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The "G" marks the location of Dungeon of Time

The Dungeon of Time is located in a small valley surrounded by mountains on an island, and it is accessible only through the Moongates. It conceals the Time Lord, that reveals information necessary to clear the game.

In the 16-bit ports, the Mark of Fire in this dungeon is replaced by a third Mark of Kings. In the NES port, the Mark of Kings on floor 2 is replaced by another Mark of Fire.

This dungeon is nameless in the original ports. It was named "Cave of Moon" in the NES version. External sources call it "Dungeon of Time", probably an abbreviation of "Dungeon of the Time Lord".



  • G = Gremlin (steals food)
  • T = Trap
  • W = Strange wind (blows out torches)
X = False wall

Floor Map Notes
Floor 1 Ultima III Time F1.png Sign 1: "Time awaits!"

H = Healing fountain
C = Cure poison fountain
Floor 2 Ultima III Time F2.png Sign 2: "Gremlin gold!"
k = Mark of Kings (NES: Mark of Fire)
Floor 3 Ultima III Time F3.png Sign 3: "Golden center!"
Floor 4 Ultima III Time F4.png Sign 4: "Stair to heaven!"

H = Healing fountain
C = Cure poison fountain
Floor 5 Ultima III Time F5.png Sign 5: "Time runs short!"
Floor 6 Ultima III Time F6.png Sign 6: "Long march!"
Floor 7 Ultima III Time F7.png Sign 7: "Trap!"

D = Damage fountain
Floor 8 Ultima III Time F8.png Sign 8: "Very near now!"
! = Lord of Time
i = Mark of Fire (16-bit ports: Mark of Kings)
k = Mark of Kings

H = Healing fountain

Time Lord[edit]

The Time Lord provides the party with vital information about your quest. They will find him on the eighth floor of the this dungeon.

Players are supposed to meet the Time Lord in order to complete the game. Actually, if you know already what he says (from a previous game or any guide), you can complete the game without exploring this dungeon.
16-bit ports (Amiga & Atari ST).
Ponycanyon ports (NES, etc.).