. Once you have successfully escaped with the Mysterium Xarxes, bring it to Martin. He will begin to decipher it immediately, and tell you to go speak with Jauffre.


Martin with the book, will point you in Jauffre's direction. Talk to him about spies and he will ask you to speak with Burd in Bruma and Steffan in Cloud Ruler Temple. After asking Steffan about spies, your quest marker will update and point you to one of the spies.

Follow it to the local rune stone, and wait for the spies to show up if they aren't there. If you kill a spy other than Jearl, loot the key from their body to update your quest. If you got lucky and happened to catch Jearl, take both her keys. Head over to Castle Bruma and find Burd and ask him about Spies. If you killed a spy other than Jearl, Burd will tell you that the only person that has come into town recently was Jearl, who was away for sometime. If you killed Jearl, tell him that she was one of the spies, rewarding you the chance to investigate her home for clues. Tracking Jearl down will be your main objective if you haven't killed her yet. Once you do, go straight to her house and into the basement. On a table in the basement is a note called Jearl's Orders.

Exit out the secret passage from Jearl's basement right out of town. Fast travel to Cloud Ruler Temple and speak to Jauffre. He'll inform Burd of Jearl's Orders and tell you to go talk with Martin.

Blood of the Daedra[edit]

Speak with Martin after you have Killed Jearl and spoken to about it Jauffre. Picking Daedra artifact will result in him telling you to find the book in Cloud Ruler Temple's library called Modern Heretics. You won't have to look far as it is right in front of you on the table. After reading it, your quest will be updated and Azura's Shrine will be marked on your map.

Delivered Daedric Artifact
50 Gamerscore points
Delivered Daedric Artifact

Since Azura is the quest suggested of the Daedric Quests it will be outlined here to convenience those that have already started it. Many suggest turning in Wabbajack, the staff obtained from the Sheogorath Shrine.

Completing Azura is not a requirement for this quest. You can complete ANY one of the Daedric Quests you feel like as they all reward you with an Daedra Artifact.

It has a rather useless effect that transforms any monster into a randomly different monster, which can prove to be quite dangerous. After obtaining a Daedra Artifact, bring it to Martin in Cloud Ruler Temple.

  • Note: Whichever artifact you choose will be gone for ever.

Azura's Shrine[edit]

Level Requirement: 2

Once Azura's Shrine has been marked on your map, begin to travel there. First things first, you will need to obtain Glow Dust from a Will-o-the-Wisp or grab the supply the Bruma Mages Guild has in their basement or purchase from a various alchemy merchants. Will-o-the-Wisps can be found in the region north of the Azura's Shrine. Having an immunity to Physical damage, your only chance of defeating one is with magic. Once obtained you must offer the Glow Dust between 5am and 7am or 5pm and 7pm.

After offering your Glow Dust to Azura, she'll send you to a nearby cave. She says that there are five worshipers of hers there who are now vampires. She wants you to give them the release of death. Grant her wish and head over and kill the five vampires in the cave. Once complete, head back to Azura's Shrine for your reward, Azura's Star, a reusable Grand Soul Gem.

  • Azura's Star can be reused for both recharging and enchanting items. It is reusable and can be used to create spells and enchanted items an unlimited anumber of times.

Bruma Gate[edit]

Side Quest

Allies for Bruma
Allies for Bruma is a side quest that is not necessary for completing the Main Quest. However, if you wish to have an easier time and a more believable story, then this will help you greatly. If you're looking for a challenge and glory then ignore the quest.

After handing over your Daedra Artifact, speak with Jauffre, he'll begin to speak with you whether or not you initiate it. An Oblivion Gate has opened and he wants you to assist Burd and the Bruma Guard. Head to Wildeye Stables just outside of Bruma and speak with Burd, he'll also speak immediately on approach. When you're ready let him know, he has prepared a speech for the Guard to rally behind.

