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Dr. Bomb:

アイテムじゃ! (Aitemu ja!)

プレイヤー1/2ステージ9じゃ. (Pureiyā 1/2 sutēji 9 ja.)

Once the background has reappeared behind Bravoman and his energy bar at the bottom of the screen has refilled, you shall have to start running to the right and jump from one cloud to the next, collecting as many of the powerups in the stage as you can before they disappear along your way in order to restore your energy (however, if any Onigiri energy bonuses Lottery Man gave you at the end of the previous stage had restored it to full, the Onigiri, Rāmen and Sushi powerups which are on the stage shall only be worth the 500 extra points when they are collected) and increase your score; once you have made it to the end of the stage (unless you have collected a Shinkansen powerup), Zortan shall fly into view at the top of the screen and speak the Hiragana/Katakana text Waga na ha Zorutan kimi ni, shiwo, ataeyō. (わがなはゾルタンきみに、しを、あたえよう.) to Bravoman once he has seen him, before starting to fly around above him (until he manages to jump up and give him a kick in the head). He will then fly over to the right side of the screen and speak the Hiragana text of Īkagen ni, shi nasai yo! (いいかげんに、しなさいよ!) to Bravoman, before starting to fly up and down in a fixed position while firing projectiles at you from behind an "impenetrable" (in the sense that if Bravoman tries to jump up and kick him in the head again and it is in the way of his leg, he will block his kick) shield he has set up in front of himself - and once you manage to jump up and kick him in the head seven more times, he will speak that Hiragana text Kore de, katta to omō na yo! (これで、かったとおもうなよ!) to Bravoman, before flying away off the right side of the screen. Once you have collected the Fuku he has left behind, the "stage clear" theme will be heard from the Yamaha YM-2151 for a ninth time, and Bravoman will proceed to the tenth stage; not only is it the fifth of the City variety but it also introduces the enemies named after Dr. Bomb himself.