Fallout/Shady Sands

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XP Table
  • 500 XP - Rescue Tandi from the Raiders
  • 500 XP - Stop the Radscorpions
  • 500 XP - Improve Shady Sands Agriculture
  • 250 XP - Talk to Katrina
  • 250 XP - Make Poison Antidote
  • 100 XP - Recruit Ian

Rough Map[edit]

Town hall
           \---Farm Area / Brahmin pastures


  1. Town Hall
  2. Farm and Brahmin Pen
  3. Radscorpion Caves


  1. Shady Sands townsfolk
  2. Shady Sands guards
  3. Seth, the leader of the guards
  4. Ian, an NPC who you can pick up
  5. Aradesh, the leader of Shady Sands
  6. Katrina, gate greeter
  7. Tandi, daughter of Aradesh
  8. Razlo, doctor of Shady Sands
  9. Curtis, a farmer
  10. Jarvis, Seth's brother


  • .223 FMJ x100
  • BBs x20
  • Doctor's Bag
  • First Aid Book
  • First Aid Kit
  • Rope x2
  • Scout Handbook x2
  • Sledgehammer
  • Stimpak x5


  1. Stop here instead of going to Vault 15. (It's the green circle.)
  2. Talk to the main characters in the city.
  3. Recruit Ian into your ranks.
  4. Solve the agriculture problem.
  5. Solve the Radscorpion problem.
  6. Help Razlo make the Radscorpion antidote.
  7. Heal Jarvis, one of the guard's brothers.
  8. Steal whatever is in the bookcases.

In the middle of your journey to Vault 15, you'll see a green circle on the map. The name of the small community is Shady Sands, and it is a good idea that you stop there.

When you enter Shady Sands, you will see a woman and a man guarding the entrance to the town. Speak with the woman (Katrina), and choose the dialogue option " Please help me..." Ask everything that is offered, and you can get 250 XP for doing so.

Go talk to Seth, the guard. Introduce yourself to him, and then go to the building to the right of him. Talk to the guards, and they might tell you to get out (don't). In the bookcase to the north side of the guardhouse, there is some ammunition, .223 caliber, and some BB guns. Take it, as it will give you something to sell. Open the curtain on the east side and you'll see a man in a leather jacket and some blue jeans.

Talk to him, and then talk to him again. Ask for help, and he'll join you for free if you have 9 charisma and a high speech skill (otherwise, it costs about $100 to get him). His name is Ian, and he comes in pretty handy. You will also get an additional 100 XP. (Another way is 'giving him a piece of the action' instead, and he'll join you for free.)

Go to the building that is south of the guard house. Enter it, and there will be a robed figure standing in the corner. The person who is wearing the robes is Aradesh. Speak with him, and tell him that you're from a Vault to the west and that you'll help the community get rid of the radscorpions for free.

Go to the south until you reach the wall. Now go to the building on the west, and you will see a doctor named Razlo. Discuss the Radscorpion problem with him, too. Now head on eastward, and go to the green translucent area. You will go to the farms of Shady Sands (by the way, Green areas are to navigate through different areas of the town).

Speak with the farmer in the farm in the southern area. (he may be hard to see because he is by crops). His name is Curtis. If you have good science skill, you can teach the farmer new agricultural skills. (Be sure to tell him about Crop Rotation.) Also, raid all of the shelves and floors of the buildings to the north and east of the farm, there are lots of nice things there. (Scout Handbook, ropes, even a sledgehammer)

Go back to the town hall area of Shady Sands. Go to Razlo's house again, and steal whatever is in the bookcase. If his wife (or Razlo) catches you, go and use the 'sneak' skill and try again. After you have looted Razlo's house, go to the deserted building north and take the scout handbook, and then go to Aradesh's house. Open the curtains that lead to the bedroom. The room on the far left (or your character's) right has a bookcase with a knife and a Stimpack.

After you've looted the area, go talk to Seth again. Tell him that you want to go to the Radscorpion caves. When you enter the caves, begin searching for the Radscorpions. Kill them with your 10mm, since you're probably too weak to fight them all single-handedly. There are 9 of them, and are worth 110 XP each. You'll also get 500 XP for solving the problem.

Alternatively, you can use some dynamite to finish them off. There is a portion of the cave wall that seems weak. Plant the explosives there, and watch it fall down. This prevents the radscorpions from entering the town. I decided to kill them for the hell of it, and plus you get more XP and have a chance of making the Radscorpion cure. (BTW, the explosives are found in Vault 15, which you'll encounter later).

If you go decide and kill them (or even one), examine one radscorpion corpse and take the tail part of the radscorpion. Give it to Razlo to make the radscorpion antidote. You'll get 250 XP for that. Be sure to scout out the caves also. You can find 10mm ammo scattered around the first radscorpions that you'll kill and a Stimpack near the bones in the area with four radscorpions.

Behind Razlo and past the curtain is a man lying on the floor. Use the antidote on him, and get 400 XP. Your karma will also go up. Also, be sure to talk to Aradesh that you've solved the radscorpion problem.

After you've finished doing everything that's listed above, try to find one rope. You'll need it for Vault 15. Seth has one that you can barter for, and there is another one on the farm.