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PC PlayStation 3 Xbox 360 Description
W, S, A, D Neutral lstick Neutral lstick Move
Space Triangle button Y button Jump
T Select button Back button Wait
C R2 button RB button Cast current spell
R Square button X button Ready/Sheath weapon
Ctrl L3 button L button Sneak mode
PC Mouse Middle Click.png R3 button R button Toggle first-/third-person view
18 Neutral dpad Neutral dpad Hotkeys
PC Mouse.png Neutral rstick Neutral rstick Aim/Look
PC Mouse Right Click.png L1 button LT button Block
PC Mouse Left Click.png R1 button RT button Attack
Tab Circle button B button Open journal
Esc Start button Start button Pause/Option menu
E Cross button A button Action
Z L2 button LB button Grab movable items
` N/A Console
F5 N/A Quicksave
F9 N/A Quickload
  • With arrow notched, the block button makes you zoom ONLY if you're a Journeyman of Marksman (50+).