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This level is set in a slightly warmer region of World 5, so there isn't ice covering every inch of the ground. Explore another underground cave filled with very resilient enemies, from the fire immune Buzzy Beetle to the tough and brutish Broozers. Both of these enemies can be used for destroying parts of the cave, making them both a helpful tool and a potential hazard.

Level walkthrough[edit]

Go down into the warp pipe to enter the cave, the first enemy you see once you do is the Buzzy Beetle. These enemies have been a staple of the Mario series since Mario's first adventure, and their notorious immunity to fireballs are still unchanged. The Buzzy Beetle has a shell that works like a Koopa's, in that you can stomp the Buzzy Beetle and kick its shell to attack enemies. After it is another major enemy in this course, the Broozer. If you have yet to encounter them in World 5-Ghost, you can still witness their block breaking powers here.

Jump over two gaps, grabbing any coins that you wish. Once you come to a dead end of brick blocks, another Broozer will charge in from the right. It will create an opening in the wall of brick blocks, letting you continue on. Don't kill the Broozer just yet, instead, lead it to the right, where a NSMB Star coin bordered.png Star Coin is trapped inside a compartment of blocks. Ground pounding the blocks from the top proves to be futile, so you must have the Broozer destroy the bottom of the formation for you. This lets you snatch the Star Coin from the compartment.

Across another gap, and you'll soon encounter Buzzy Beetles on the ceiling. As you wander deeper in to their habitat, they're starting to become more aggressive, dropping down and rolling at you in their shells like a Spiny. Three Buzzy Beetles will attack you as you go through a narrowing tunnel, after which the stage opens up a bit. There will be another ceiling Buzzy Beetle in this wider section, as well as a Goomba that spawns on a platform of four blocks. The rightmost block in this formation contains a rare Star, but taking it might not be very desirable, given the lack of enemies in this area and a particular task you need to do next.

The next two gaps have platforms that move in alternate directions. Jump into the cave below the path after the second gap with the moving platform. You can see a NSMB Star coin bordered.png Star Coin here, but there's no way of reaching it without falling into the pit right below. Fortunately, there is a Buzzy Beetle here that will drop from the ceiling. Do a well-timed stomp on it and kick its shell toward the Star Coin to collect it remotely. Get on to the route forward above this cave. Hit the leftmost ceiling block in this section to make a 1-Up pop out, which travels along the ceiling. Soon, you will activate the checkpoint flag. Jump over the gap, and then take care of the Broozer that rushes at you from the hill to the right.

The main path is rather simple from here to the exit. You can look for a P-Switch and hit it to make temporary blocks appear, which you must run across to reach the exit pipe. Watch out for the Broozers as you do! Note that this route doesn't let you get the last NSMB Star coin bordered.png Star Coin. Instead, back at the other end of the gap past the checkpoint. You can see four blocks forming a platform. Get on the platform and break the blocks above it. Now, hit the rightmost block from below to make a vine grow upward. Climb the vine to arrive at a hidden region of the flagpole area. Go right to find a Broozer and some block platforms. Hit the P-Switch on one of the platforms to turn these blocks into coins, then make the Broozer follow you to the left. Have it punch through the orange blocks covering the last Star Coin, then drop down to obtain it. Now you just have to run all the way to the right and fall down to return to the flagpole area.

Star Coins[edit]

  1. The Star Coin is in a rectangle of blocks. The blocks to the side and above the coin are coin blocks, so you must use the Broozer to destroy the bottom blocks.
  2. This Star Coin is suspended over a pit inside a small cave. Toss a Buzzy Beetle at it to obtain it.
  3. After you jump over the gap past the checkpoint, there will be a set of four blocks. Destroy the ceiling block above the rightmost block of this formation, then hit the rightmost block from below. This spawns a vine that leads high above the flagpole area. Go right and press the P-Switch, then lure the Broozer to the left to make him destroy some blocks covering the last Star Coin.