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"H" or "Hyper" is the third and highest classification of parts, and are almost always more powerful than Normal and Super. Hyper parts are easily identifiable, being red and on fire unless scorched.

Unlike N and S parts, the prices of H parts increase steeply with level; in particular, the highest two grades, levels 75 and 80, are very expensive due to their rarity compared to lower-level H and other parts.

Hyper parts are created by modifying a crude part using an H Mittron Enhancer. Crude parts are made automatically from a stack of 10 part components of a single type, which can be obtained in the game from HUVs and combos starting at about level 25. It's actually very common to end up with a lot of crude parts once you've been in Cras for a while. Unless you're near level 60, it's often a better idea to sell crude parts to the Parts Shop than to make a hyper part from them. This is because crude parts can't be traded or auctioned, you cannot yet use the Hyper parts, and you have limited inventory space.

There are a few ways to get hyper parts:

  • Doing Instant patrol missions from Officer Heather when you are over level 55. Using this method, you can only receive level 60 or level 65 hyper parts.
  • Earning a high rank in one of the high-level Lap Time rooms. Using this method, you can receive up to 3 parts of a specific level, up to level 65 for the V9 Lap Time room.
  • Earning a random item drop from a combo or HUV chase. Out of all of the methods, this is the least likely to result in a hyper part, but it is capable of awarding hyper parts above level 65.
  • Hitting the boss HUV during Rush Time. Although it is not guaranteed, you can receive hyper parts of any level from level 60 through level 80. The boss HUV generally gives better part drops than HUV farming or combos. Your car's V-class affects the level of parts that drop from combos and HUV farming, so it also affects your chances of receiving high-level hyper parts from a boss HUV.
  • Modifying a crude part with an H Mittron Enhancer. There are 4 types of crude parts. All crude parts have a 240 hour time usage period. The hyper part's level can range from level 60 to level 70. Lower level hyper parts are more commonly made with this method than higher level hyper parts. The part's special effects and level are random, so it's possible to be level 30, enhance a crude part, and make it into a perfect-base level 70 part.

When you equip a hyper part, the part changes from a red part with flames to a black part. This means the item is now scorched to your car and can no longer be removed by normal means. The only way to remove it is by using a heat treatment kit on the part. The Parts Shop sells these for 5000 Mito, but if you're level 45 or higher, you can get them from combos or HUV chases. You can also receive heat treatment kits by purchasing them for 500-1500 Mito each in the auction house. If you remove the part, you can put it back on or put another hyper part on without another heat treatment kit. However, swapping a full set of hyper parts with another set will require 8 heat treatment kits. This can become quite expensive through the Parts Shop, so if you have the room for it, save the kits you get from combos and HUVs. Docking parts cannot be removed from a Hyper part without using a heat kit; this also removes the standard part underneath.

Another special feature of hyper parts is the added steps needed to put them up for auction. Presumably due to their being on fire, the parts must be placed in a Parts Box, which are purchased in stacks of ten at the drift shop for 10K mito per stack.