Head into the Oblivion Gate now, Burd and two Guardsmen will accompany you. Burd can only become unconscious, but the other two guardsmen can die. Follow the path straight once you enter, there should be some enemies close by that you will need to eliminate. When you have a good sight on the tower, follow that path towards it and look for the entrance in.

Once inside the Rending Halls, kill the enemies and head through either door. Follow the hall to the room, there will be a Blood Fountain and a couple of enemies in this room, and a Citadel Hall Door along the east wall. Kill off the enemies and go through the door, following the path afterwards. After killing off any enemies that stand in your way, you should eventually come to the entrance of The Fury Spike. When you're in The Fury Spike, there will be a door on the opposite side to where you stand, Corridors of Dark Salvation. Kill your way to the door and continue up from here, killing anything that gets in your way. At the top is another Fury Spike doorway. In this area there should be an enemy to either side of you, and one across from you. The one across from you is the Sigil Keeper. Kill it, loot the key, and then enter either of the Sigillum Sanguis doorways. Your quest diary will update here. You can either eradicate the enemies in this room and collect some loot, or run straight for the Sigil Stone and activate it. Once the Sigil Stone is activate the Gate to Oblivion begins to shut. You will receive the Ascendent Sigil Stone from doing this as well.

When back outside, there may be some enemies here too, so be prepared. Now, find and talk to Burd. Once he is done thanking you head to Cloud Ruler Temple and talk to Jauffre to complete this quest. He gives you two quests during the conversation, Blood of the Divines and Allies for Bruma.

Blood of the Divines[edit]

After receiving this quest, Jauffre will give you a key and tell you where to find Sancre Tor. Bring a weapon with an offensive magical enchantment or a silver weapon, as you will have to deal with some wraiths and ghosts. In Sancre Tor, follow the path to the Old Wooden Door in the end of the hallway. In here, follow the path around to the other side and take the stairs down. On the north west wall is a door that should be open, go through it. Follow this path to the bottom of the stairs and along the southeast wall, hit the switch. The gate northeast blocking your way, is now open. Head through and go in the door behind the gate.

Follow the path to staircase with an Undead Blade at the around them. Kill it and from its remains a ghost will spawn. Talk to it and your quest journal, he will ask you to free the other three Blades' spirits so they can fulfill their duty to Tiber Septim. Three new markers will be added to your map. Exit through the near by door.

First enter the Catacombs from here, you'll need to get wet and swim around to the entrance. Inside the Catacombs follow the quest marker to the next Undead Blade. After defeating the Undead Blade, don't turn back, keep going and follow the quest marker to your next target. In the next area, again follow your green marker to the next Undead Blade. There is one left now, continue on to the exit leading back to Sancre Tor.

The final Undead Blade is in Sancre Tor, Prison. Inside the prison is a gate blocking you path, the switch to open it is just off to your right against the wall to the south. Head through the gate and follow the last marker to a a room with a locked gate. You can either pick the lock or kill the Warden Kastav skeleton and retrieve the key from its remains. Once through the gate, following your marker to the last Undead Blade.

When all Undead Blade's spirits have been freed, head through the main path in Sancre Tor, if you don't know the way you can follow the last Blade's ghost there. Upon the arrival of the fourth and final spirits makes it to the rest of the Blades, they will lift the undead king's enchantment. You can finally make it to the Armor of Tiber Septim. After you have it, get out of Sacre Tor.

Outside, fast travel to Cloud Cloud Ruler Temple and give Martin the Armor of Tiber Septim. He'll tell you about the next part of the Mysterium Xarxes required and where to get it.


Fast travel to the closest kocation to Miscarcand, probably Kvatch or Skingrad and head toward the marker until to find Miscarcand, the Ayleid capital. Follow the marker inside, the goblins and the undead should be battling each other, so stick to the shadows and you should be relatively safe. You'll eventually make it to a locked Iron Gate that is opened remotely, so hop off that ledge and below take the path west in this room, it will take you to a little room where the switch is located, to the east. Activate it and stay on the path going to the north, its the only way back up. You'll come to a closed gate, the only way to open it is stepping on the tile in front of it. now go back to the Iron Gate that was closed off earlier and head through the door just passed it, bringing you to Miscarcand, Sel Vanua.

