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After a variety of environments, you're back to the stony mountainside. With steeper slopes to climb over than ever, you must rely on the Spin Blocks to navigate the various rocky formations. Chain Chomps make a rare appearance in this course. Dodge their quick lunges, then try to free them for a small reward.

Level walkthrough[edit]

Go right and use the Spin Block to launch yourself up. Hover to the right to get on the ledge. On it is one of three Chain Chomps in this level. It is immune to jumps and stomps, but is weak to shells, the Star and Mega Mario/Luigi. The Chain Chomp will usually bounce around, but it will occasionally pause and lunge in your direction. Even though you can't normally defeat it, you can release it by ground pounding the wooden post it is tied to three times. The Chain Chomp will escape and cease to be a threat, while you get 3 coins for your efforts.

Use the Spin Block ahead to launch yourself up higher. You can drill down the stack of blocks nearby for another power-up, or simply get on to the alcove to the right. Jump up and on to the next Spin Block and launch yourself up, then hold left while hovering to land on a ledge near another Spin Block. Jump from that Spin Block and drill down the column of brick blocks to make a P-Switch pop out of the lowest one. Hit it and jump through the barrier of coins to the left to get the first NSMB Star coin bordered.png Star Coin.

Drop down and return to the second Spin Block. Propel yourself straight up and move right at the peak of your jump to land on the small ledge. Jump up to the next Spin Block, then holde left once you're launched to land on a platform with a Chain Chomp. The second NSMB Star coin bordered.png Star Coin is on the Chain Chomp's post. Make the Chain Chomp lunge at you first, then grab the Star Coin while it is bouncing around afterward. Make a leap to your right and you should land on a hilltop, activating the checkpoint.

To the right of the checkpoint flag, you'll see some pipelines and a lot of alcoves. As you descend, you should also see a red ring. To get the red coins from the ring, you need to first launch yourself from the Spin Block directly above, then pass through the ring while still spinning. After collecting the six red coins in midair, move left and bounce off the red Koopa to reach the last two coins. Jump to the right platform after this. You can fall straight down from here and enter the pipe at the bottom to go to the next area, or attempt to take an alternate path that leads to a Star Coin.

To obtain the last NSMB Star coin bordered.png Star Coin, ground pound the pillar of blocks below you to land on a Spin Block. Launch yourself up and move right. Bounce off the Paratroopa while hovering to hit the P-Switch on the ceiling, then move right. Bounce off the Koopa on the ledge to go up, then move right to enter the warp pipe. You will be taken to a cave area. Jump off the Spin Block and land on the left ledge, then jump and cling to the pipe to the right. Jump and cling to the pipe on the left when you see the Star Coin to obtain it. Fall down and enter the yellow pipe entrance.

The short path and the path with the Star Coin all take you to the same final area, just beside two pipes. Enter the cannon pipe to be launched up to the left ledge. Get in the cannon pipe there to get launched to the next cannon pipe, and keep doing so until you're shot to a ledge on the right. There are several more cannon pipes here, each launching you in different paths. Enter the third one from the left to be shot to the top of the flagpole.

Star Coins[edit]

  1. Drop down to the left of the platform with the second Star Coin to arrive next to the first. Use the nearby Spin Block to get on the pillar of blocks and drill down to hit a P-Switch. Activate it to turn the block wall into coins, letting you get the Star Coin.
  2. Move left after jumping from the third Spin Block to land on a platform with a Chain Chomp. The Star Coin is on the post of the Chain Chomp.
  3. On the platform to the left of the P-Switch on the ceiling, ground pound the blocks to land on a Spin Block. After launching yourself up, bump off the Paratroopa to hit the P-Switch, letting you access a warp pipe entrance. Go through the warp pipe, then jump from the spin block there and stay on the left wall to get the third Star Coin.