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Booster parts help to increase your booster statistic. A car with a high booster rating, Drift Shop items, and your level can also increase your booster statistic. Your booster statistic affects how long your booster lasts before being depleted and slightly increases your top booster speed. A player with a 0 booster rating will have a very short booster with a top booster speed of 38 more MPH than his or her top speed. A high booster statistic is most useful in combination with a high speed statistic because the speed statistic is more effective in increasing the top booster speed and the booster statistic gives the player more time to reach that top speed and maintain it. A filled Booster Gauge can reduce dependency on acceleration because while the booster is active, a player's car accelerates much faster than normal. Although not as important as speed or acceleration, the booster statistic is very important to the success of a player.

Store prices are what the Parts Shop will sell the part for. Resale prices are what the Parts Shop will buy the part for and are 5% of the store price, rounded down. Market prices for parts are not listed because the special effects of a part affect the price of a part too much. If you want to check the current market price for a part, you can either ask in the All channel or on the ijji Forums. Parts without special effects are generally cheap and the market price of these parts can be determined by searching the name of the part in the Auction House. They are usually comparable to the resale price of the part however, and it is often more cost-effective to sell one of these parts to the Parts Shop and avoid the auction fee than to try to sell it on the Auction House, even if the market price is slightly higher than the resale price. Parts with a small statistic increase effect usually also apply under this general rule. If, including the effect, a part has a combined bonus equal to or less than the maximum bonus that a part of that level can have without any effects, it is no more valuable than a part without an effect. The only exceptions to this are non-acceleration parts with acceleration increase effects, parts with valuable effects that do not increase a statistic, and parts with two effects.

Image Part Name Booster Bonus Range Required Level Store Price (M) Old Sell Value (M) New Sell Value (M)
Drift City Booster Chorus.png
Chorus 1-3 1 250 12 20
Drift City Booster Mega.png
Mega 4-6 7 400 20 40
Drift City Booster Expander.png
Expander 7-9 13 1,050 52 105?
Drift City Booster Crescendo.png
Crescendo 10-12 19 2,000 100 200?
Drift City Booster Gravity.png
Gravity 13-15 25 3,250 162 325
Forte 16-19 31 Not Available In Store 240 480
Drift City Booster Giga.png
Giga 19-22 37 Not Available In Store 332? 665
Drift City Booster T10.png
T10 22-25 43 Not Available In Store 440 880
Drift City Decrescendo.png
Decrescendo 25-28 49 Not Available In Store 562? 1125
Drift City Booster Ion.png
Ion 28-31 55 Not Available In Store 1700 1400
Drift City Booster Distortion.png
Distortion 31-34 60 Not Available In Store 852 1795
Drift City Booster Terra.png
Terra 34-37 65 Not Available In Store 1020 2040
Drift City Over Drive.png
Over Drive 37-40 70 Not Available In Store 1202 2405?
Drift City Booster Diminuendo.png
Diminuendo 40-43 75 Not Available In Store ?? ??
Drift City Booster Plasma.png
Plasma 45-48 80 Not Available In Store ?? ??