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Mazoga the Orc[edit]

You need to speak to the count for this quest and tell him you are available to give your services to the Count. The Count is wondering who the Orc is that is dressed as a knight. She is waiting in the castle halls. You are asked to speak with this Orc. The Orc then leads you to a quest that will take you to deal with a specific group of bandits only recognised by their black bows. Once you have taken on this task, you and your new friend Mazoga become the Black Stallion knights with your own pad. Any bandits left you can hunt them down for their black bows to gain extra 500 gold from the count for each black bow you hand in.


As you step outside of the city at the west gate, you'll bump into a guard who tells you of an outfit of outlaws making bootleg skooma. This is a serious addiction problem in the town and in Bravil. Outside Leyawin to the east is a little settlement/house called Greyland. You can find the skooma bootleggers in there.

Whom Gods Annoy[edit]

Go to Leyawiin and listen to rumors until you hear about a woman named Rosentia Gallenus who has been holed up in her house for weeks with an awful stench and odd animal noises coming from it. This will give you the quest marker that leads to her house. Talk to her, and she'll tell you about a curious Daedric staff that she purchased some time ago. As it turns out, it's a fake, and it has the humiliating side effect of summoning four scamps that follow the carrier wherever they go. Rosentia will point you to the alchemist at the Leyawiin Mages Guild. Talk to her, and you'll learn that the Staff of the Everscamp can only be rid of if somebody willingly accepts it from the current bearer, and that it can be disposed of at last at Darkfathom Cave (north of Leyawiin). Talk to Rosentia once more and ask her to give you the staff. Then make your exit and head for Darkfathom Cave.

Darkfathom Cave is a fairly straightforward dungeon. You'll probably end up fighting Scamps and other Daedra (higher level characters may encounter Fire Atronarchs). Once you make it to the altar, drop the staff (it doesn't matter where as long as the quest log updates with the message "I no longer have the urge to possess the staff") and book for the exit. Talk to Rosentia once again, and she will give you the Ring of Eidolon's Edge, which fortifies your Blade skill.