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Blade weapons are usually faster that Blunt weapons, although they do less damage on each strike

Daggers are the weakest blade weapons in the game, however they are also the fastest. This fact makes blade weapons ideal for damaging enchantments. Daggers also weigh very little and are ideal for characters with a low maximum encumbrance.
Short Sword
Short swords are in between daggers and long swords, as a result they do more damage than daggers but are slower and weigh slightly more. Generally it is best to just decide between Daggers and Long swords.
Long Sword
Long swords are the most powerful one-handed blade weapons in the game. however, this comes at a cost of weight and speed. Generally, Long swords are the most balanced weapons in the game.
Claymores are two handed and as a result strike much slower and do more damage. Because two handed weapons don't get sneak attacks, these should be avoided by stealth characters. However, they are excellent for warriors not concerned with blocking
Katana weapons are very rare in the game and come in one or two handed options.


Blunt weapons are generally slower than blades but more powerful, and a one handed blade weapons in the hand of some Orc Warrior-Stealth Hybrid would wreck havoc on unsuspecting enemies.

War Axe
War axes are the weakest Blunt weapons.
Battle Axe
Battle Axes are two handed and weight slightly less that war hammers and do slightly less damage.
Maces weight slightly more than war axes and do slightly more damage. It is the most powerful one handed weapon and should be the weapon of choice for characters that use both blunt and block.
War hammer
The war hammer is the most powerful weapon in the game. This two-handed monster can take most enemies out with one shot, at the cost of extreme weight. Warriors not concerned with blocking should use this weapon.


There are no different kind of bows, they are just made from different materials, always take the best kind you can.
Same as bows