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After completing the Elven Maiden quest Armand tells you he doesn't have any more work for you and suggest you steal 100 gold worth of goods and go see S'krivva, the other Doyen. S'krivva is usually in her home (in Bravil) reading and lucky for us it's right next to the fast travel point.

" Armand is no longer my primary Thieves Guild contact. My new contact is S'krivva, in the city of Bravil. I can find her either at home or at the Lonely Suitor Lodge. I should ask her if there are any commission jobs for me."

Ahdarji's Heirloom[edit]

Very simple. Go from person to person gathering the information you need. The only difficulty here is talking to the Argonian in the cells. Simply offer him a lockpick and he'll tell you everything. From then on, you'll have to contact the hand-maiden in the castle. This is easiest at 8pm onward, as she dines. She'll need some persuasion, but eventually she'll tell you the Countess goes to bed at 11pm. Wait until 11, and then lurk around for a half hour or so (The Countess can sometimes be coming up the stairs. Seems to be a minor glitch caused by the sudden shift in time.) The idea is to sneak into the hallway via the door directly above the Countess' chair. It is VITAL that you have enough lockpicks for this section.

Method 1

Pick the lock and sneak up the corridor. There is a guard behind the first wooden door (on the right hand side of the corridor). Do NOT open it. If you do this correctly, you can sneak into the door marked "Steward's quarters", open the jewellery box and escape. NOTE: There is a ring with an attribute in here too. Steal this. Head back to Ahdarji's house, give her the ring, and your quest is over.

Method 2

Pick the lock on the first door. Now, sprint up the corridor, pick the lock on the Countess' door, run in, pick open the jewellery box, grab the ring (And the attribute ring) and run. Guards WILL be called, but as usual their incompetence knows no bounds. As long as you keep running, you can just run to Ahdarji's house, hand her the ring, then pay your bounty or go to jail. You still complete the quest, and it's far less taxing.


Note: You need to fence 300 gold of stolen items before you start this quest

First, talk to S'Krivva, she will say that there are loads of guards in the Waterfront District after Armand Christophe, you have to get the guards away from the place, first as a beggar about Methredhel, she's in a house in the Talos Plaza District. She wants you to steal Hrormir's Icestaff to lure the men awaty so the guild can continue its operations and place a note from the Grey Fox on the Arch-Mage's table.

Cat Burglar, Thieves Guild
10 Gamerscore points
Cat Burglar, Thieves Guild
Reached Cat Burglar rank in the Thieves Guild

Go into the Lobby in the early morning (About 3:00) and go through the two portals, the staff will be on a chest, now go to the bedside table and activate it the note will be slipped in, now go to Methredrel

She will tell you to spy on Lex, move near him until a cutscene starts, pick up the note and head to Methredrel. She will tell you to give the staff to Ontus Vanin, sneak into his house at night and place the staffin the marked place, now go to Methredrel for your reward and a promotion to Cat Burglar, now you can use Luciana Galena in Bravil to fence goods.

Lost Histories[edit]

Taking Care of Lex[edit]