You'll take note that following your marker and taking the north path, you will come to another locked Iron Gate, this is blocking the path you want to go down. Ignore the warring goblins and skeletons and go south down the hall of stairs, to a big room. Continue south until a hall the breaks off to the east, the switch to open that gate is down here. Go back to the locked gate by the first room and follow the marker from there all the way to Miscarcand, Morimath.

Follow the marker will lead you to the Great Welkynd Stone. Take notice that once you take it, there will be stairs that raise on all sides of these platforms, allowing two lesser monsters and a lich to come up. The lich is the King of Miscarcand, you can kill him and take the Miscarcand Key from his remains. You can also hide in the shadows, but they will follow the power of the Welkynd Stone all the way out of the of Miscarcand. Even after you use the stone to open the portal, they will follow you through-out the world.

From the stone, go north to a dead end. Step on the tile to open up a hidden path. Take the west route, to a door that is locked, either unlock it with the Miscarcand Key or pick the lock and head on through. Follow the path to its end, taking you to a door to Miscarcand.

Go north to the end here and step on the tile in front of the wall and it will open up another hidden path, to the north. This brings back to the first area of Miscarcand, head through the exit. When outside fast travel to Cloud Ruler Temple and go to Martin. when you find Martin, wait a minute if you'd like, he will be in an argument with Jauffre, wearing Tiber Septim's armor. When you're ready, give him the Great Welkynd Stone. Ask him about Mysterium Xarxes and he'll tell you the final piece to the puzzle of opening the portal.

Defense of Bruma[edit]

Side Quest
An important part to this quest is to have backup, completing Allies for Bruma will aid you greatly, but is by all means no requirement. If you complete this, each nation will send a guard, they are stronger than the Bruma Guards that will also assist you.

Travel to Bruma and talk to the Countess Narina. Burd and her Bodygaurd should be surrounding the throne where she sits, don't worry about looking for her, she will be there all the time while this quest is up. Convince her about Martin's Battle Plans, its not difficult.

Head over to chapel where Martin said he will be waiting and wait for the Countess to show up. They will begin to have conversation. When they are done, talk to Countess Narina and she will have her Guards stop closing the Oblivion Gates that keep popping up. Follow to the battlefield just northeast of Bruma. At the battlefield is an Oblivion Gate, you won't be able to open it. The Allies for Bruma will line up before the gate and Martin will give a battle speech, the hordes start to flow out of the gate while he's speaking.

Be the first to get their attention and run them past the Allies for Bruma and they will aid you in defeating the monsters. Be sure Martin doesn't take much damage because he will be the key to completing this quest, if he dies, you will be unable to complete the main quest and have to reload. Once most of them are off you, turn around, start killing and hopefully some soldiers will be there to assist you shortly. They are all For now, join the soldiers and just kill away. As you defeat these hordes the other two smaller Oblivion Gates will open, when you notice the Great Gate open, make haste and get in there. The Defense of Bruma is now complete as a quest.

Great Gate[edit]

Destroyed the Great Gate
50 Gamerscore points
Destroyed the Great Gate

From the entrance you will notice the giant war machine Martin was talking about. It is headed for the gate in order to come out and light up Bruma. If you don't get the Great Sigil Stone, this will be a reality, and you only have 15 minutes to do it. As each minute passes, you will be updated.

Go straight and you will notice the four towers with a sea of lava below. Go east or west and head into the tower. Use the Corpse Smasher to go up and follow the path up. At the top go out the door to the Plane of Oblivion. Cross the bridge and go into this tower. Follow the ramp to the bottom level and exit back out to the Plane of Oblivion. Head north to a broken bridge, you will to leap across the gap. If your wearing heavy armor, you may need to do this naked. Save before you attempt to jump.

