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These are the miscellaneous quests that can be done any time, regardless of your standing with the guilds.

Go Fish[edit]

Travel to the village of Weye outside the Imperial City and speak to a man Aelwin. He would like 12 rumare sluaghterfish scales to sell to boost his retirement fund. The Slaughterfish can be found near the green quest marker and respawn every day. Returning the twelve scales to Aelwin grants the Jewel of the Rumare, an enchanted ring that gives water breathing and a four point athletics boost.

The Sunken One[edit]

Entering an abandoned home on the Northwest of the map will trigger a quest. The message that appears will prompt you to search the house for clues on the reason of the missing owner of the house. On the middle of the table is a note that will prompt you to go somewhere else. The note tells you how Kavatch was destroyed because of The Sunken One and he tried to help by giving an offering to it. North of the house will be a cave. Enter it and search for the note and it should be on top of a treasure chest. (look closely because the note is small). To the left of the chest will be a door. Enter it and search for the missing person. As you follow your compass you will find his dead body and the offering next to it. The Sunken One will appear near you and attack you. It wasn't impossible to kill. Bring a few potions and you should be fine. He drops nothing good -_-. The cave is filled with enchanted weapons. I found a fire enchanted sword, fire mace and many more. I couldn't even carry them all. Check ALL chests for goodies.

Bear Season[edit]

Separated At Birth[edit]

Seeking Your Roots[edit]

This quest is started when you pick up any Nirnroot. While the quest gives you many markers to follow (each leading to the Mages Guild of a different city), the one you want to go to is Skingrad. There, you will learn of an alchemist that works in the basement of a tavern (also in Skingrad). Show him the Nirnroot, and he'll tell you about it as well as inform you that it's the essential ingredient in a very useful potion.

He will mark a place on the map where there are a few Nirnroots, go there then you will have to search on your own, the plants are found near water and will not grow back. He will want 10, 20, 30 and 40 Nirnroots, he will take them away each time so in total you need 100 Nirnroots. Any more you get, he will reward you for.

  • Note: The quest log will not update until you have received the previous potion so if you have 20 Nirnroots, the quest log will not update until you get the weak Elixir of Exploration so it is a good idea to get the potion whenever you stop by.

A good tactic is to start on one river and follow it round in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction, use Azuras' Quest Reward and soul trap on any mud crab or enemy you see to get its soul, use it on one of your items that need recharging until all of them are filled, then mark the spot where you stopped on the map and continue when you need your weapons recharging again. You may want to use a non-enchanted weapon to ill the crabs or enemies to make the time searching less.