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The Dealership is located in the Driver Dome and sells all standard cars from V1 through to V9. It is one of only two places from which it is possible to buy a car, the other being the Auction House.

Like the parts shop, the cars here are considerably more expensive than in the auction house, and the dealer pays far less for resold cars than the car can be sold for in the auction house. Additionally, several cars in the dealership require Coupons obtained by doing special things in Drift City; these coupons can be purchased in the Auction house, but they can be expensive for higher levels.

Cars in the Dealership come with the colors White, Yellow, Purple, and Pink. Any car can be resold to the dealership (other than Raffle items). Cars bought from the Dealership can be resold at the Auction House, but cars bought from the Auction House cannot be resold at the Auction House, only to the Dealership. As mentioned above, it is often far wiser to sell a car in the auction house if possible, since they sell for more than the dealership would pay.

Car List[edit]

Rare Car's DealerShip Car's Coupon Car's
Fate Caliber Panda
Shadow Kicker OMD SS
Hunter Condol MMT1
Comet Muse
Invention Tokio
Boarding DragonFly
Spotlight Eric
Village MPM CC
Maxi Monster
Compass Unlimit
MP3p Above
Dreamer FondoX
Rotary Impact
Fairplay CoMoDo
MPM7 Fondo
Crossfire Tiger
Leo Snake
Myth Tiger
UR E3 Action
Charger Solution
Cielo Duel
Atoka Aria
Nova Viper SRT-10
Titan Ruby
Indigo Gigas
300C Torero
Nevera Arena