Keep north after the jump, passing under a bridge. From the top of the hill take the opening west-southwest. To the east is a bridge and a gate blocking the way. Go into the tower to your west, the World Breaker Guard. If you can't make the jump across the bridge, look to the west of the bridge along the north is an entrance to The Smoke and Scorch. Inside jump down the hole in the floor, and follow it northeast into the next room where you will see an path northeast. Follow it to the end to a door leading to the World Breaker Guard.

Head to the top of the tower and activate the Gate Control. Once you've done that, head back down and leave the tower through the door called Plane of Oblivion. The gate on the bridge is now open. There are stairs to the tower, take them up and enter the tower. Kill the Sigil Keeper in here and take the Sigil Key off it's body. Take the Vaults of End Times door on the north wall. Follow the path up to a room with a few doors, the one you want is on the south wall. Once through it follow up the path some more and enter the World Breaker door at its end. Follow the path up all the way to the top, if you don't have a Sigil Key, there is another Sigil Keeper in here. Enter either door in here to Sigillum Sanguis.

Inside follow the path upwards until you reach the top where the entrance to the Sigillum Sanguis is. Go up the path inside and enter the room along the inside walls. Go up the path inside and enter the room along the inside walls. Go up the spiked staircase on either side of this area and then up the red ramp. You are at the top of the tower now, head to the center and remove the Great Sigil Stone.

When you make it out of the Great Oblivion Gate, kill the remaining Daedra as the War-Machine will come crashing to the ground. Go back to Cloud Ruler Temple to and wait for Martin inside the main hall. Talk to him when you're ready and he will open up the entrance to Paradise.


You are in Paradise, so kill any enemy that tries to attack in it, which include ranged attackers. Follow the path downhill and you will find a dremora. You can either kill him or free another Daedra from a cave for him. After doing either, you will obtain the bands of the Chosen. Pick them up and put them on, and make sure not to summon gloves or the quest will fail. Go through the cave, keep on killing, don't fall into the lava but regularly use automap and venture further along the cave maze. You will find a man which can remove the gloves, you don't really need him, but use his aid. Together with him you will go past a dremora soldier. Don't kill him, let him talk with your new friend, then enter the cage when he tells you. He will lower the cage and then pull it up, you will then be able to access the other side. Venture deeper into the cave maze and find a further entrance, pass through it and keep on moving until you find the ally. He will remove the gloves (alternatively, you can choose to summon gloves just before the last exit, the gloves will then be removed from your hands. Through all the other gates you will need them.)

After having had the gloves removed, you move further into and out of the cave maze. Move to the ayleid castle of sorts where you will find two of Mankar Camoran's relatives. They speak with you, then you must enter the building and kill Mankar Camoran before stealing the Amulet of Kings from him. Try to loot all of their stuff though, they've got something nice on them. The building will break and you will be back in Cloud Ruler Temple.

Lighting the Dragon Fires[edit]

Speak to Martin Septim, you will through this give him the Amulet of Kings. When you have spoken all new topics, he will join you. Exit the building you are in and fast travel to the Imperial Palace, there he will speak to a Blade and enter the palace. You go in after him and then walk through an inner door where Chancellor Ocato resides. He and Martin will speak but suddenly someone will interrupt to tell that the city is under attack. The palace becomes invaded by dremoras and those able to fight gather up and kill them. Thereafter they all exit the palace, you follow them and kill the monsters together with them. Soon after that they run past a gate with you close behind. Through the gate you take a turn right and run until you see a enormous monster, then run back to Martin and speak until finished. Run towards the opening of the temple of the one and enter; Martin will follow you in and run into a corner. You follow him and he talks to you. He then run into the temple's center after which he shatter the Amulet of Kings transforming him into a dragon. Then it attacks Mehrunes Dagon until he disappears and the dragon transforms into stone. Chancellor Ocato enters the temple and gives you the title Champion of Cyrodiil. He thereafter tells you that you will be able to pick up the enchanted heavy Imperial Dragon Armor in the Imperial Prison's armory after two weeks. The main quest is now complete.