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There are many Creatures and people in Cyrodill, most of these will give you an ingredient when killed, this table will try and list all of them. Souls marked with a * need a black soul gem to collect them.

Creature Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Soul Level
Bitterfish Goblin Beserker
Bitterfish Goblin Skirmisher
Boar Boar Meat N/A Lesser (300)
Black Bear Bear Pelt (Not Ingredient) N/A Common (800)
Brown Bear Bear Pelt (Not Ingredient) N/A Greater (1200)
Clannfear Clannfear Claws N/A Grand (1600)
Daedroth Daedroth Teeth N/A Greater (1200)
Deer Venison N/A Petty (150)
Demora Valkynaz Daedra Heart N/A *
Dog N/A N/A Petty (150)
Dread Zombie Mort Flesh N/A Greater (1200)
Frost Atronach Frost Salts N/A Greater (1200)
Ghost Ectoplasm N/A
Gloom Wraith Ectoplasm N/A Grand (1600)
Goblin N/A N/A
Goblin Beserker N/A N/A
Goblin Netherboss N/A N/A Common (800)
Goblin Shaman N/A N/A Grand (1600)
Goblin Warlord N/A N/A Grand (1600)
Imp Imp Gall N/A Lesser (300)
Land Dreugh Dreugh Wax N/A Greater (1200)
Lich Bonemeal N/A Grand (1600)
Minotaur Minotaur Horn N/A Common (800)
Minotaur Lord Minotaur Horn N/A
Minotaur of the Grove (Deadric quest) Minotaur Horn N/A Grand (1600)
Mountain Lion Lion Pelt (Not ingredient) N/A Common (800)
Nether Lich Bonemeal N/A Grand (1600)
Ogre Ogre's Teeth N/A Grand (1600)
Painted Troll (Brush with Death quest) Painted Troll Fat N/A
Rat Rat Meat N/A Petty (1500)
Scamp Scamp Skin N/A
Sharp Tooth Goblin Skirmisher N/A N/A Grand (1600)
Sheep Mutton N/A Petty (150)
Skeleton Champion Bonemeal N/A Greater (1200)
Skeleton Hero Bonemeal N/A Common (800)
Slaughterfish Scales N/A
Spider Daedra Daedra Silk Daedra Venin Greater (1200)
Spriggan Taproot N/A Common (800)
Storm Atronach Void Salts N/A Greater (1200)
Timber Wolf Wolf Pelt (Not ingredient) N/A Lesser (300)
Troll Troll Fat N/A Lesser (300)
Unicorn Unicorn Horn N/A Greater (1200)
Vampire Monk Vampire Dust N/A Grand (1600)*
West Weald Brown Bear Den Hunter West Weald Bear Fang N/A
White Skin Goblin Skirmisher N/A N/A Grand (1600)
Will-o-the-Wisp Glow Dust N/A Common (800)
Wolf Wolf Pelt (Not ingredient) N/A Petty (150)
Wraith Ectoplasm N/A Greater (1200)
Xivlai Daedra Heart N/A Grand (1600)