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In computer ports, enemies with different names but the same sprites are functionally identical.

The NES version features less "enemy names", but many more different sprites; enemies with different sprites also have slightly different attributes (e.g. ghouls are slightly more powerful than skeletons). "Lv." refers to the characters level at which the enemies start appearing in the NES port.

Land enemies[edit]

Sprite Names HP Exp NES names NES HP Lv. Notes
Ultima3 AMI enemy1 orc.png Orc
30-44 3 Ultima3 NES enemy1 goblin.png Goblin
Ultima3 NES enemy1 orc.png Orc
48-62 1 Weak against the wizard spell "Repond" (A)
(NES "Repel": effective when weapons are low).
Ultima3 AMI enemy2 skeleton.png Skeleton
50-64 4 Ultima3 NES enemy2 skeleton.png Skeleton
Ultima3 NES enemy2 ghoul.png Ghoul
80-94 1 Weak against the cleric spell "Pontori" (A)
(NES "Undead": effective when weapons are low).
Ultima3 AMI sprite thief.png Thief
5 Ultima3 NES enemy3 thief.png Thief
Ultima3 NES enemy3 brigand.png Brigand
128-142 3 They steal unequipped weapons and armors.
Ultima3 AMI enemy3 giant.png Giant
80-94 6 Ultima3 NES enemy3 giant.png Giant
Ultima3 NES enemy3 titan.png Titan
Ultima3 NES enemy3 golem.png Golem
112-126 3 -
08 Daemon
135-149 8 Ultima3 NES enemy5 daemon.png Daemon
Ultima3 NES enemy5 gargoyle.png Gargoyle
Ultima3 NES enemy5 mane.png Mane
180-194 5 Magic flash attack.
In the NES port, Daemons cast poisonous flash,
but Manes and Gargoyles use no magic.
Ultima3 AMI sprite ftr-pldn-brbrn.png Fighter 8 - - - -
Ultima3 AMI sprite wizard-alcmt-ilsnt.png Wizard 10 - - - Magic flash attack.
10 Bradle
144-158 10 Ultima3 NES enemy7 bradle.png Bradle
Ultima3 NES enemy7 snatch.png Snatch
192-205 7 Poisonous bite.
15 Dragon
228-242 15 Ultima3 NES enemy9 dragon.png Dragon
Ultima3 NES enemy9 wyvern.png Wyvern
Ultima3 NES enemy9 griffon.png Griffon
224 9 Magic flash & fireball attacks.
They shoot fireballs before combat (not NES port).
20 Devil
180-194 20 Ultima3 NES enemy7 devil.png Devil
Ultima3 NES enemy7 balron.png Balron
224 9 Poisonous flash attack.

Sea enemies[edit]

Sprite Names HP Exp. NES names NES HP Lv. Notes
Ultima3 AMI sprite thief.png
Pirate ship
144-158 5-8 Ultima3 NES enemyS1 pirateship.png Pirate ship
Ultima3 NES enemyS1 pirate.png Pirate
150-164 5 They fire cannons before combat (not NES port).
Fight and defeat them to obtain a ship.
5 exp. on computers, 8 on NES
15 Sea serpent 195-206 15 Ultima3 NES enemyS2 serpent.png Sea serpent 224-238 5 They shoot fireballs in combat.
They drop nothing.
20 Man-O-War 145-154 20 Ultima3 NES enemyS3 manowar.png Man-O-War 240-254 9 They attack with magic and poison.
They drop nothing.

Special enemies[edit]

Sprite Names HP Exp. NES names NES HP Lv. Notes
6 N/A N/A N/A Encounter in Ambrosia only, near the Shrine of Strength.
Grass 2 N/A N/A N/A Encounter on Fire Island only.
Indistinguishable from normal grass, virtually invisible.
Chest 4 N/A N/A N/A Encounter in Exodus' Castle only.
Floor 3 Floor 43 N/A Encounter in Exodus' Castle only.
Indistinguishable from normal floor, virtually invisible.

Combat strategies[edit]

Battle strategy[edit]

Put your enemies in a square formation, so that characters with ranged weapons are in the back row. This way, two characters gang up against one enemy.

Fighting from pirate ship is not convenient: enemy spawning rate is lower, so you will spend much more food.

NES battle strategy[edit]

Put your characters in a vertical row and attack one enemy at a time with ranged weapons.

Capture a pirate ship, then fight the enemies along the coast: the water between the ship and the land will give you tactical advantage. In fact, enemies will queue on the plank, and attack you only one by one. Counter-attack with ranged weapons.

NES field strategy[edit]

The enemies are always leveled to your party experience level. In other words, gaining levels increases the characters HP only, but it also makes stronger enemies appear, and they have stronger overall attributes. In order to gain levels, characters have to gain experience and then talk to Lord British. You can choose to gain experience and wait before talking to the King.

At the beginning of the game, raise experience and gold using the rank A spells, that wipe out weak enemies, but don't raise level. Keep doing this until you collect enough money for all the following:

  • Blowguns (PC: bows) from the weapons dealers;
  • Enough gold to max out the WIS of your Cleric or the INT of your Wizard at the Shrines in Ambrosia;
  • A certain amount of Gems and Powder.

When you collect all this, talk to Lord British and he'll raise your characters to Level 5. This means 500 HP more for your characters and pirate ships sailing the seas. Now you can travel to Ambrosia and raise your other attributes.


The following images are scans from the manual.