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Peppy music and mushroom platforms mean you've just entered an athletic stage. These stages are typically quite straightforward, with odd platforming being the main threat instead of enemies or confusing layout. Your first bout with athletic courses begin simple, with red mushroom platforms that tilt from side to side.

Level walkthrough[edit]

Toad house
Provided that you've collected at least five Star Coins so far, you can spend them to unlock the path to a green Toad House. It's helpful if you need extra lives or just want to save.

As to be expected from an athletic course, this level won't be too long, and none of the challenges within will be too difficult. After jumping across the first gap, you can see a moving red mushroom. These red mushrooms are slightly thicker than the ones around them, so you can easily recognize at a glance whether they are stationary or mobile. The first block contains a power-up, and you'll encounter a red Koopa Troopa soon after.

After the gap to the right of the Koopa, you will come across a Spin Block. Make a jump from these spring platforms to propel you high into the sky. You will be spinning while airborne, slowing your fall, but you can also perform a drill kick by pressing Down dpad, which lets you get down faster as well as hit enemies below. The first spin block takes you to a green mushroom platform, letting you evade two pairs of Goombas below. You can use the Spin Block here to get even higher, letting you reach a pink mushroom. This type of mushroom is springy, so you can use it to bounce you up high. Better still, drill kicking a pink mushroom will let you maintain your spin after the bounce. Use the pink mushroom to bounce you up higher, letting you net the first NSMB Star coin bordered.png Star Coin of the level.

From the first Star Coin, stay in the slow spin and follow the trail of coins in the air to reach the second NSMB Star coin bordered.png Star Coin. Don't worry, you didn't miss anything, as the path between the first Spin Block and this Star Coin only consists of several red mushrooms. You can also use the red mushroom to the left of the Star Coin to reach it if you were taking the lower path. The closest block below the Star Coin contains a power-up, and just beyond that is the halfway checkpoint. After that are some Koopas and an abyss that must be crossed entirely on moving mushroom platforms. Other than the normal coins, there is also one NSMB Star coin bordered.png Star Coin located between two red mushrooms. Grabbing it isn't hard, but landing afterward could be tricky.

There is another series of stationary platforms with a Koopa, followed by a red ring. Go through it to make red coins appear. Grab one coin between the first two red mushrooms, then a pair of them as you jump to the next red mushroom, two more as you fall to the lowest red mushroom, the penultimate two along the surface of the lowest mushroom and the last red coin atop a wide red mushroom. There is one more red Koopa after this, as well as some moving red mushrooms along the final stretch of the stage. Jump from the large mushroom platform when its tilted at its highest point to reach the top of the flagpole.

Star Coins[edit]

  1. High above the sky. Bounce from a pink mushroom up a trail of coins to grab it.
  2. This one is on a red mushroom moderately high above the ground. Use the nearby mushroom to get it or float from it from the spin jump around the first Star Coin.
  3. Between two moving red mushrooms. You can get it even when both mushrooms are facing away.