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The Renegade Shadowscale[edit]

Speak with Teinaava after completing The Lonely Wanderer of The Dark Brotherhood quests, to flag this side quest. This is a pretty simple assassination. Go to Bogwater, close to Topal Bay, South-East of Leyawiin. Sneak up on Scar-Tail and get your critical attack on him and then finish him off. Loot his body and remove the heart. Travel back to Teinaava in the Cheydinhal Sanctuary to receive the Boots of Bloody Bounding.

The Wayward Knight[edit]

Closing this Oblivion Gate is also required for the completion of Allies for Bruma quest.

The Oblivion Gates must be spawned all over Cyrodiil in order to begin this quest.

Go to Castle Cheydinhal and talk to Count Andel Indarys. Ask him about the Oblivion Gate. He'll tell you how one opened just outside of his town and two days before his son and a group of knights entered it, he needs all the help he can get.

Outside the Oblivion Gate[edit]

Just outside the Oblivion Gate will be a bunch of guards from Cheydinhal patrolling the area. Amminus Gregori will come over and talks to you. Ask him about Oblivion Gate and then ask him about Farwil, to get the option Knights of the Thorn. Ask him about all those again and you be set to head in the Oblivion Gate.

Inside the Oblivion Gate[edit]

The first thing you will see when you enter is a Knight of the Thorn lying dead on a concrete slab, how lovely... take the only path available southeast downward and follow the path southwest, along the edges you'll notice you can drop down skipping to the some of the turns. Your main goal is to make it east-southeast of the Oblivion Gate entrance, where you will see Farwil and another knight standing, just off a bridge.

If Farwil dies at all during your raid on Oblivion, loot his body to retrieve the Indarys Signet Ring.
Note: Your quest will have no final reward from this point on.

After talking with Farwil, the Gates to the east along the bridge will be opening up. Cross the bridge and head into the tower, The Chaos Stronghold. In the tower are two doors leading to the Rending Halls, it doesn't matter which you go through. Follow the path up, which will bring you to a room with a door along the west wall that will bring you back out to The Chaos Stronghold.

Follow the path up and enter the Corridors of Dark Salvation through the door at the top. In here is a Citadel Hall Door to the north, open it and follow the path up. There will be a two doors side-by-side along the south wall, you don't have to go in them, unless you want some loot. Keep going up the path to the Citadel Hall Door and go on inside. There is a door on the west wall leading back to The Chaos Stronghold that you will need to enter.

Follow either path once through the door until you reach the top, where two doors will be, both mark Sigillum Sanguis. It doesn't matter which you enter. Inside head up the path and enter the room along the inside walls. Go up the path in here and go up the spiked staircase on either side of this area and then up the red ramp. You are at the top of the tower now, head to the center and remove the Sigil Stone.

Back Outside the Oblivion Gate[edit]

Once you close the Oblivion Gate talk to Farwil, asking him about Knights of the Thorn, he rewards you with a medallion. If Farwil died, talk to Amminus Gregori outside the Oblivion Gate. He'll send you back to the count. Go back to Castle Cheydinhal and talk to Count Andel Indarys. If Farwil survived Oblivion, you will have the option to of choosing a staff or sword, after you pick, the quest is be complete, but will have to turn over the Indarys Signet Ring. If Farwil died, you get to keep the ring, but will not be rewarded further...

Corruption and Conscience[edit]

To receive this quest, you have to gossip with the townsfolk, bugging them about rumors until one mentions heavy Fines. Ask them about it and the Quest will start. They'll tell you to talk to Llevana Nedaren, if you're interested in any further details. Follow your quest marker to her and ask about Fines. She'll point you to Garrus Darellium, second in command to Ulrich Leland. He wants you to try and sober up Aldos. So follow the marker to Aldos Othran, who should be drunk outside the Widow's Bank. Ask him about Ulrich Leland, the name will send him around the bend.

Follow him to his old house and watch him get into a confrontation and eventually be slain. Go talk to Llevana and tell her what happened to Aldos Othran. She is fed up and has a plan to kill Ulrich. Go to Garrus and talk about Ulrich and Llevana. He wants you to break into Ulrich's room and look for evidence.

From here, the quest can be finished one of two ways. You can either have Llevana kill him or bring him to justice and assist Garrus.

Llevana's Plan[edit]

Look for Ulrich and talk to him once you find him and tell him to follow you. Follow your quest marker to Llevana's house. There will be a brief argument between Llevana and Ulrich and eventually Llevana will paralyze Ulrich and unleash her rats on him which will eat him alive.

Garrus' Plan[edit]

You will need to first locate Ulrich's room, which is just inside the guard barracks. Break into Ulrich's while remaining undetected and in the room look for his dresser. There is a book with a piece of paper on it, on top of the dresser. An interesting little note. Head back to Garrus and hand over the note by selecting Ulrich Leland.

The Verdict[edit]

Regardless of which path you took in dealing with Ulrich, Garrus will tell you to meet in the Cheydinhal Bridge Inn two hours from now. Go there and wait two hours. Garrus will show up, speak to him to complete the quest.

  • Note: Killing Ulrich you will net you a lower gold reward.

A Brush with Death[edit]

Receive this quest is done by talking to the townsfolk again for rumors. Someone will mention Rythe Lythandas has gone missing. This begins the quest. Head over to Rythe's Lythandas house and look for his wife Tivela Lythandas. Asking her about Rythe Lythandas will spark a conversation which will eventually lead to her handing you the key to his Rythe's Studio.

Rythe's Studio is on the main floor of the house. Once in the door activate the Unusual Painting to your left. It will bring you inside the painting. Rythe will be right in front of you and happy to see another friendly face. Ask him about the Thief he mentions and then about Brush of Truepaint. He'll mention some painted trolls as well, so ask him about those too, which will result in him giving you six Turpentine potions.

Just follow the path in front of you while aiming for the quest marker. Careful as there are trolls about, they are very hard to damage. Use the Turpentine to coat your weapon with. If you get into a situation, that will be the decider as to who wins.

Upon reaching your marker, you'll come up to the thief, steal the Brush of Truepaint off his corpse and head back to Rythe. Give him the brush and he'll paint the door out of the painting. Back in Rythe's Studio, talk to him once more and he will reward you for your bravery with an Apron of Adroitness.