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Intelligent Systems Co., Ltd.
Intelligent Systems Co., Ltd.'s company logo.
LocatedKyoto, Japan

Intelligent Systems is a video game developer and internal team of Nintendo. Its headquarters are in Kyoto, Japan.

Intelligent Systems came into being when Toru Narihiro was hired by Nintendo to port over Famicom Disk software into the cartridge format. The team soon became devoted to helping Nintendo program, fix, and port games. Thus, Intelligent Systems made many contributions to many R&D1 games over the two companies' coexistence.

Intelligent Systems' first notable console games were 1989's Famicom Wars and the original Fire Emblem in 1990, both made for the NES with some cooperation with Nintendo R&D1. Both of those franchises went on to become Nintendo staples in the strategy and strategy-RPG genres. However, these games mostly remained in Japan until the 2000's, with Intelligent Systems' chief export being Tetris Attack. Later, in the N64 era, Intelligent Systems launched the Paper Mario series of RPGs, which continues to this day. During the GameCube and Wii eras, they continued their Paper Mario and Fire Emblem series.

Intelligent Systems has also created a number of games for Nintendo's various handhelds. Their games Alleyway, Golf, and Baseball were among the first Game Boy titles. Later, during the GBA era, they became known worldwide for their Advance Wars games and the first installments of Fire Emblem released in the West. Other notable games included Mario Kart: Super Circuit and the WarioWare series. All these series, except for Mario Kart, were also developed for the Nintendo DS. Most recently, Intelligent Systems has released Fire Emblem: Awakening and Pushmo for the Nintendo 3DS, with Paper Mario: Sticker Star coming out late 2012.

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