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The "E" marks the location of the Mines of Morinia

The Mines of Morinia can be found following the coast north of Gray. They conceal the Mark of Fire and the Mark of Kings in every port of the game. It is an easy dungeon, where the bottom level can be accessed quickly from the entrance ladder.

The Mines of Morinia were renamed "Cave of Madness" in the NES version.

The floors from 2 to 7 can only be accessed using magic.

From the entrance, climb the ladder straight down to the 8th level, get the 24 chests and the two Marks. Then, from the Fire Mark location, use a spell to climb to the 7th floor. Climb the ladder up to the "hub" on the first floor. From there, you should choose the floors that are the richest in gold chests: n.4 and n.6. The remaining floors (2-3-5) mean more trouble than gain.



  • G = Gremlin (steals food)
  • T = Trap
  • W = Strange wind (blows out torches)
X = False wall

Floor Map Notes
Floor 1 Ultima III Mines F1.png Sign 1: "Mines of Morinia"

C = Cure poison fountain
P = Poison fountain
Floor 2 Ultima III Mines F2.png Sign 2: "Terror tunnels!"

P = Poison fountain
Floor 3 Ultima III Mines F3.png Sign 3: "Long march!"
k = Mark of Kings
Floor 4 Ultima III Mines F4.png Sign 4: "Misty mines!"

H = Healing fountain (NES: damage fountain)
P = Poison fountain
Floor 5 Ultima III Mines F5.png Sign 5: "Mines of madness"
Floor 6 Ultima III Mines F6.png Sign 6: "G, T & G!"
NES sign: "Gold, Trap & Gremlins!"
Floor 7 Ultima III Mines F7.png Sign 7: "Dark prevailes"

C = Cure poison fountain
P = Poison fountain
H = Healing fountain
D = Damage fountain
Floor 8 Ultima III Mines F8.png Sign 8: "Dry hole"
i = Mark of Fire
k = Mark of Kings