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Starting Off: OMD Missions[edit]

The walkthrough includes detailed information on each mission in the game.

Early on, the best way to level is just to keep doing missions. Each one gives you a huge portion of the experience you need to the next level and gives a lot of Mito for the time each one takes. In addition, the last mission in each city pays several tens of thousands of Mito. You should have enough missions to do throughout Moon Palace and in part of Koinonia. When you run out of missions, you should HUV farm until the next level, and then continue with the new missions you now have available. You will not permanently run out of missions to do until after you view the ending credits after your last mission at level 71, however experience will be hard to get from the missions while you are forced into ROO from levels 45 through 54. Since you can't lead a HUV party if you're in ROO, you should reach level 55 before starting the missions at Oros, and if you're planning on joining ROO permanently, you should reach level 71 before starting the missions at Oros. The best way to gain experience aside from missions is HUV farming, a technique that allows you to perform HUV chases more quickly and efficiently.

HUV Farming[edit]

Farming HUVs is a technique where players find a spot where HUVs have little or no opportunity to turn off an intersection, keeping all of the HUVs in a single area. It allows you to attack the HUVs in a controlled manner where the HUVs have a reduced chance to roam the city. HUV calls happen almost randomly, although, the location the HUVs appear at are dependent on where you are. There are three confirmed spots in the current Drift City world where you can farm HUVs. The first spot is near Station 4 in the city of Koinonia. The second is near Station 1 in Cras. The final spot is the Oros Pure Water Facility Complex near the tollgate to Moon Palace. Recent updates have made HUV farming in parties more favorable than HUV farming alone, but to maintain the highest rate of experience per chase and to promote more calls being accepted over a period of time, the leader of the party should be the highest leveled OMD driver and should only accept calls rather than participating in the chase.

HUV Farming (Solo VS Party)[edit]

There are two different ways to HUV Farm, which are either solo the HUVs or party against them. Here are the differences between the twos, advantages and disadvantages.

-Solo HUV- Experience of 1 HUV is VERY LOW compared to -Party HUV- all the time.

-Solo HUV- Experience of 2 HUVs is equal to -Party HUV- Experience of 5-6 HUVs.

-Solo HUV- Experience of 3 HUVs is equal to -Party HUV- Experience of 7-8 HUVs.

-Solo HUV- Experience of 4 HUVs is equal to -Party HUV- Experience of 9-10 HUVs.

Time taken to take down all the HUVs either in solo or a party is also another major factor. If you cannot handle a lot of HUVs on your own and rely a lot on others, do party HUVs. If you're a skilled player that can take up to 4 HUVs and kill them quickly, do Solo HUVs.

The rate of maximum HUVs (4 for Solo, 10 for Party) is also dependent on luck, so they is really no trick to get max HUVs appearing all the time, and therefore there is no differences between Solo & Party for this factor.

Also, Mito gained in Parties HUVs is slightly higher compared to Solos HUVs.

Koinonia Station 4[edit]

To HUV farm at this location, it is best to have a full set of HUV critical parts, because it doesn't have as long a stretch as the Cras location. However, this is decent practice for the Cras mountain road and is a great relief at just the point when you're going to run out of constant missions to do. You have to be just west of station 4 or on the west side of station 4 to farm here, and accept the call so the HUVs are at East Hotel.

This Area Has Been Discontinued

Cras Station 1[edit]

This farming location has two very long straightaways connected by two guaranteed left turns, so you should not need any HUV critical parts at this location. However, you have to have finished all of the missions in Koinonia before you can farm here. This location has no difficult turns, but it's a bit trickier to be in just the right spot to get the HUV location you need. Heading west from station 1, look for a gap in the trees and street lights at the right. This gap is where you will be able to get Seaside as the location.

Alternatively, the beach intersection closest to C Mart also works, and is becoming much more popular among HUV parties. This location is much easier to position yourself correctly than near Station 1, and if you're looking to HUV farm with a party, go to this location on a large channel and ask if anyone has a spot open.


