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The running theme for Bowser Jr.'s World 7 tower is quite reminiscent of the first tower, with plenty of moving stone blocks serving as obstacles. Naturally, the arrangement of the blocks are harder to get past, and many of these blocks are lined with harmful spikes. While this tower isn't very memorable in its design, its certainly a challenge for a fairly experienced player.

Level walkthrough[edit]

At the start, two walls lined with spikes move slightly in-and-out to prepare you for the rest of the level. The spikes barely pose a danger here, so you can freely jump up to the level above and take the pipe up to a higher section of the tower. Jump on to and across the moving stone block, then ascend to the next tier. In front of you are three stone blocks that move in different speeds. Watch for an opening and sprint to the other side. On the next level there are more spiked blocks that you have to avoid.

You should be able to spot a NSMB Star coin bordered.png Star Coin below two moving stone blocks. The top block moves much faster than the bottom block, and both push you into spikes. Wait until there's a clear opening, then jump down to get the Star Coin. Use the same method to get out. Next, you have to contend with two horizontally-moving platforms of differing lengths. After that is a bunch of stone blocks lined with spikes. You have to get on the blocks without spikes and crouch. Adjust your position so there is space above you when the blocks move, letting you ascend.

Now, you have to get on an oddly-shaped block structure. Jump into the gap in the ceiling as it moves to the right, then fall into the gap between the spiked blocks as it moves back to the left. While in the gap, you can now jump to the next level. After a one more spiked block is a tall spiked block staircase. Be quick to ascend this staircase so that you don't get pulled into a spike. At the top is a door that leads to a break room, where you will activate the checkpoint.

Go out the door to the right to continue your climb. Wait for a stone block to descend next to you, then get on it and ride it to the top. Go left and carefully jump between the moving spikes above and below you. Jump on one of the stone blocks with spikes attached below it and jump from it to the other blocks over to the alcove to the right, which contains the second NSMB Star coin bordered.png Star Coin. On the next tier, you have to deal with four platforms that move in a set pattern. Get on to the highest thin platform you can reach, then wait for the lower-left block to be level with you. Get on the block, then run right when the block to the right joins up with the block you're on.

Get on to the ledge, jump up the block to the left, then jump up the next two blocks when they form stairs to reach the next level. Go right and up to arrive near the boss door. A bunch of stone blocks circle around the double doors, including one with spikes protruding from it. Get on one of the taller blocks when they are lowered, then jump to the double doors once it starts ascending to avoid getting crushed. You can also go left to get the last NSMB Star coin bordered.png Star Coin. Once you're done, enter the double doors to face Bowser Jr.

Boss: Bowser Jr.[edit]

Like the rest of his castle, his battle arena isn't very unique, consisting of several moving stone blocks. However, the stone blocks do affect your momentum, and can cause you to overshoot your jumps. Plus, he's sticking to the shell-tossing tactic, so you need to deal with Koopa shells while on the moving blocks. Still, Bowser Jr. is as much of a pushover as he was before, so make quick work of him with your stomps and fireballs.

Star Coins[edit]

  1. The Star Coin is located in a pit. Wait until the stone block above it retract into the wall before jumping down and taking it.
  2. Jump across several stone blocks with spikes below them to reach an alcove with the Star Coin.
  3. At the boss door is a chaotic combination of stone blocks. Look for an opening in the blocks and get to the Star Coin to the left od the door.