Oros Pure Water Facility Complex[edit]

This farming location isn't as good as the location in Cras, but this is the only location where the leader of a HUV party can chase with the party without lost efficiency. To HUV farm at this location, the leader should be at the intersection inside the complex, while the other members should be at the intersection south of that intersection. If the leader is chasing, after the chase is over, the leader should go to the eastern end of the intersection closest to the tollgate and the other members should go to the southeastern end of the road south of that intersection. This allows the party to farm in both directions of the same road.


People usually use patrolling rather than scouting in Drift City.Patrol is the word for OMD and scout is the word for ROO.Patrol is mostly recommended to do when you are turning into ROO from level 45~54 because ROO patrols give more EXP than OMD.You can get a part of your level per 50 patrol zone and a bonus reward after finising it.The bonus reward may be bad sometimes but a Hyper Mittron Enhancer can be sold with good price.It is a good way for ROO to earn exp and mitos at the same time.The location of the patrol mission start from the yellow spot near the station you are in.There is a track made by the patrol zone which you can start from forward or reverse.Joining a patrol party increase your party combo and boost maximisation faster.You can get 3 exp and an item every 50 combos.

Battle Zone[edit]

If you find farming HUV's a little one-sided after a while, the Battle Zone is the place to go. The Battle Zone is divided into two different types of racing: individual matches and team matches. These races do not give as much XP and mito as other game modes, but are a more fun way to earn them. Here you play against other players, on tracks mapped out from the streets in the cities.

The Battle Zone also helps to improve your driving skills. So if you're feeling that if you're not good enough to drive well, this is the place to train. There is also a "Spectate" mode where you watch other players play, it helps beginners get to know more about the Battle Zone.

The Battle Zone is also affected by "Golden Time" which is everyday at 4 PM PST to 8 PM PST. During this time, you get more Mito and EXP.

The Battle Zone also has "Real Match" which is a time when everybody races with the same car and gets only Mito, but more Mito compared to normal.

The Battle Zone also has betting which is when players bet according to the preset settings of A, B, C, and D. D, having the most amount of wager. Then, 3 players that have reached the jackpot will win Mito.

The Lap Time game mode is also available through the Battle Zone, but patrols give better rewards and make Lap Time an unpopular game mode to play.

Experience Table[edit]

The following table denotes the required amount of experience to reach that level. Items marked by "‡" were calculated rather than based on screenshots or sightings in game and may not be completely accurate.

Level Required Experience
1 0
2 100
3 250
4 450
5 700
6 940
7 1,230
8 1,570
9 1,960
10 2,400
11 2,830
12 3,340
13 3,950
14 4,600
15 5,320
16 6,120
17 7,000
18 7,960
19 9,000
20 10,120
21 11,320
22 12,540
23 13,900
24 15,400
25 17,040
26 18,820
27 20,830
28 22,817
29 25,034
30 27,481
31 30,158
32 33,185
33 36,465
Level Required Experience
34 40,095
35 43,939
36 48,133
37 52,827
38 58,021
39 63,715
40 69,909
41 76,603
42 83,977
43 92,031
44 99,987
45 108,601
46 118,151
47 128,381
48 139,291
49 150,881
50 163,151
51 175,466
52 188,551
53 202,586
54 217,511
55 232,335
56 248,049
57 264,893
58 281,372
59 298,981
60 316,981
61 336,981
62 359,211
63 383,671
64 410,361
65 439,281
66 470,431
Level Required Experience
67 503,811
68 539,421
69 577,261
70 616,341
71 657,651
72 703,421
73 753,651
74 808,341
75 867,491
76 931,101
77 999,171
78 1,067,241
79 1,139,771
80 1,216,761
81 1,298,211
82 1,388,581
83 1,487,871
84 1,596,081
85 1,713,211
86 1,839,261
87 1,974,231
88 2,118,121
89 2,414,821
90 2,576,551
91 2,751,501
92 2,953,531
93 3,168,781
94 3,568,781
95 4,368,781
96 5,968,781
97 ???
98 9,168,781
99 12,424,537
100 28,368,781